Volvo C40 Tour in Boston, MA (March 17-21)

Discussion in 'Volvo' started by salant76, Mar 17, 2021.

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  1. salant76

    salant76 Member

    I recently got an email from Volvo saying there where going to be in Boston, MA for a few days showing off both the XC40 Recharge and C40 as well.

    I may end up going on Sunday to check out the C40. Anyone want me to take any specific pictures or ask anything to Volvo about the C40 if I go?

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  3. SeanH

    SeanH Active Member

    Considering this vs Q4 e-tron.
    My biggest questions are price/features/packages and real-world highway mi/kWh. I'm guessing they won't have much on either yet :-(.
  4. salant76

    salant76 Member

    Will do my best to try to get your questions answered.

    Did confirm that a rep from Volvo will be there. So that is a start.

    As far as range there has been some YouTube range tests on the XC40. The C40 will get some additional range but only 5-10 miles.

    Kinda wonder if there will be any real savings for the C40 over the XC40 since it is online sales only. I know that my local Volvo dealer has a demo units but no inventory to sell. Special order only which means no discounts.
  5. SeanH

    SeanH Active Member

    The EPA range isn't my issue. Where the XC40 struggled for me was consumption at 70+mph. During my test drive, I was getting sub 2 mi/kWh...

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