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  1. Happy to see the road crews are actually giving some consideration to EVs :) Regen must have been awesome on the way back down.
  2. Not as much as I thought it would be, but then I'm an EV newbie :)
    Gained about 7-8kms but had some construction going on so 60kmh for a ways.
    Used ECO all the way. Lots of pep, easily staying at 120kmh on the way up.
  3. That would equate to 50% recovery which is pretty good, probably due to the DC charge at the bottom and the additional consumption going up heating the pack enough to enable max regen.
    If you go to the battery settings on the center screen and get to "electricity use" you can read the regen in actual kW as you drive
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    I used that one a few times in the summer, much better views though!!
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    Not sure if BC Hydro did something to their stations or what but I was able to charge at 125A solid until I hit 80% then it dropped to 61A. Thinking of doing a trip Vancouver to Portland/Cannon Beach hope EV Go will be able to charge constantly at same rate and not fluctuate. IMG_0105.JPG

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  6. Nice, slightly better than this chart where it drops below 50kW @ 73% and continues down from there with steps ( on a 175kW charger):
    Resembles more of an Ionic fast charging curve with the less dense pack:
    Where is this station?
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    Richmond Superstore Location. I have not used it for 2months (was doing an experiment only charging at home for a Full 2months Billing cycle wanted to know the cost of charging at home). Before New Years this station always seemed to go Up/Down....I remember it going as high as 132A but then quickly dropping to 110A and hovering around that mark. Now it seems more stable. My 40minutes charge was a nice experience.

    For those wondering how much electricity I used strictly charging at home it was roughly 75$/month for a distance of 3000km per month on driving.

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  8. 2.5 cents/km in the coldest months is pretty good. That should pretty much cut in half going forward (hopefully). Definitely a better price at that location though:
    https://www.plugshare.com/location/146294 :)
  9. Station # 147203 (Nanaimo Superstore) to be closed Monday March 16 and will re-open on Wed. March 18 with brand new twin chargers. Hope they still work with Greenlots RFID card.
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    Most likely. Have you ordered the BC Hydro RFID card?
    "You can also use the FLO or ChargePoint apps to activate BC Hydro EV stations that have the ID starting with ‘BC1’ or Greenlots app to activate BC Hydro EV stations that have the ID starting with ‘BC2’."
    I'm assuming app or RFID card.
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  11. I have 4 RFID cards. Greenlots which I wrote BC- 2 on (with a sharpie). I also have VERnetwork (FLO), chargpoint and BC Hydro EV cards- which I wrote BC-1 on. No smart phone means I am dependent on these cards to log in for a charge, which sometimes the reader gives grief but otherwise work OK.
    I guess if one doesn't work, I will use the tried and true method of trying each one, or if a kind person is close by with a cell, ask to phone for a charge start that way using the phone# on the machines - wouldn't be the first time:oops:
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    4 wow! I guess better safe than sorry. Did they all charge you for the cards?
    I think, and hope, you should be fine.
  13. The charges for acquiring the RFID cards rolled into their prospective accounts and can be used for charging sessions - except BC Hydro EV card as apparently they haven't figured out how to apply charges yet (no hurry);)
    I actually had a fifth (SemaConnect) as there was a possibility of network expansion back in 2013, but that never happened- so they refunded me the full charge c/w interest 2 years later.
  14. Now apparently opening on Friday March 20th 2020. Also says on Plugshare that Greenlots will not be supported, just Flo, Chargepoint and BC Hydro RFID and app- so it must going to be marked as BC1. Will check out next week
    Hopefully still as "cost effective" as before;)
  15. Finally tried the new machines and they work using BC Hydro RFID card. (I tried both)
    BC Hydro EV web page will now even let me load up the card from my PC so I threw $25 in there (just in case)
    Only got 25 kW (both machines) though as I hadn't driven the car for a while and it was 4 degrees out .
    The gen 1 Leaf beside me got 40 kW so Hyundai definitely protects the pack while cold charging :)
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    The station in Courtenay now accepts BC Hydro and Flo cards. No more Greenlots. Still free.
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  18. More BC Hydro fast chargers planned for north western BC. Kitwanga supposed to be open any time now.
    Would like to go back up to Stewart again some time, this time with an EV. Can now drive all the way with free chargers, unless you own a Tesla M3 (no Tesla chargers up there). Very unique and beautiful place. Where else can you drive across to the US without a border agent station (to AK). And no one locks their doors there, although you might want to keep them closed,.. to keep out the grizzlies. Very historic little town. Once had 10,000 residents, now only 500 catering to the tourists mainly and some mining nearby.
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  19. Yes nothing but wrenches NW of Prince George for some time now, will be nice once DCFC locations finally start to open up

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