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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by SkookumPete, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. Ken Flemming

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    You don't "remote start" the vehicle, you just turn on the climate control, there is no need to "start" the vehicle. My screen is similar, it has Lock, unlock, climate control, horn and lights along with a button that shows the status of all of these functions. There is also a separate button for "start charge". There are also several reports, service schedule, owners manual and other guides. (US version) So far I have tested all functions and they all work fine. The program takes a full 30 seconds to load up properly, a little long for my taste. I also wish the owners manual was more user friendly with links in the contents to go directly to pages/sections, you can only scroll page by page. My salesman set me up when I was picking up the car, and it worked once I got the email confirmation and logged in. I find it especially useful in monitoring charging at a DC Fast charging station so I can determine exactly when to head back to the car to unplug to avoid idle time charges. There is also a direct link to contact roadside assistance, but there is also a button on the rear-view mirror for that as well. All in all a useful, easy to use app. From what I understand it is free for three years, then approximately $100 a year after that.
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    In Canada, we get BlueLink free for 5 years. A few glitches have happened using BlueLink for a few of us when putting on climate. Sometimes works like a charm and sometimes not so much. The app can be a bit buggy and needs manual refreshing to keep on top of real time happenings.
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    I got my Google Assistant (I actually don't have one, only a phone) hooked up to blue-link. I was able to send a location to the car just by talking to my phone like this:

    "OK Google, ask Blue Link to send the address for El Michoacan restaurant to my Hyundai Kona.

    When I got in the car and started it, it asked me right away if I wanted to drive to the Mexican restaurant. Pretty cool!

    Here is the page with info and links on how to use it and set it up:

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    I found something interesting.

    So, you cannot locate your car if you are more than a mile away from it, due to"security" concerns of Hyundai.

    However, if you send a command via blue-link to the car, let's say "turn on climate" you can set up that you will get an email from blue-link that the command has been accepted. In that email it will tell you where the car is. It is an "approximate" street address. Which I found to be very accurate.

    I guess there is your locating feature

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  5. zoominbc

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    Got my BlueLink monthly report today. It seems like Hyundai collects quite a bit of useful data.
  6. So that's what the nag "confirm" button means on the on the screen every time I start the car, hopefully it's useful to the owner
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    Thanks Ken, but that was answered the next day on Feb 8. Glad you are enjoying BlueLink.
  8. EnerG

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    I really hope I am wrong but it seems unlikely that we will get Alexa or Google integration with BlueLink here in Canada This is the problem when the small Canadian market is isolated from the larger US market.
  9. EnerG

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  10. Esprit1st

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  11. CJC

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    I have registered successfully to the US BlueLink, but I don't know how to link to google assistant? Help please.
  12. Esprit1st

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    This is the link with info on how to set it up:

    The cool thing is that you don't have to remember exactly how the command work if you can't remember. Google Assistant and blue Link will ask you what you want if it doesn't understand the complete command.

    Also, you can set up short command with Google Assistant. I just tell "ok Google, cool down my car" and it will connect to blue Link and set the temperature to 21 degrees Celsius. It then just ask me the PIN and that's it.

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  13. CJC

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    When I go to that link, it says it isn't available now.
  14. Esprit1st

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  15. CJC

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    Thanks for your help, but I am in limbo. Now it is saying I need to register my vehicle, but my account shows my Kona is registered with its VIN on the US site. I am getting dizzy going back and forth lol.
  16. Canada Dan

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    I received a notification of my Monthly Health Report so opened it up in the BlueLink app. The Eco Details section under the Driving Information tab don't make any sense (to me, at least). Total distance traveled in the month was 1,957km (that part makes sense). Total Power Consumption: 3186%. Regenerated Power (kWh): 921%. Battery Usage: Motor 2900%, Climate Control 180%, Electric Device 105%. I have not misplaced any decimals in these figures.
  17. Is this health report an American thing? I've seen nothing of the sort in Canada (or other countries for that matter). And, yes, somebody at Hyundai doesn't really understand percentages!
  18. Shawn Schinkel

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    I've been getting them too and I'm in Canada. The data isn't very good and I received about 4 of the same email so their email department seems to be about as useful as their customer service lol
  19. Does it come as an email? Where do you access it?
    *Silly rabbit! I found it. Didn't get any notifications about it though.
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  20. I agree needs some work, but the way I see it add the battery usages (motor 2900)+(climate 180)+(electronic device 105)=3185 =(Total power consumption 3186, close enough)
    Note:3186 is an arbitrary # not in kWh
    Then its a simple matter of Battery usage= (motor 2900/3186*100=91%), (climate 180/3186*100=5.6%), (electronics 105/3186*100=3.2%)
    The only part I'm not sure of is the regenerated power 921/3186*100=28.9% which seems a little high
    Do these percentages fall into your driving style so far?
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