Used Clarity Plug-In Hybrids for sale or wanted

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Domenick, Oct 18, 2020.

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  1. This thread is where you can post your Clarity for sale, or express interest in buying a used one.

    Please, if you post here and sell your car or find one to buy, please go back and add SOLD to your post to help keep everything current. Thanks!
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  3. Facebook:

    Terry Ibbs in Ontario Canada is looking to buy
    Mike Johnson in St. Paul, MN is looking to buy

  4. A Facebook member posted this. No price mentioned. She also posted it for sale in early September for what it's worth.

    Linda Martinez Ortega

    Thinking about selling my 2018 Clarity Touring. Perfect condition, non smoker no kids. I'm the only driver!! I live in South Mississippi if anyone is interested !! Odometer is just over 5,000 miles!!
  5. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

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  7. I agree. What a strange way to sell a car. When I first looked yesterday the bid was $310.00. It's up to $5,100.00 today.
  8. Clean Fuels

    Clean Fuels New Member

    Hi, I just came here to post my Clarity from eBay, but it looks like you already found it.

    I've had this Clarity on my car lot for far too long. It sustained some damage on the driver side in the past that was repaired by the previous owner. It still has a clean title and has no issues mechanically. I decided to put it on eBay as a no reserve auction. At the time of this posting the car is at $8400. Since it has no reserve it will sell to the highest bidder at the end of the auction, not matter what the price is. Happy bidding!

    More pictures are available on eBay and on our website here:
    Here are some walkaround and test-drive videos:
    You can view the history report on our website here:

    I didn't realize the auction was going to end on Halloween night when I posted it. Hopefully you can get your bid in on time!

    I've sold several used Clarities in the past and enjoy driving them, but I just joined this forum. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like additional pictures.
  9. Ten foot pole.

    This was sold, then relisted.
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  10. It sold on Saturday, the 31st, according to eBay.
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  12. Last edited: Nov 4, 2020
  13. It's the same seller, so I guess reserve wasn't met the first time? I was under the impression that if something didn't meet reserve, then eBay would say "Auction ended, reserve not met" instead of "sold," though.

    Also, I can't see what the original price was.
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  14. There's something hinky going on with this seller.

    The original listing had no reserve and started, I believe, at $300. The car sold for $15k. This is the "headline" sent to me in an email from eBay

    "2018 Honda Clarity… sold for $15,100.00, but there's more!"

    Then I received this from eBay:

    Everyone deserves a second chance!
    Item relisted

    2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Base 4dr Sedan

    Starting bid: $10,000.00 (or Buy It Now for $17,995.00)
  15. The seller has been very quiet on forums. Not a single post that I can find here, Facebook, or Reddit
  16. Although the seller appears to have a good reviews and ratings on eBay, it makes sense to exercise caution if interested in this vehicle. Perhaps @Clean Fuels can fill us in on the story here.
  17. Clean Fuels

    Clean Fuels New Member

    Tek Freek, you haven't looked very hard as I posted in this very thread right above your "ten foot pole" comment. I posted on Reddit, this forum, facebook (had quite a thread going on the FB owners group) and others. The car sold at no reserve for $15100 on Halloween, however the buyer backed out of the sale when he realized it didn't have leather seats. Ebay allows you to relist for free if your buyer backs out, so I went ahead and relisted it with $15k as the reserve. However I took a deposit on it from a local buyer today. He should finalize the purchase tomorrow, and I will remove it from ebay once the sale has completed.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2020
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  18. Thanks for dropping by and explaining what happened here. From what was posted here and not being super familiar with eBay, I couldn't tell what was happening with the sale.
  19. Clean Fuels

    Clean Fuels New Member

    Thank you. I actually sold it locally for the $17995 asking price today, so I've taken down the eBay auction.

    Attached Files:

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  20. Bbeardb

    Bbeardb Member

    FOR SALE: 2018 Clarity Base, $19.5K
    • Located in Colorado (Boulder area), and only listed here for the time being.
    • Second owner (car originally from Texas)
    • 31,615 miles
    • Forrest green
    • Non smoking, no pets (unless you consider kids pets)
    • Have kids (pets?) but car seats went on as soon as I got the car home. Pulled up the covers and the seats are perfect underneath. You'll see in the photos.
    • All weather floor mats, OEM up front, aftermarket in the rear because they cover the hump. Original rears in the trunk.
    • Charging cable and both keys, of course.
    • A couple dings and scuffs, but still looks great in my opinion.
    • Full set of wheels and snow tires. Wheels are from an Acura and an inch smaller, fit is great.
    • Engine hour counter, so you can know how much time you actually put on the engine and ignore the maintenance minder for that particular detail. I think I have less than 10 hours on it.
    • Has a full battery capacity, as checked by the dealer when I had a battery module replaced under warranty.
    • Still have a loan to payoff, so the bank has the title. Never had a loan on a car, nor have I ever shipped a car, so would prefer local due to my lack of experience. However, I love a good road trip, so I'd drive it to you as long as we can transfer title and I can find a safe way home. Thanks to Covid, that might not work so well, though.
    • We love the car. Love it! Only selling due to back surgery. Due to this being the only car loan I've ever had, I'm uncomfortable having the payment along with the medical bills that seemingly won't stop.
    • Photos:
    • PM/DM/Message me for questions?
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  21. Mesa

    Mesa Member

    I have a 2018 Clarity Touring for sale on AutoTrader in the Nashville area for $20,500. It's pretty close to my trade in offer on another car that I am buying, including the sales tax savings I would be getting on the trade in. May be some wiggle room in the price, but if I sell it I may have to rent a car until my other one is delivered. I should receive delivery before the end of the year. The ad expires in a couple of days, I don't know if I will renew it or not.
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  22. Mesa

    Mesa Member

    Sold to the local Honda dealer for $18.5k. It had 39,700 miles. Better than the trade-in offer. They reduced the trade-in value every 30 days while I was waiting the new car. I liked the car and it was trouble free, but I wanted pure EV ever since I bought the Clarity.

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