Turn Off VESS (Virtual Engine Sound System)

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Boston Charger, May 30, 2019.

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    Here's a pic of my LHD without VESS switch. Notice the relief in the controls. The pictures in posts 15 & 20 both appear to be RHD versions. @KiwiME you are RHD, arn't you? So possibly Australia would have a LHD with the VESS switch?

    Judging by the pictures the controls are not interchangeable.
  2. No chance, Australia is RHD also!
  3. Perhaps pull the connector out and see if the wires exist as documented in the schematic?
  4. 200 ohm of pin 7 to ground 1/4 watt , any wire color referencing in the manual?
  5. 7 VESS is green, 12 ground is black.
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  6. Thanks for the detailed diagram.
    I would like to know where that green wire that's on pin 7 terminate on the other end, can you supply details of that as it is extremely difficult to access under the dash, Perhaps it winds up in an easier/accessible location? More specifically the location and pin outs of the 2 connectors as shown on this post
    I know it is an Ionic diagram but if you have one for Kona connector blocks EM11 and EE11
    Another question, the only source for a N.A. Kona EV service manual I can find is here:
    The goal is to compare and see any differences to European manual. Was it a similar site you found and did they enable you to download PDF over say a 24H period?
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    Yes it was the Hyundai service site where you can pay for a 24h subscription - not entirely sure which regions it covers

    I don't think you can download PDFs - I think I grabbed stuff using a PDF printer driver - it was a bit fiddly but preserved the resolution
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    It goes to pin 3 on the VESS module vessplug.png
  9. I see it winds up there , just wondering the location of the other 2 connectors on route- EM11 pin 49 and EE11 pin 4, maybe the location of these are easier accessible.
    Edit: traced the wiring by hand (best as possible) and from the 8 pin speaker unit (front of car). It seems to join a bundle(s) and to EE11 under the battery side front portion and then joins more bundles to EM11 (I think under the main fuse box in the motor compartment) then carries on to the pad switch in the car separating into its own 20 or so wire bundle. The green wire is there on pin 7 and so is the ground and the pin outs on the 24 pin connector is identical to your diagram.
    So no easy access without making some kind of M/F extension harness for the pad switch connector (or pulling off the nose cone).
    Looks like software is going to be a better solution
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    I'm new to this forum.. I just got my new KONA EV 10 days ago.. I was also irritated by the sound.. I was able to easily remove the connector from the VESS unit.
    Just push the tab in front of the connector and it will come off easily. No warning messages on the dash and VESS is now permanently off..

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  11. Thanks for that, how did you take this picture? mine seems buried in there. If I had that much access I would put the 220 ohm resistor at this point with an in line splice connector
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    I didn't take the picture.. I took it from another thread on here and added the arrow and instructions how to unplug it. It is exactly that connector.. I have thin hands and long fingers, so I was able to get in there easily. On the US version of the KONA, the VESS unit sits very high, at the same level of the radiator. If you can get your hand in there, you can get the connector off.
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    I hope the blind person you hit with your car doesn't get irritated he/she didn't know you were there. ;)
  14. BlueKonaEV

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    With our without VESS, it's the DRIVERS and not the pedestrians responsibility to prevent such accidents..
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    Soon it will be law, all EVs will be required to make noise at slow speeds.
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    I believe that this law will go in effect 2020.. I doubt that if your car was first registered in 2019, that they can force you to use it.
  17. But if there was ever an accident with a pedestrian, I wonder what the insurance company would do if they found that you disabled the VESS. And if a cop stopped you for not wearing a seat belt, not sure if they would let you off because you disabled your seat belt. Same thing with the VESS.
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    The worst could be an additional fine. However, no matter if it is on or off, you are responsible for any harm you cause to an pedestrian. Unless someone did it to commit suicide, the driver is on the hook for any damages.
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    There are tens of thousands of hybrid and electric cars that do not a a vess sound, so I don't think it will be an issue.
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  20. My 2014 Prius hybrid had a VESS sound if the engine was off. Having said that, you couldn't go far before the engine started up.

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