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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by KonaTom, Jun 4, 2019.

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    Anyone have these files available to share? I'm in Canada but drive a Kia Niro EV and just found out that despite my sales rep telling me that the maps should update automatically due to the car being connected, this is NOT true. I contacted the dealer and they are telling me that Canadians do not get free updates and that we must pay for them, which is $150 US per update.

    I've lodged a complaint with my dealer due to this being a joke in comparison to their competition (Cough: Tesla) and have asked that software and map updates should be included for the length of the free UVO subscription as charger locations alone keep updating monthly. I'm hoping for a response from Kia directly but let's just say I'm not holding my breath.

  2. Don't you have a website similar to this for your Niro? We get free updates for 5 years on the Kona in Canada. You have to get signed up first, with your VIN, etc.
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    There is a website, but registration seems to be just to buy the updates.. Signing up required no confirming information (eg. VIN) to sign up, and currently the newest update (V13.5) is showing as unavailable.

    So with the Kona you are getting 5 years of map updates included in Canada? Which province are you in?
  4. BC, but should be the same across Canada.
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    Interesting that Hyundai offers this service, but it definitely appears that the Kia version of this is a paid service. And just checked and the 2018 regular Niro map/software update is $265!

    I'll have to do a bit more digging, but its not looking so great at the moment.

    Thanks for the heads up about the Kona updates though.

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    Kia and Hyundai don't share a nav system or update policies, so this post is misplaced.
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    I was under the impression that most of these systems are directly shared between the vehicles, which is why I'm asking here as well as the Niro forum.

    Just as I come here for many of my questions regarding the overall drivetrain questions I have, as there have been many more Kona's delivered than Niro's in North America so far.

    I definitely understand that the update policies may be different (as I'm learning) but most of the vehicle's systems are a direct share between the cars.
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    I got my kona on October 8 which was built on August 17 2019.
    I went to the site to register but when I entered my VIN I got the message that my VIN is not in the system yet and to wait a few more weeks and then then call customer support if it still fails to appear.

    The real hassle though will be to put the new file on the car's SD card as none of my computers are equipped with SD slots. :(
  9. My computer doesn't either, but have several USB adapters to read/write SD cards. They often come with the SD card that you have to buy.
  10. Francois

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    Good to know. I'll look for one of those then. Thanks.
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    You're right, they have the same map provider and presumably the same software. Comment withdrawn. :oops:
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    I would be afraid there is some kind of hook that would prevent the hyundai map from working on Niro, but maybe not. Everyone with a kona ultimate has the sd card with the file, but the file checks with the car to perform other updates besides the map, so I suspect it won't work. The file is big, I think it was 27 gb.
  13. It probably checks the VIN before updating.
  14. CanuckTom

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    So I've been digging around another forum specific to the Nav and Software updates, and users are sharing map/software updates for the European models on that site. Apparently the main determinant of which update package can be used is the region - therefore updates for North America are inclusive of Canada, US and Mexico. The updates are based on the head unit or navigation system used in the car, so all Niro's and Kona's should be the same as they share this hardware.
  15. I'd use the version number as a determination. It has the region and some other info in it. Ex it starts with OSEV.USA...... so it's for an EV (you probably don't want an ice version) and it's the US version. I'd not try to use a Canadian version in the US car because of probably important things like cell provider differences etc.

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  16. So here is some input on the greatness of the Hyundai navigation unit.

    First of all I found out today that it looks like there is Tesla superchargers saved in the system. Obviously those are of no use to us!

    Secondly it wanted me to take an exit off of a highway in the middle of Las Vegas that doesn't exist!

    Again, if I had to pay for that map I'd be seriously upset! This is totally unacceptable! I can see that it's hard to keep up with the updates in remote areas but in the middle of Las Vegas?

    Hyundai hired an outside firm to take care of map updates. This is map'n'softs job! Seriously? Putting Tesla superchargers into the Hyundai maps? Again: totally unacceptable!

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    I have yet to see a Tesla supercharger on my navi, but if they are just there as POI in the regular map along with all of the other things, then it doesn't bother me as much. Or was the supercharger amongst the list of charging stations that you see if you start to plan a trip from the EV menu?

    Regarding map errors, if you look at the upper right on this page:

    There is a link for "Report Map Errors". Note that if you zoom in enough on the map, that you can also add missing EV charging stations, and edit the details of existing charging stations (that might have been upgraded, for example).

    I assume that they double-check any submissions and not just blindly assume that everything that is submitted is correct.
  18. ericy

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    I just used the map editor to add two EV charging stations that were missing from the map. One was a pair of free L2, one was a free L3 with CCS/Chademo.

    I would guess that the vast majority of ICE drivers don't care about EV charging stations, and Tesla drivers are mostly uninterested in CCS/Chademo (I did run into one Tesla owner who was going to use a Chademo adapter). And older EVs only used the J-plug. There is a relatively small number of us out there who care about faster charging, and new charging stations get added all the time.

    I haven't yet found a way in the car to filter on L2/L3. There must be a way to do this.
  19. ericy

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    I was playing with the HERE map editor earlier today. The quality of information related to POI is horrible. Lots of new restaurants that were missing. Lots of restaurants that have closed or moved. Lots of stale information. Lots of duplicates (which I suppose could be more easily filtered out). Sometimes duplicates of restaurants that have closed. In some cases we have had a succession of restaurants attempt to make a go of it at a particular location, and all of those different names still showed up. I cleaned up a handful of them that I happened to know about, but it is barely a drop in the bucket.

    The roads seemed a lot better - recent changes seem to have been picked up, but there are undoubtedly errors there as well.

    Still, for a restaurant, I would probably use my phone, and I would guess that most people do. EV charging is perhaps a different matter. But I still see no way in the car to filter on L2/L3, and if you were on a road trip and needed only L3, I see no way to do that. Get out your phone and use plugshare, I guess. The shame of it is that in the HERE editor you can specify the number and type of plugs and the power levels - the information is there, at least in theory.

    My car is new enough that I am not yet in the system for a map update. I will set this aside for now, and see what happens with the spring update - do my edits show up, or did they just disappear into a black hole? Only time will tell.
  20. There is no way to filter L2/L3 chargers. The Tesla superchargers show up as chargers. Chargers are the only pois I have activated to show on the map since I don't want all the other stuff cluttering the screen. The only way I knew was that I knew those chargers were superchargers since they are next to a restaurant we went to. Also if you go into the info page of the charger it says that it's Tesla superchargers. On that page you can also see if it's a level 2 or 3 but it's always a click on the icon before you'll get that information.

    I know about the map editor. I personally added the Baker, CA charger and it showed up 2 map releases later. Was it my edit or theirs? I don't know! The new highway bypass around Boulder City, NV showed up at the same time and I didn't have anything to do with that.

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