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  1. Yea its kind of funny my Greenlots card worked the other day at Nanaimo Superstore and I know it works downtown, but Qualicum has always rejected me and its got me scared to do longer distance trips not knowing.
    Now that a new card has been sent, my old Greenlots card is de-activated so its L2 for a couple of weeks -hopefully:(
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    I just ordered a Greenlots RFID card too for $9 after the charger in Vernon kept kicking me off/not accepting the Greenlots app to start charging. Was told by the telephone rep that I could use a rfid card which I don’t have to start charging. Will leave in my glove box as back up in more remote areas of BC in case app doesn’t work to unlock charger. I hope not to have to pay to collect any more of these RFID cards.
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  3. You are not alone according to the reviews here:
    My problem was the opposite where my RFID was not working at certain machines, hope yours works better.
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  4. I only have a Greenlots card, and have never had a problem at a BC Hydro charging station.
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  5. This is really the way to go, could use batch processing in non network areas. However it will probably be some time before we see this:
    Note: would be a benefit for all charging networks, not just B.C. Hydro
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  6. Yahoo!
    Finally got a QC at Quallicum :
    New Greenlots RFID cards are numeric (8 digits) where the early ones were alfa numeric (2 letters and 6 digits).
    Hopefully it works at all their equipment going forward.
    BTW nice chatting with you SkookumPete :)
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    The Hydro chargers can be finicky about just how you go about starting a session. It seems best to activate (with the app in my case) before unlatching and plugging in. Otherwise you can end up in a loop with the machine repeatedly telling you to sign in. It took me ten minutes to figure this out, as I had just taken the plug from a proud new Soul owner and hooked it up before attempting to start the machine. I even got an "unsafe conditions" error.
  8. Yes start the software then plug in. It takes way too long IMHO for this process to work but free energy? who's to complain. (When it works :D)
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    Yet I got the opposite experience today in Courtenay: it wouldn't prompt me to scan until I'd plugged in. Go figure.
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  11. So long as it worked for you
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    In fact the instructions on the Hydro site I cited in the original post say that you are to plug in first.
  13. Only problem there is a failed start to charge will lock the CCS connector to the port, forcing you to open the hood and pull the disconnect lead in order to remove and try a restart... nothing like consistency. :confused:
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    Received the following info today:

    The path to Prince George

    Did you know you can now use your BC Hydro EV app to charge at stations in Cache Creek, Clinton, and 70 Mile House? These are the first steps in a central B.C. charging network expansion that will soon include Prince George, Hixon, Quesnel, McBride, Valemount, and Blue River.

    Popular stations double up
    We've added more charging stations at three busy Real Canadian Superstore locations (SE Marine Drive, Coquitlam East, Richmond), and will soon add more charging stations in North Vancouver, Saanich, and Colwood.

    You can also watch for new stations in Port Hardy, Powell River, Madeira Park, and Port McNeill this fall.

    FLO and ChargePoint roaming
    Did you know? You can now use your BC Hydro EV app to activate any FLO or ChargePoint charger across North America. If you're using a non-BC Hydro EV charger that charges a fee, please ensure you have a minimum balance of $10 on your account.
  15. The one in Port Hardy has been on Plugshare for a while (under construction), the one in Port Mcneill is more recent
    https://www.plugshare.com/location/204584on the North part of the Island
    These should really boost tourism in that area as nothing but L2s previously (Hope the RFID works:D)
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    Here's an article on the fears about charging that deter EV shoppers, according to Hydro.

    It should be noted that the 130 chargers mentioned are mostly Level 2, which are really not useful for long-distance travel unless you can overnight near one.

    Speaking of deterrents, this insistence on the need to pay for a home L2, over and above the eye-watering price of the car, I find counterproductive. Unless you're driving more than 100 km a day, the much-scorned granny cable will keep you topped up with an overnight charge of no more than 12 hours. After a battery-draining trip you can fill up at a public station. Home L2 is a convenience but, for many people, hardly a necessity. That’s the message that should be sent out to timid buyers.
  17. Depends on individual situations. Home L2 charges up must faster than the stock unit and when the range is needed quickly for unexpected trips (at least in my case) it is necessary. Its not like "the old days" (OK since 2012) where one could expect to find a public L2 (or L3 for that matter) unused and available. With more EVs out there every day it gets to be a challenge sometimes.
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    Received my 2020 Kona very recently(Saturday) and finally today I tried out the BC Hydro Fast Charging Station at Richmond's Superstore. They have 2 charging stations each with SAE Combo Connector and CHAdeMO Connector. But you can only charge 1 vehicle per Station(I thought each station could handle charging an SAE and CHAdeMO connector vehicle at same time)

    I actually ended up chargin my vehicle 2times today due to the fact I had a long road trip so needed to recharge my vehicle. I have attached my readings if someone is interested. Chargin was painless although in the afternoon wait time was around 20min for a charging spot.

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  19. Obviously a low SOC when you began in the am (my guess is <30%) for the same kWh delivered later at a higher SOC (20 minute difference for same approx accumulation). Not sure what SOC you completed the session upon return, but the rate substantially drops after 74% ish .
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