Used Clarity Plug-In Hybrids for sale or wanted

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Domenick, Oct 18, 2020.

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  1. scottmathison

    scottmathison New Member

    [Carmel, Indiana, USA] 2018 Touring. Purchased new June 2019. 47K miles.

    Up for sale is our beloved 2018 Honda Clarity Touring plug-in hybrid sedan. New in June of 2019. We routinely get 60 miles of EV range and 45 mpg in HV - both slightly better than what Honda says you can get. Looks, runs and drives perfectly. The only reason we are selling is that it’s our 3rd car - and we only really need 2 right now. Sale will include the following: the Clarity itself of course, the original manuals and paperwork, all service records (there aren’t many), the factory charge cord, OEM floor mats plus set of WeatherTech floor and trunk mats, brand new Michelin CrossClimate2 tires from Costco. The chrome is currently blacked out - we had it HyperDip’d - see pictures. We also had the side ‘plug-in hybrid’ emblems/badges removed. We think it looks amazing this way, but are happy to have it put back to stock for you - it’s easily done.


    IMG_2579 Large.jpeg IMG_2582 Large.jpeg IMG_2585 Large.jpeg IMG_2584.jpg
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  3. I posted a link to this on the FB Clarity Group page.
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  4. scottmathison

    scottmathison New Member

    Thanks! I appreciate that! :)
  5. Also posted on Reddit. People are having a hard time finding a Clarity for sale. Spread the word!
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  6. laptop

    laptop Member

    Thank you sir!

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  8. From Facebook poster Mark Weidner in the Clarity group. This link might work to sort it to the top of a list. Might

    "I've seen people on here asking about/looking for a 2018 to purchase. Well, I saw something interesting today. I traded my 2018 Touring to CarMax (Colorado Springs) back in early Dec. Two weeks later, it disappeared from their inventory, so I assumed it sold.
    A month ago, I got a call from CarMax asking if I could sign some paperwork that they had sent to the state but didn't get back. I did, returned it, etc. Today, MY car appears again on CarMax's site.
    2018 Touring, 39K miles, Moonlit Forest Green. This car has never been in an accident, was always dealer serviced, never gave me a day of trouble, and was amazing on fuel and technology. Life & commute changes are the only reason I sold it....and if things changed, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it back.
    If any of you are interested, search CarMax in Colorado Springs and Sante Fe (CM's website says it's being shipped, but I don't know if it's going to Sante Fe, or is coming back). Either way, the VIN ends in 8060. Other than the last 4 months, I'd be happy to answer any questions about this car, and if you are the lucky buyer, I do have all of the service records too."
  9. For sale at FB Clarity PHEV Group
    Levi Caigoy

    Im contemplating on selling my 2018 base with 52387mi riverside,ca for 22k obo.
    Im waiting for a new vehicle to be delivered and seeing if ill trade it in dealer or sell private, hence the word 'contemplating'.
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  11. cm959

    cm959 New Member

    @scottmathison, I assume this has sold, since the post is from March? I'm local and interested if you still have the car.
  12. scottmathison

    scottmathison New Member

    It is still for sale. Our family got super busy right after I posted the car for sale here.
    The car is pending sale as of today, Wednesday, May 11th.
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  13. EV4Me

    EV4Me Member

    I am considering selling my 2020 White Clarity Touring with 9,391 miles on it purchased 12/2020 and is still in Excellent condition inside and out.
    I could use some help with what price I should be asking for private party sale ....with the way things are for used vehicles.
  14. Once you're ready post in the Facebook group and on Reddit. People are searching for them.
  15. EV4Me

    EV4Me Member

    Do you have links to the specific site/pages.........Thank you
  16. I'd consider doing the free price check on Carvana. They may offer you a ridiculous amount of money, or at least give an indication where the market is on this car.
  17. Kerbe

    Kerbe Active Member

    Kelly Blue Book ( has a really good value estimator - and you can check pricing in your region on
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  18. There is a Facebook Clarity group poster who is selling his. This is a link to his post. I can copy the text, but it's not overly informative. Messaging him is necessary, so if you don't have a FB account I'm not sure how you contact him.

    "Parting is such sweet sorrow. I loved this car since 2018. My id.4 will be here next week. This will always be the car that made me fall in love with electric. If you know anyone looking near Oklahoma let me know. Otherwise car mart or carvana will be getting it. Isn’t there another company that asks for photos? Can’t remember the name of it, this car is in such good shape. Spent 26 dollars on gas all of last year!"

  19. EV4Me

    EV4Me Member

    Carvana only offered $26,757 for my 2020 Clarity Touring with 9,391 miles on it 2 days ago......they giving him almost the same for a 2018 with more miles I assume
  20. EV4Me

    EV4Me Member

    Vroom = $29,389
    Shift = $28,100
    Carvana = $26,757
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