User Manuals Delivered with Kona EV

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Ed Zwieback, Dec 27, 2019.

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  1. Having just bought a new 2020 Kona EV, I want to check that I did get all the manuals with the car.
    I have 3 manuals:
    "Kona Electric Quick Reference Guide" (3 parts: Features/Controls; Infotainment; Driving),

    "Car Infotainment System-Quick Reference Guide" (10 parts),

    "2020 Owners Manual" (EV System Overview, and 8 parts).

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  3. That’s why I got with mine. You’re good!
  4. Tim94549

    Tim94549 Active Member

    Yep ... those are the ones I got as well ... A LOT to read.. My WISH is that Hyundai would provide a e-version of them that is Searchable. If such ONLINE / PDF manuals exist, I sure can't find them on the Hyundai web site.
  5. Tim94549

    Tim94549 Active Member

    Thanks so much !! Great help to be able top search ..
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  7. hobbit

    hobbit Active Member

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  8. Tim94549

    Tim94549 Active Member

    Yea, I found that set as well .... agreed - the web site is horrible. The first set that
  9. I'm just getting into the manuals and that's a challenge as well.
    The biggest nit I have so far is that the important info about the Kona EV (to me) is grouped together in the front of the "Owners Manual" called "EV Systems Overview" with pages labeled "H" (?). The rest of the manual is about "Car Systems"?
    My KIA Soul EV had a separate manual for the EV Systems.
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  11. I started thru the downloaded PDF; "2020 Kona Owners Manual" and could not find any EV info. I now realize that the website for Manuals does not have the Kona EV listed so the only Owners Manual available for download is for the Kona ICE version (which is the Manual I downloaded).

    Maybe the PDF file for the EV is available elsewhere on the website ?
  12. I believe the manuals are available via the My Hyundai app under resources/manuals and warranties.
  13. Thanks for the tip. I went to that manuals website after logging in; and the website listed the manual for the 2020 Palisade car; a strange listing choice for me.
  14. That is strange. I just went to the website and after the 2020 Palisade Quick Reference Guide link I see links for:
    2019 Kona Electric Quick Reference Guide

    2019 Kona Electric Navigation System Manual

    2019 Kona Electric Display Audio Multimedia System Manual

    2019 Kona EV Getting Started Guide

    2019 Kona Owner's Manual
    I hope this helps!
  15. Ronny,
    Good try but doesn't help.
    1st; I went to Myhyundai website (my login site) and there was no way to select my car; Kona-EV. And no way to go beyond the 2020 Palisade owners manual; see below:
    2nd: Ronny's list is interesting but the owners manual PDF does not have a cover page ; It's probably for 2019 Kona-EV but I couldn't find that stated. Also, does not have the important "H section" (63 pages). Also, the "Navi" manual is actually another Multimedia manual (maybe for different trim ?)
    I have a 2020 Kona-EV (andmy paper Owners Manual cover has that title), and my index pages are slightly different than Ronny's OM.

    So, my conclusion: Hyundai doesn't handle the EV manuals on the web very well so far.

  16. Jamcan39

    Jamcan39 New Member

  17. cmwade77

    cmwade77 Active Member

    Do a Google search for Kona Electric Owners Manual and add your year, they exist.
  18. tanelv

    tanelv New Member

    I didn't get any physical manuals with my Kona FYI. Don't miss them either because I have a pdf copy in my phone and it is much faster to use search function.
  19. Not the 2020 EV.

    To add insult to injury, every month Hyundai sends me an email with this link:

    2020 Kona EV Owners Manual Offer.png
    Following the Owner's Manual link eventually gets to:

    Hyundai Again Fails to Deliver - Copy.png
    This isn't even all "Your Vehicle Results," as mis-indicated. Selecting "All Vehicle Results" leads to five manuals for the 2020 Kona EV - but still not the Owner's Manual. #HuyndaiBetaTester

    The 2019 manual works for most purposes, but the 2020 manual is different.

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  20. BaylorBob

    BaylorBob Member

    Happy Reading. I have the same Car and Manuals. The problem is they are not clear. First of all they should be in Color not Black & White although many pages are printed in a Light Blue. One of the most confusing things about the manual and on the car itself is whether or not a Button and its corresponding Function are On or Off. I always thought that if you pushed a Button and it had a Light that Came on in the Button, it means it's ON. Evidently in Korea it means OFF. Some Buttons don't even light up, they push inward or pop outward. So which way is ON? In or Out? The book won't help you. Just sitting in the car for an hour or two or more and fiddling with everything is the only way I could figure out most of the Buttons, Icons, and Widgets. Whenever I called Hyundai Customer Service to ask them how to do something they always said "Please hold while I look that up". I had already done that before calling them. And after they kept me on hold for 15 or 20 minutes looking it up they still never found the answer. After about 3 of these phone calls I finally stopped calling them and tried to figure it out myself. Here is an interesting situation I had with them. I live in Southern California and I like Walk Away Door Locks. My manual clearly says on Page 9-11 of the Smaller Kona Electric book (the one that only has 10 sections) "Walk Away Lock" if Equipped. I couldn't find it on my control panel So I call Hyundai. They tell me they need to research it because the car definitely has this feature. 3 days later they call me back and tell me only the European Model of my car has the Walk Away Door Locks. So I'm wondering why my 2017 and 2020 Mazda 3 Vehicles that cost less than 1/2 of my Kona Ultimate costs have the Walk Away Door Locks but my $47,000 Kona EV Ultimate does not have this feature.
    In November 2020 I have had the car exactly one year and I figured everything out and I was happy with all my settings. I had my Widgets and My Icons all set the way I wanted them. So what happens next? In December just before Christmas my Electronic System goes haywire. Voice Activation stops working. The System won't hold my Phones Contacts and many other things are not working. Just kept getting a message "Memory Full". I take it to the closest Hyundai Dealer and they tell me It is Too Complicated for them, and I need to take it to another Dealer. I take it to the other Dealer who tests the unit, says it's bad and needs to be replaced. The car is still drivable, just the Infotainment system has to be replaced. A week later they get the new unit in and install it. It looks exactly like my original system that came with the car - on the outside. But when I start to use it everything is different. The Radio is different. The Climate Control System is different and there are no more Widgets. Just Icons. And when I use Voice Recognition to find a location or to call a phone number it now takes about 10 seconds where my original system took 2 or 3 seconds. Now I have Hyundai Corporate involved and they are trying to find me the same system I had. The Dealer says it is just a software issue. But Hyundai thinks otherwise. They are still researching it. At Least I can Drive it. That is a Good Thing. Have a Good Day.
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  21. Your new unit may have the software update from hell. If you get them to install the previous software for you, let us know. Others will want it.
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