Got an XC 40 Recharge Yesterday!

Discussion in 'XC40 Recharge' started by John Lilly, Jan 1, 2021.

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  2. nikagl

    nikagl New Member

    Hi all,

    The P8 was released in The Netherlands about 4 months ago due to tax-reasons (changing in the new year). I got mine on Dec. 30th, 2020. There are several topics on Dutch forums ( / with exactly your comments. I have also started a thread to start tracking software versions release by Volvo. Here:

    Most issues seem to be related to a pretty early version of the software. What version do you have on your Volvo? Be careful sharing a screenshot of the version as the same screen contains your Bluetooth & VIN which are uniquely identifiable to your car.

    Here are some answers from other forums:
    • Carplay is planned to be release later this year
    • If an app (Sirius XM) is not yet released, contact the developer to make it compatible with Android Automotive. It's a different way of development and requires apps to be re-publised for Android Automotive specifically, hence the only 25 apps available right now. I published Carsounds Automotive 2021 just to test how it works, you should be able to see it too?
    • Car manual is available online (no pdf yet) in Dutch only as far as I can see:
    • Volvo On Call should be released this month here in Europe. Not sure about the US.
    • In case you have auto-collapsable rear-headrests, the feature to collapse was added in the October software release
    • Programmable pre-heating was also added in the October software release
    • Spotify works fine. No offline downloading (yet). No MP3's over USB either
    • No miles-remaining but it does show the estimation percentage when using google maps
    All-in-all it's a great car with some "first-release" issues.

    Range without the range extender (heat-pump) is supposed to be about 250 miles. I do have the range extender, but still only managed to drive about 125 miles (with 32 degrees F, 19" wheels, all heaters on, 65 mph on highway)...hope that's caused by the weather or range extender not yet functioning and/or will be fixed in a future version of the software as it's a lot less than I had hoped for...



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  3. nikagl

    nikagl New Member

    Quickly gone through the list and some of them are similar to Volvo P8, but some of them are not. Note that the P8 has Android 10 and the P2 still only has Android 9... wonder whether the two versions of the nav will come closed in near future or drift further apart...
  4. nikagl

    nikagl New Member

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  5. In the US, the official range number is only 208 miles (totally normal for our EPA rating to be less than the European one). I don't know whether that is supposed to include the heat pump (or running the heat period).
    I did a consumption test on Monday with the car at the dealership (top spec, 20" wheels, heat pump, etc). I got on the highway and just outside the city it changes to 70mph speed limit. I set the cruise control to 80mph and reset the manual tripometer. I drove for about 10 minutes, got off at an exit and immediately back an and drove back to where the speed limit dropped back to 65mph. Outside temp was 31 deg F and I had the heat set to 66 deg F inside the car.
    I got a truly abysmal 58kWh/100 miles. That translates to around 1.7 miles / kWh. That would actually get pretty close to your 125 miles of range. For comparison, my Kona EV in the same test gets closer to 3 miles/kWh. I was prepared for less range on the XC40 (despite it having a 20% larger battery), but 125 miles on the highway is just silly.
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  7. Woomi

    Woomi New Member

    Wow. 125 miles is too short.
    Not sure how they design the car.

    No heating on battery module??? They should maintain battery temperature that they are not loosing capacity. Since you drive in the highway, regen doesn't affect that much anyway. I'm worrying that they may not able to increase winter distance with SW update only.
  8. No idea about battery heating. It probably has something. Plus, I had to drive 15 minutes (with 5 on the highway) to get to the start of my test.

    I mean, we knew that it was going to be low-ish since its EPA mileage was so small compared to battery capacity of 77kWh (compare to 250 mile rated Kona EV with 64kWh battery). And I was expecting lower range in the winter with heat, etc. I figure the XC40 body is not very aerodynamic (and heavy). Not something that can be improved with a SW update. That said, if I only used it for commuting, and not for visiting my in-laws (who live 115 miles away), then it would be just fine.
  9. Woomi

    Woomi New Member

    It looks it not just cold, but if we run high speed with XC40, the range cannot achieve 208miles at all.
    Based on EPA test,
    • highway: 72 MPGe - 468 Wh/mi (291 Wh/km)
    We can run 160 miles (75kWh/468Wh) on the highway even warm conditions.
  10. papab

    papab Member

    Same test with the Kona? Same temperature and wind?
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  12. Exact comparisons are hard :)
    I just did a test with the Kona, but some things are different.
    It was 10 degrees warmer, but I still had the heat on.
    My Kona has a resistive heater, the XC40 has a heat pump.
    My Kona is wearing Blizaks WS90s, not all seasons.
    It was much windier today, though I do a round trip for the test and the wind was mostly a cross wind.
    For this same stretch (resetting the meter when up to speed), I got 2.7 miles per kWh.
  13. John Lilly

    John Lilly Member

  14. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

  15. John Lilly

    John Lilly Member

    Thanks, but it’s the HTML version. I’d like to have a PDF so I can read offline and not have to keep clicking links. There’s one in Dutch, but I haven’t found an English version yet.

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  16. SkyShotEV

    SkyShotEV New Member

    Hi, since approximate 6 months on the road, how has Volvo worked to overcome the "first-edition" jitters or teething flaws. How happy are current/former owners? Anywhere from failing on the road, to in-house replacements to infotainment/software irregularities, and of course lower or reduced range results. We are on the waiting list for the HI5, but still considering a few others and next on our list is the P2. The XC sounds nice but some of the previous reported experiences are a bit worrisome to our expectations if we pull the trigger and transition to a new EV DD. Or is it a consensus that we should go with an upgraded ICE now and await a couple of years to allow most manufacturers to work out the kinks nuts and bolts.
  17. John Lilly

    John Lilly Member

    I’m very happy with the hardware. Not so much with the software. Sometimes feels like I’m driving a public beta version of the car!

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  18. SkyShotEV

    SkyShotEV New Member

    Interesting and nice to know, s/w can be patched or enhanced. thanks for your input. We are a bit budget mindful but will keep the Recharge on our list of contenders. Cheers!

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