Which home charger will you choose for your new Kona or Niro

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by EnerG, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. R P

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    Go to post#103 on this thread, pics and certifications for Canada.

    Charge Point was too expensive, and didn't like that you had to subscribe with them and be connected on the internet. They collect and can sell your data to whoever they want, but don't pay you for it. The extra features are of no value to me, as I can monitor and control charging of the Kona through BlueLink.

    Having said all that, since I bought my Morec, there are other choices now that I would choose instead. Specifically, an EVSE with adjustable current up to 40A and also voltage 110 to 240, so I can use the same charger at a 30A 120V RV outlet (with an adapter). There has been discussion about that, too, on this thread. Can't remember all the vendors, but I believe Zencar or Prime(spelling?) make such a one.
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  2. Bugblndr

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    It's been great, no issues at all. I like it so much I bought one for my work too. $422 CAD delivered to my door, can't beat the price/value.
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  3. robxb

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    I just spoke with my insurance provider in Toronto (co-operators), and the rep spoke with the underwriter, who said that because TUV is recognized by the SCC, there would be no issue covering it in Canada as long as everything logical is followed. Meaning: have it installed to code, preferably by a certified electrician; if you see it getting hotter than usual, have it inspected and replaced, etc. You know, logical things you would do with any high-powered device. We specifically spoke of a scenario where the charger would malfunction and overheat, catch fire, and he said the house would be covered because TUV is recognized by SCC.

    So while I am still considering the Morec (TUV & CE certification), I noticed today that there's a 25% incentive on chargers sold by specific retailers across the country. The 32 Amp Clipper Creek from Costco for 850 would therefore be $637, which really isn't bad.

    Regardless of which one I buy, I will use my Costco Mastercard because it doubles warranties up to two years, so the 3-year warranty offered by any of these will then be 5 year :).
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  4. electriceddy

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    Good to see the prices come down a bit for EVSE - now if only that embodied Amazon
  5. BC-Doc

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    I’ve had the Clipper Creek from Costco since early May. It’s a solidly built charger that works well without any bells and whistles. I am very happy with it and I like that Costco will stand behind it.
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  6. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    Costco is fantastic when it comes to warranty.
  7. robxb

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    Costco has unfortunately stopped selling the clipper creek... link is dead :(
  8. R P

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  9. Francois

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  10. electriceddy

    electriceddy Well-Known Member

    With the government incentives this unit should work well for you.
    I prefer the hardwired units on a permanent installation. ;)
  11. Late to this post (Kona owner 2months) can you tell me what charger you got? Similar logistics for me. Cheers!

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  12. KonaTom

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    Just received a juice box 40 by mail. It was on sale for $741 and is approved by B.C. for rebate. It’s wifi enabled which I think will be important if bc hydro implements specific ev charging rates. They are thinking about it.
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  13. Mywifeskona

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    Hi energ,
    I purchased a 50 amp plug in unit primarily because I already had a 50 amp plug in my garage that I used for a welding machine. The downside is (at least for me) that the 50 amp evse can deliver 9.6 kwhrs and the Kona recognizes this. If you want to charge at a lower current the kona will use the 9.6 kwhrs available and step down from there.

    The kona has 3 levels of current options starting with the obc max of 7.2 kwhs. To help with battery longevity, I like to use the lowest current setting. However, since the kona detects a 9.6 kw unit my first reduced level is 7.2 kwhrs and the lowest is 5.4 kwhrs. This means if I select max current I get the max obc current of 7.2 kw, but also 7.2 on reduced setting and finally 5.4 on minimum current.

    It seems like I'm missing out on a third lower setting here. Maybe someone can chime in and let us know what the lowest current level is using a 40 amp evse.
  14. electriceddy

    electriceddy Well-Known Member

    What make/model EVSE do you use.The L2 - 3 level reduction seems to have worked here:
  15. Mywifeskona

    Mywifeskona New Member

    That's interesting. Looks like a 30 A 125 v male trailer plug spliced to a 240 volt receptacle?
    That doesn't solve my problem though. I'd still like to retain the 7.2 kwhrs in the event I need a quicker charge.
    I'm guessing the minimum current on a 40 amp evse would be in high 2s or low 3s kwhrs. Which would be perfect for me since I charge primarily at night.
  16. Fastnf

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    I have a 30amp max GE charger on a 40 amp circuit breaker. It has settings for 12, 16, 24, and 30 amps. On the 30 amp setting I get 7kw on max. 6.2kw on reduced and 4.2kw on min.
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  17. Kamloops_KoNa

    Kamloops_KoNa Member

    I bought one of them last week and will be installing it next week after I install the 50A double pole breaker, with the 8/2 wiring and a nema 14-50R outlet. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works
  18. R P

    R P Well-Known Member

    You might want to go 6/3 wiring (even though the neutral isn't used for now). Then you are future proofed for higher amps, and an arc welder (with a 6-50R adapter). And I would start with a 40A breaker for now (to protect your EVSE).
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  19. With BlueLink on the Kona is the wifi capacity all that nevessary?
  20. Esprit1st

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    Our Konas here in the US don't have WiFi.

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