What is the "final" fix for the battery fire recall?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Telek, Jan 27, 2021.

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  1. MSimpsonNJ

    MSimpsonNJ Active Member Subscriber

    Being one whose battery is outside the recall window (my battery was manufactured in April of 2020) I really want to know if there were any mitigation measures taken for batteries manufactured after March 2020, what those mitigation measures were, and whether or not they address the issue that has apparently now been admitted as being the problem. If they did, great. If they didn't, I assume the "window" is going to be expanded. Curious minds want to know.....
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  3. Dream on! :)
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  4. They will never replace and write off Kona E. Other than the batteries these are fine cars. They may even become collectibles - :D
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  5. DasMeister

    DasMeister Member

    “The most recalled car”?
  6. Hell, the Takata airbag recall has literally had a gun pointed at the heads of customers for years so I'd say they're in no hurry to fix their bombs.
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  8. Something changed in the mid model year production process after March 2020, perhaps the batteries were made by SK or in a Korean LG plant. I will be a little cynical and suggest LG and or Hyundai already knew it had a problem and silently made those production changes in March well before it became a recall issue and hoped no one would notice. If it wasn't for all the upset Korean owners rocking their national regulatory body I am fairly certain this would have been poo pooed by Hyundai indefinitely. Sadly we may never really know what changed and why.
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  9. Just to muddy the waters; the battery my car was shipped with was made on 2020-June-17, and it needed to be replaced because it stopped charging at 50% in October. The new one was made on 2020-October-10. That implies that batteries made after the 'changeover' were still not 100% OK. Still, I stand by that the Kona overall is a fun to drive, fine car.
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  10. NHTSA recall link #21V-127 (folded anode tab)
    Lower the charge limit .. interim until replacement ~April 21
    (nothing on Transport Canada Website...yet)
    Also note that the defect was corrected in production on March 3/2020 with the insulation coating on the cathode.
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  11. Looks like the manufacturing change made after March 3, 2020 was a new insulative coating on the cathode of the individual cells. As this is not a random production change more than ever I fee Hyundai/LG had significant insight into the problem well before they declared it as a concern, nice.

    So the expectation is to bring in your car to voluntarily neuter its charge capacity while you wait an indefinite period of time for a battery replacement. I very much need that capacity for my work, they will have to provide a better solution than that.
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  13. I wonder what this May 2018 repayment plan is?
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  14. Possibly for those vehicles used for commercial use (taxis) or those over the warranty mileage limit.
  15. henrymouni

    henrymouni New Member

    How can you find out when your batteries were manufactured?
  16. TRSmith

    TRSmith Member

    So, my vehicle’s manufacturer date (per the sticker in the door well) is after this, in April 2020. But my battery was manufactured in February 2020.

    But also my vehicle was subject to recall 196. So even if it’s not subject to this new recall, it has the charging pauses and the 0.5% capacity limit.

    Looks like Hyundai USA will notify owners next month, so I’ll know then.
  17. henrymouni

    henrymouni New Member

    How do you know when your battery was manufactured?
  18. henrymouni

    henrymouni New Member

    If March 13th 2020 is the cut off date, that must mean they have solved the problem with cars manufactured after that date - or does it??
  19. MSimpsonNJ

    MSimpsonNJ Active Member Subscriber

    You have to look up under the car. Crawl up from the back and look on the left side of the silver battery housing. The label is bright yellow. 9CB7C1CA-489E-427D-93A4-2F2C0A00D238.jpeg
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  20. henrymouni

    henrymouni New Member

    Thank you so much!!
  21. Interesting. My car
  22. My car manufactured 2019/06/19 has a WHITE label with the date: 2019/06/13. Hard to believe the battery was made only 6 days before the car.
  23. I have yet to see a Kona EV with battery manufacture date later than car manufacture date (unless it was obviously replaced);)

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