"Unable to Receive A response from the Vehicle" Honda Link App

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by RobinBrain, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. Danks

    Danks Member

    Is Bluetooth going to work getting data from the car to a phone that is well out of Bluetooth range - the other side of the city - and has Bluetooth turned off?
  2. Khanh Doan

    Khanh Doan New Member

    No Response after update this morning from Chino California
  3. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    My phone is always in my car when it is moving so I have never had a chance to test if odometer changes are reflected on a phone that is on the other side of the city, it sounds like you have? I suppose another easy test is to turn off the phone (although that may create some type of withdrawal symptoms) or just turning off Bluetooth. I said I "suspected" it's controlled by Bluetooth which means I haven't yet done any tests.

    There is the other odd part of the odometer reading that people experience which is that it is often off by a few unexplained miles, which is another reason why I have suspected it is somehow obtained differently from the other readings. In fact right now my actual odometer reads 4799 but the app reads 4796. I did not stop anywhere three miles from my house. For some reason it took its last odometer reading while I was on my way home, but it never updated it again later even though the charging information was later updated.
  4. Kranberry

    Kranberry Member

    I got an update yesterday, but it is now down again for me. Last update was 6:01pm EDT yesterday.
  5. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    Mine stopped working for awhile this morning, it said "Charging" and last updated at 4:47 am even though charging had already stopped as scheduled at 7:00 am. Then around 10:00 am it updated and now gives the correct charge information. Interestingly it says last updated 7:00 am which is how it normal displays, the "last update" is always either the time charging started, or stopped, or it seems to give updates at certain points like 25% etc. So this means the information from the charge ending at 7:00 am was being stored somewhere, either in the car or on the Honda server, but my phone still had old information from 4:47 am, and then around 10:00 am the 7:00 am information was sent to my phone.

    Meanwhile my odometer is still off and says 4796 instead of 4799 which is normal, meaning the odometer has always just updated when it feels like it.
  6. Ohliuw

    Ohliuw Member

    Very frustrating... Mine app almost never had issues (other than when I was gone for 3 weeks, when it seemed to have gone to come deep sleep mode) pulling info from the car BUT yesterday I set the schedule to turn on climate this morning, and it said it was successful.

    Needless to say, this morning I froze my behind and had to wait for few extra minutes to blow the condensation off my windows as it didn’t turn on the climate as scheduled. The car was left plugged in and was fully charged around midnight. Grrrrr
  7. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    That highlights a difference between scheduled climate and scheduled charging. Scheduled charging is a function built into the car, and you can set a charge schedule using the car menu. If you use the app to schedule charging, you can get into the car and look in the settings and see the schedule that you set with the app. When the app went out a few days ago the charge schedule that I had previously set with the app still ran.

    Climate on the other hand cannot be scheduled in the car, only in the app, which makes me suspect that the app sends the climate command to the car at the appointed time, basically the same command as if you pressed "Turn on Climate". If there is no connection at that time then climate will not start. Once started even if connection is lost the car will automatically turn off climate after thirty minutes.
  8. PHEV Newbie

    PHEV Newbie Well-Known Member

    When I opened the app early this morning, a message said I must install the new update to continue, which I did. With the new app update, there was still no communication from car to server (the last one at 9/05) but it did update after I drove it later in the morning. Now it seems to be working normally. Seems as if the server was down for software updates to be compatible with the app update. Just a guess.
  9. RickSE

    RickSE Active Member

    Took the upgrade this morning and then the app went dead again about an hour later.
  10. su_A_ve

    su_A_ve Active Member

    Stopped working last night again. This morning got the prompt to update the app (iOS) and then it started working.
  11. Ohliuw

    Ohliuw Member

    That would make sense. I tried the scheduled climate as the previous day the TurnOn didn’t work. One would think it would spit out an error, but hmmmm.

    Also it should have the option to setup climate to whatever you want, not just to turn it on, meh...

    Got a prompt to update the app, let’s see what happens. I love the rating in the apple store - it might be hard to find an app with lower rating!
  12. Danks

    Danks Member

    Mine works now.
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  13. Danks

    Danks Member

    I'm not trying to get live updated odometer or range readings. I check the app before leaving a building I'm in to see if the charge is done yet. If not, I may stay seated until it is. While doing this I do pay attention to the odometer reading. Until the glitch here the odometer was updating irregularly. Some days the odometer changed if we had driven since the last check, some days it didn't. Interestingly, when the glitch started, it appeared that the odometer was updating regularly. If the car had moved since I last checked the odometer reading was changed. So even though the range and location weren't updating, the odometer was.
  14. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    I probably should have stated previously that my bluetooth theory is that the app picks up the odometer reading via Bluetooth while you are in the car, and then when you check it later it is just displaying the last known information. Similar to how Find My Car shows the last known position until it is able to update again. However we know that Find My Car, as well as Turn on Climate, Start Charge and Schedule Charge work via TCU because we can operate all of those when far away from the car. Odometer on the other hand is not as easy to determine if it works remotely since me (and my phone) are always in the car when it is moving. There are other ways to test I just haven't gotten around to it yet since I rarely use the odometer function.

    At the moment all we know is that the odometer reading in the app is often out of sync when the other items are correctly updating, and yet the odometer reading updates even when the other items are not working. For some reason the odometer reading in the app makes me think of a broken analog clock which is perfectly accurate twice a day, something which cannot be said for even the best digital clock.
  15. David in TN

    David in TN Active Member

    I was down for a few days as well. Updated app and it is working again... except for mileage update.

    However....it won't allow me to do a screenshot now. Weird.

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  16. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    You're right, it now gives a message "Can't take screenshot due to security policy". Must be something they built into the new update. Not sure if they are protecting our security or theirs. In theory there are apps that can grab information from your phone, but the least of my worries is that someone finds out what my current EV range is.
  17. RickSE

    RickSE Active Member

    HondaLink has been really flaky today. I took the upgrade this morning and it worked for about an hour and then was not working until mid afternoon. Then it stopped working for a few hours this evening and started working a few minutes ago. Mileage record is working (I always plus the phone into the car to use waze via car play) and I can take a screenshot unlike the posters above. Hopefully it will work again tomorrow since it’s the only way I can make sure the car charges up in the morning. My work chargers are a little unreliable but since they are free I can’t complain!
  18. Ohliuw

    Ohliuw Member

    Still no go for the remote climate.

    I called Honda and they told me that my HondaLink is not activated??? It sounds fishy to me as I can see charging status etc...

    Any way to “reactivate” without going to a dealer (she told me to go to a dealer to get it activated).

  19. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    In the app press the "person" symbol in the upper left hand corner which brings up your Account Settings. Under Manage Subscriptions you should see your car listed. Press that and it takes you to "Manage Features" which is really just a list of all the features you (supposedly) have. At the top of the list it should say "Activated on ...." and the date. Assuming it does you can call them back and say it's activated now what.

    Or, there is a Deactivate button on that menu, I deactivated once and reactivated with no problem, I think you may need your Honda password to reactivate so make sure you have that handy in case you do. It didn't solve the problem I was having but it would be something to try since they said it has to do with activation.

    Do you mean Turn on Climate or Schedule Climate or both? Those are two completely different functions, one may work but not the other.
  20. RickSE

    RickSE Active Member

    When HondaLink went down last week I submitted a support case through the app and got a system generated reply with a case number. Much to my surprise I got a call from their support desk to help me out with my issue. Since the app is now working I didn’t need their help, but at least they followed up. I mentioned to the case worker that there was a very active forum on the Clarity that would live to hear from Honda sometime.

    I’m sure we won’t but it would be nice to hear what they have to say about a few things like future support for the car we all really like to drive.

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