BlueLink joy (and problems)

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by SkookumPete, Feb 8, 2019.

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    Would that total power consumption be related to kW used? The use of the percentages is baffling. I mainly do highway driving so I can't see regen being anywhere near that high, though I do use regen braking almost exclusively.
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    It looks like you get it on the the app. Mine is set up to come on the 5th of every month. So we shall see if it is there tomorrow.
  3. It has been my experience that NOBODY wants to show kWh unless consumed (they don't want you to know the ACTUAL capacity of the battery pack- my guess to do with warranty issues), you have to figure it out manually using the method I gave to Wildeyed or a third party like Torque pro.
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    Based on your 2000km and if you average around 16kWh/100km, 16x20=320 which would be close to 318.6. So I'm wondering if it is possibly 10.5+18.0+290.0=318.6kWh?? Lol just me guessing.
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    Correct me if I am wrong but I think @Esprit1st lives in the US and has a US VIN. I don't think we will get this integration for a year or so. There is also an Amazon Alexa Skill available to the US but not to Canada. I think it is safe to assume the US & Canadian VINs are in different data bases but I am still perplexed as to why I could register my Canadian VIN on the HyundaUSA site.

    Might consider contacting the Bluelink USA support and see how far that goes.
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    I could register my Canadian Kona EV VIN on the US site as I was hoping to be able to connect via BlueLink and Alexa. Didn't happen. The US site really doesn't give me any benefits that I have found.
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    Sorry guys, yeah, I'm in the US. Sorry that it's so complicated for you up there. But hey, in Europe they don't have any blue-link at all.

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  8. But they do get folding mirrors
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  9. And narrow streets!
  10. Got Blueberry's monthly health report today, Total power consumption 973, motor 741, climate 146, electronics 84, regen 432. Translates to
    ( using the electriceddy method) BlueLink joy (and problems)
    76% motor, 15%climate, 9% electronics, with a whopping 44% regen. Total mileage 657 km.
    Sure would be nice to have those conversions done without having to use my calculator! Maybe I will develop some flow chart so we can all plug in our #s to get easier conversions:)
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    Go for it! I might make a spreadsheet too.
  12. So with a little time to figure out the #'s, I come up with this:
    It does say kWh by the regen # so lets assume with a usable 64kWh available pack
    (1) shipped from Korea manufacture plant @45% soc =28.8 kWh ( both my Leafs were shipped @40%-seems like a good soc for long term storage)
    (2) dealer added 55% = 35.2 kWh (upon arrival f/Korea)
    (3) I have charged L2 on 3 occasions adding 20.7 kWh each time =62.1 kWh ( have allowed for a 10% loss from the displayed 23 kWh delivered)

    Add the 62.1 kWh I put in and the 35.2 kWh added by the dealer = 97.3 kWh Total
    So it is obvious that the #s displayed in the report should be SHIFTED 1 DECIMAL POINT TO THE LEFT, instead of 973 kWh it is actually 97.3 kWh ( total power consumed) etc.
    The rest of the #s match my other consumption including climate control usage and the electronics long term storage on the boat when shipped re-charging the 12V battery etc.
    With 667 km driven and 97.3 kWh consumed this makes an average of 145.8 Wh/km which matches the average on my dash display (close)
    The #s should be a lot closer on the next report as the first report didn't show the initial charge (28.8 kWh) from the plant .

    Just a little more useless information on a Sunday afternoon o_O
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  13. Have at it! This whole thing makes my brain ache.
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    So I guess the E-Shark method was correct?!! :D
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    No monthly report for me. My monthly report is empty which is funny because I got a text message stating my report was ready.

    I emailed BlueLink who replied that an update was coming to address the issue, so it must be a common problem.
  16. When I had the same issue I received not one but two e-mails showing the same report(several days later). At least they are on top of the game just a little slow:cool:
  17. Has anyone's blue link stopped working? When I open my android app it automatically tries to update the car's status but never finishes and reports that it took too long. It doesn't allow me to use any of the functions. And I noticed that the web portal isn't updating either. Anyone else?
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    Mine is working right now.

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  19. It finally occurred to me that the problem might be the car It looks like the modem isn't working.
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    Is it Bluetooth based, the link to the car?
    How far can you be from the car for it to operate?

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