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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by KonaTom, Jun 4, 2019.

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    I updated the map awhile back when it was first available. Haven't used it much, but lately tried to use it while in a car rally. Often, it wouldn't find the destination, and when it did, it often sent me convoluted directions and even tried to tell me to turn where turns were not allowed. Once in Victoria, it tried to send me up a street that was not there, and when I tried to go another direction, it kept trying to make me go back to the non-existent street.
    I understand they have stopped updating while waiting for a new map, and I hope it will work better because this one is useless. Use google maps instead, or Waze.
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  2. We’ve all been spoiled by google maps that anything else is **** in comparison. Too bad Hyundai and others don’t just accept that they’re wasting money developing or buying third party maps and just integrate google maps and pay the licensing fees. They’d have such a leg up in the world. Lucky apple car play is standard.
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    I’d like to see Apple Car Play able to connect via Bluetooth. Is inconvenient having to plug in with a USB cable to access it while it sits on a wireless charging pad. Hopefully they will address this in an update.
  4. Yeah it’s not ideal. There are new android auto and Apple car play that are wireless but they are new; rare, and need a wifi antenna for ad-hoc connection to function. I doubt the Kona deck comes equipped with the necessary hardware for a future update. I invested in a nice iPhone dock that has a lightning connection so the iPhone is plugged in and charging isn’t he car always. I also got the preferred so no wireless charging anyways.
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  5. Has anybody in the US updated their navigation system yet? Or is it only Canadian owners that updated? Besides that it is on hold currently?

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    Just downloaded the latest map update but......I'm not going to install it yet. When you upload it to the Hyundai supplied SD card it wants to format it first, so I uploaded it on to a blank Sandisk SD card but still hesitant to install it in the Kona after reading KonaTom's report at the top of this page, there may be some bugs in it.
    Thanks for the report TomKona, much appreciated!
  7. I installed the October (or September?) update yesterday. I am thinking that it can't get worse, only better. The biggest complaint are outdated maps, the only way to fix that issue to update frequently and hope the maps are more current.

    So I'd update if I were you.

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  8. I did the previous update a few months ago, but have held off the current one since I understand you are only allowed 2 per year. So will update the next release presuming it will come out before the end of the year. Didn't notice much diff with the last map update, but yeah, the maps are way out of date, esp the speed limits.

    But doesn't really matter with me, as I prefer Android Auto and Waze, and that works fine. Audio quality is also better with Google Play Music when connected directly through AA (not bluetooth). Sounds like a premium sound system vs the crappy FM or SXM (even though it is digital) quality. I learned that with my other car, too. Music sounds much better through AA.
  9. KonaTom

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    The bugs are not critical, but the map is not very much up-to-date. Also, it doesn't seem to list fast chargers here in BC. It is really a shame that Hyundai cannot do a better job with this. I ordered the Ultimate model to get the navigation system, but it has not met my expectations.
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    Is there a way to define your own POI? Other cars I have had allowed a way to do this - something you put on a USB stick.

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  11. ericy

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    I found a youtube video to import poi on an ioniq. Sorta kinda useful, but far from perfect.

    What he describes ought to work on a Kona.

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  12. @R P I thought the same thing, to skip the second update this year, but I think (might have read something about it) they do only two updates a year anyways. So I just updated mine a couple days ago.
    The first update last year was so late because they rereleased the first one after there was problems with it.

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  13. So you think this will be the last one this year? If so, maybe I should update, and hopefully get slightly more accurate maps.
  14. I think so. That's why I did it. The first one this year was supposed to be in March or early April. That's 6 months ago, so that would make sense.

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  15. SkookumPete

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    I think the idea is that they update twice a year and we get those free. But as stated, the updates are a cruel hoax, at least for my area. It vexes me because chargepoint location was one of the selling points, and Hyundai has simply not delivered on this feature.
  16. I don't get it either. As such a company it should be easy. Get the cooperation going, then exchange a database and tadaaaa. Done!

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  17. Joev

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    Updated the map, easier then I expected! The instruction don't exactly match what happens in the Kona but it's easy to follow along as you get prompts.

    Here is a link to the features that were added:

    Here is the link to create an account and get the download:

    So far no issues, bugs or weird stuff.
  18. I actually checked the map and there is finally the very important Baker, ca charger between Las Vegas and LA in there. Also they added a highway around Boulder City, nv that's been there for more than 2 years!

    Seems like it takes them only about 2 years to add stuff

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  19. GPM432

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    So how do I download all this info into my car or do I go to the dealership..
  20. Joev

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    Look in one of the owner manuals for SD card.
    There is a SD card located just below the LCD screen, you have to remove a plastic cover.
    Don't remove the SD card until you review all the info about updating the map software.

    Here is a link with instructions on how to download and install map updates:

    or you can make a service appointment with your local dealer and they can do it for you.
    Look at my post on this page for more info about updating the map software

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