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  1. State of Charge - expressed as a percent of maximum capacity of the pack and displayed on the center display.
  2. My favorite way to relate to DC fast charging is like filling a cup with water with a fire hose.
    As you get near the top the water spills out at full pressure, so a reduction in that pressure is required to achieve maximum capacity.;)
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    First time using a bc hydro charger and it was painless.

    Used the bc hydro app to unlock the combo charger and I’m getting 46 kw charging speed at the superstore in south surrey.

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  4. Happy it worked for you.
    The BC Hydro chargers seem to work an lot better than they first did , with the exception of card reader usage which can still be a bit hit or miss.
  5. My main concern about long distance travel is the 'up-time' of various chargers. There has to be a better way to confirm/communicate that the charger you want is actually in operation. At the moment one has to charge while there is still enough juice to go to next charger. Makes for many more stops, which should really be unnecessary.
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    Has that charger been rebranded for the Hydro app, or does the app/card now work on the old Greenlots stations?
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    Just got this email from bchydro


    Dear Customer,

    As the BC Hydro EV and Greenlots network are quickly growing in British Columbia, we are working together to improve the network with additional stations and more activation options. Since some of these new stations will not immediately be supported by the Greenlots app, you will temporarily need to use the BC Hydro app to charge.

    Newly expanded BC Hydro stations that temporarily do not support the Greenlots app include:

    • Colwood - 1830 Old Island Hwy
    • Coquitlam East Superstore - 3000 Lougheed Hwy
    • North Vancouver - 140 1st Street East
    • Richmond Superstore - 4651 No 3 Road
    • Surrey South Superstore - 2332 160 Street
    • Vancouver SE Marine Superstore - 350 SE Marine Drive

    We will send out updates when the station locations are also accessible through the Greenlots app as well as other Greenlots network news.
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    Talk about unnecessarily confusing things. There are now stations that support one account or the other and it sounds like the association with Greenlots will continue (to the benefit of visitors). In other words, if you have Greenlots and can live without using the listed stations for a while, you won't need a Hydro account after all.
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  9. Basically in my case, try one card, if it doesn't work hopefully the other one does:confused:
  10. It may be in operation however that doesn't stop something like this from occurring:
  11. Wow. If that's the norm in that neck of the woods I would sure sell my Tesla in a hurry :)
  12. Couldn't help but wonder how long it took for the line-up to shrink. I suppose with Tesla chargers it might be reasonably fast? Maybe I'd have to keep my Tesla... if I had one.
    In the meantime I'm enjoying my Kona immensely. 3 weeks in and 1000km.
  13. Those might be mostly M3s, as they need an after market adapter to be able to charge on a non-Tesla fast charger. My son had to buy one, $600+, just so he could charge on BC Hydro fast chargers. I suspect most M3 owners wouldn't do that.
  14. ericy

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    In the comments, they said it was over Thanksgiving. It looked like there were dozens of chargers, so I would guess the line moved pretty quick.
  15. Kavi66

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    I'm not sure. I only have the app downloaded and have no physical cards. 99% of my charging is for free at work so I rarely if ever use public stations.

    Sorry i'm not much help.
  16. Not sure if this is related (B.C. Hydro) but on a local note; Plugshare re: Nanaimo airport has listed this new DCFC location as "coming soon" including 4 quick charge combo CCS and CHAdeMO:
    Should help with Island travelers and in a prime location, no info specified to this point as to network or charging rate.
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  17. Yeah, I see a few more announced on the mainland for 2020. However, I see one up north, at Kitwanga that was supposed to be built in 2019 taken off the list. That was a critical location, as no other fast chargers near there, and needed to make a trip to Stewart, which we were thinking of doing again. Last time, had to take the ICE car. If that fast charger existed, could do it in the Kona.
  18. [​IMG]
    Took a drive in the sunshine today, to Coquihalla Summit and took a 15 minute charge at Britton Rest Area courtesy of BC Hydro. No card/app needed. 50KW charger, got 43/44 at about 1/2 full.
    Darn those winter rocks. Got hit twice but hopefully survived. A few days should tell.

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  19. ericy

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    So who has the job of digging those things out? Does BC Hydro have people for this?
  20. I think just a thoughtful/careful snowplow driver, maybe :)
    Not exactly 'cleaned' but at least accessible.

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