Why all the EV hate?

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  1. All true that stated above. Keep in mind however as they say, nature bats last. And she is coming to the plate, things are starting to occur which no amount of rhetorical activity can allay. It is now upon us,with each year providing a new wrinkle.
    Things in only a slightly warmer climatological context had vastly adverse circumstances producing. The north sea, they say storms were so violent large boulders were thrown over vast stretches of land, unthinkable things to us now.
    A tip of the iceberg we see before us.

    But there is hate out there, to point. I live rural which is vastly right wing, and find the inordinate amount of road type rage spread in my direction is directly proportional to the presence of hybrid or plug in marking on my vehicle. Sounds like a stretch but I really think this so. They do hate to see us and what they assume we represent.
    So opportunity presenting tailgating or throwing a finger abound. No matter, a quarter of their disposable income goes to fuel and mine does not. Wage slaves they are never getting out from under that. Quite unfortunate is their circumstance. Let them have their expression of hate or discontent, it is all left them.
    Transportation is but a part of this bigger thing.
    What is coming is just starting to show its face.
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    And one of the most frequent EV hater arguments is that since EVs aren't 100% of the solution, then we shouldn't bother with them at all.

    "I am only one, but I am still one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. And because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do." -- Helen Keller

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    It's interesting how short sighted the anti-global warming thinking is. I work in an industry where at some point my job will be replaced by a computer (pilot). But I doubt it's going to happen during my lifetime. Even if it does, that's life, so I keep doing what I do. Why would I try to hate certain people for it? If I can add my 2 cents by buying an ev, or just turning off the porch light at night, or turn down the heat a couple degrees, it's what I do.

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  4. That stated by opponents is a logical fallacy. The notion less than perfect action denies the initiation of any action at all. it is most commonly refuted by the statement of jailing for crime. WE do not find all those who commit murder. Even at times those in the right are wrongly convicted. But nevertheless of less than perfect result we do never propose we then as effect have no jailing of peoples we suspect of murdering others.

    Perfect actions and results of absolutely known quality are very rare. Vegan response as a dietary notion this is always the first comment to the adverse. You kill some with harvest use some fuel to run tractors so why then can meat eating be not equal to eating grains instead? Both kill and consume energy. True but to differing extend.
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    “Fear always springs from ignorance.” Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882), American lecturer, poet, and essayist

    This fear of change drives the hate and unfortunately it is not going to go away soon.
  6. True. I was stopped not that long ago at a stop light in the middle of traffic. Just driving along stopped in the middle of a crowd of vehicles. This person behind me in a big pick up truck is irate. No reason no cause. Does such happen when I am in my pick up or before I had a hybrid or plug in...not really. Has to be the hybrid or plug in sticker.
    Does not matter to me much at all, this sort of thing, but cannot deny this exists.

    It is real. Typically they are driving vehicles which have completely poor reliability ratings, Dodge or Chevy pickups. So I guess spending 40k or more they are angry inside, seeing it not working so great. And then who to vent to and about what? Someone they are taught in various media, are totally mucking things up..environmentalists. And then here is one right in front of them in traffic. America is not great and their pickup is garbage falls apart out the door, because of who......
    No matter.
  7. Really having a hybrid sticker on your car is about equal to having a control gun sticker on your car in some rural areas. Most don't mind, but occasionally you may run into someone who takes it all way to personal. In cities suburban areas, it is not a thing at all.
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    And it's a lot easier to blame someone else than to admit it might just be your own unhappiness.

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  9. Agree, really I am overstating it. It seems I remember not the thousand vehicles who pass me or I pass them every day without a mention and even occasionally some sort of compassion. But do firmly remember one of the thousand who flips me the bird as they don't like hybrids.
    I think media assists with this in providing ready targets for the aim of their various grievances. Environmentalists are one of the targets provided. It works thankfully on only a very few of the dimmest bulbs. Nevertheless to repeat, they do exist.
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    Sadly, that is true. It was bad enough when there were knuckle-draggers competing in what they call "rolling coal", which is equipping diesel pickups with injectors to squirt diesel directly into the exhaust of the truck, resulting in thick clouds of black smoke rolling out. Some of them had a competition for how many times they could find a hybrid car or EV and squirt the black smoke all over the car, and take pictures of their anti-social activity and post it to social media.

    But now there is a new way of expressing such hostility: Pickup drivers going as a group to park in EV charging stalls, deliberately blocking EVs from using them. I guess, as others have said, what really underlies such hateful activity is a fear of change. They see EVs as a threat to their diesel-burning, and in some cases coal-rolling, way of life.


    I've seen complaints from those posting comments to InsideEVs news articles that it's unfair or biased to accuse only pickup drivers of this activity. Well, it's not. All the photos I've seen of such activity, both coal-rolling and groups blocking EV charging stalls, have involved pickups -- and no other type of vehicle -- driven by the aggressors. Of course that doesn't mean we'll never see similar EV hater activity from non-pickup drivers, but clearly pickup drivers are leading the way in this new type of anti-EV harassment.
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    Some additional thoughts....

    So, there will always be large contingents of men and woman who- whether from ignorance or greed- will fight for inequality and defend the right to desecrate the Environment to the very end. They will see 'the Other," as a perpetual threat and rationalize violence and death.

    Politicians that speak only of love and unity are as deceptive of those who nakedly pursue and use power. Yet- it is important to be aspirational. Important to defend the Other or the right cause. Just be prepared to suffer the consequences. Nothing makes people angrier than the truth. Even if it is their salvation.

    This is far afield from driving a BEV- but the resentment you experience, at its core, is I believe the same- just less by degree.

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  12. Esprit1st

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    I just don't understand why do many people have to "force" their lifestyle onto others. My whole life I've always followed the motto live and let live. Do what you want to do and let others do the same. As long as you lifestyle doesn't impact yours, like killing people or raging war, nobody really cares what you do. If you want to be part of a society, there is a couple rules to follow but that's about it.

    It would make everybody happier. Why is that so hard?

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  13. Pushmi-Pullyu

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    It's partly because some people have a lust for power over others. Demagogues use appeals to hate and fear to gain power over other people and control their thinking. Unfortunately, demagogues are on the rise in many areas of the world... not just on talk radio, and not just in the USA. :(

    And, to be fair, some see it as a religious or moral duty to force others to conform to their ethics or morality. It's not all about power over others, or at least not consciously so.

  14. interestedinEV

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    While there are several articles on hate, I like this little article from the Aspen Institute

    “..... What’s more, because globalization is faceless, personal identity becomes tribal. “If my identity hates your identity,” Albright added, “then it’s nationalism and hypernationalism, and that’s where Havel foresaw the identity issue as central.” Collective hatred becomes much more dangerous than individual hatred. “It’s a process in which hatred gets legitimized,” Zankovsky said.

    Call it what you want, "Globalization", "New World Order", "Diversity", "Environmentalism". but the harsh truth is that some are more adversely affected than others, and this brings identity to the surface, "us" vs "them". The people who can bridge the gap , often for their own selfish purposes, pour oil on troubled waters and this hardens attitudes.
  15. Hate to say it, but the older I get the more I am disappointed in humanity. As a kid I was pretty optimistic and looked at all people as basically good wanting to help, but now I sort of doubt it. I wonder at times..... did I have rose tinted sun glasses on or what?
    Self serving is really it most of the time, with compassion for others only when easy.
    Who cares about global warming...I got mine. Be dead anyway. Standing in line to buy new F250's that they use once a year to carry a couch or something. Really the pick up thing is a joke. I have one for work out here moving stuff and all, living rural heating with wood, but really most men use a pickup for what it was designed about zero times in a year in America. I laugh when I see a gigantic duelee with a single item, a chair or something, in the middle of a enormous bed, easily carried in a trunk or fold down seat of a car in town. Going all of two miles from Lowes to home. I would never consider the pick up as a daily driver, way to big for just driving around in. But gotta look like they are contractors, when working in a office is what they do. Like a guy with pipestem arms but covered with tats....all image. Saw one like that at girls gymnastics practice a bit ago. No sleeves to show them off despite the winter. Want to take a bet on him, a obvious office worker owning a duelee? I did not bother to check it is a known. Comical. If only that sort of behavior did not have environmental hazard. I would say who cares. Environment suffers as his ego is fragile.
  16. Pushmi-Pullyu

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    I think you misunderstand the meaning of "pour oil on troubled waters". Mr. Google says that phrase means "try to settle a disagreement or dispute with words intended to placate or pacify those involved." The phrase is of course a metaphor, referring to calming stormy waters... pretty much the opposite of the meaning I think you intended.

    Either that, or I completely misunderstand what you're trying to communicate here.

  17. Pushmi-Pullyu

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    It's human nature to be idealistic when young; to see the world as something which can be changed for the better, if you work hard at it. It's also human nature to become more cynical and pessimistic about that as we get older.

    Fortunately, there's always a new crop of youngsters coming along, fired up to change the world! And sometimes they do. :)

    Unfortunately, change isn't always for the better. Just look at the "Arab Spring" movement, or the rise of nationalism and racism in Europe.
  18. Saw a poll of sorts on a UK site, related to buying of appliances for washing and drying clothes. They stated, well only this percentage(forget but it was something like 10%) put environmental consideration into the purchase. I said...that has to be wrong, corporate influence, they are just making that up, much more care.
    So I read through all of the comments on those purchasing in the article(the two were together results and survey.....they were completely on, ten percent said any thing about environment having a todo with the purchase. It was the Uk, but still what is more efficient better for the environment than drying clothes on a line? One day out of ten it rains. Where I live you can go months. No clothes lines around my house. Not a one. My neighbors politically involved started a initiative to bring a space exploration type program to the state party platform, to confront global warming, a focused thing....think they don't own a duelee, despite having absolutely no reason for one? Use a clothes line..... fresh air windly no pollution to worry about...not on your life. Takes a extra bit of time that. Dryer for me, is the thinking.
    Head first going over a climate cliff and most are discussing the color of the cloud tops.

    To add I am no purist, living in a cave with a hair shirt. But the lack of concern with real action on this thing, like buying a fuel efficient vehicle as opposed to a pick up truck, is alarming. All are pointing fingers and few do even the simplest easiest of things.
    By all means keep the pick up truck if you really use it a day or two out of the year. But don't daily drive it. Simple stuff really. They can't suffer being a car driver for even going to work a hour or so, makes them look weak, a office worker, when they want to look a contractor or wood cutter. Fragile egos, no one cares how you look.
    All hat and no ranch they call it.
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    You are right. My bad, what I meant was "add fuel to the fire", not "pour oil on troubled waters". I for some unknown reason used the wrong one instead of the right one.

    So here is the corrected statement

    The people who can bridge the gap , often for their own selfish purposes, add fuel to the fire and this hardens attitudes. I guess this makes more sense.
  20. gooki

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    I wouldn't get too hung up on that 10%. Consumers generally believe washers and dryers are not environmentally harmful, so there's no need to consider it. And by and large they are correct.

    It's not like their buying diesel powered clothes dryers.

    Our focus to society should be on products that directly polute. Transport, power generation, industry, heating, trash, wildfires etc.

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