Turn Off VESS (Virtual Engine Sound System)

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Boston Charger, May 30, 2019.

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  1. Boston Charger

    Boston Charger New Member

    OK, I found the generated sound that supposed to alert pedestrians pretty cool, at first. Now I find it irritating. Any way to turn it off???
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  3. If you can gain access to a U.K. service manual schematic, the Kona EV is supplied with a shut off (but you must apply it at every start/reboot).
    For testing purposes, I agree it would be a good thing to disable it with whatever resistor to ground/momentary contact switch set up as the VESS may disguise a vehicular sound you may want to hear to help diagnose alternate issues.
    As it stands, the only way so far is to unplug the 8 pin connector feeding the module over the rad, but with my finger mobility its impossible.
    Any updates on an alternate would be awesome :)
    Edit- found this, pictures would be awesome
  4. engnrng

    engnrng New Member

    I don’t spend very much time below 20 mph, so doesn’t bother me, reminds me that pedestrians can hear me coming, unlike with other electric cars. A great low speed safety feature.
  5. XtsKonaTrooper

    XtsKonaTrooper Active Member

    Apparently starting July...its mandatory in Canada for EVs to have a vess sound.
  6. Kitsilano

    Kitsilano Active Member

    I'm very happy to see VESS mandatory for EVs. It's a good safety feature that will prevent many
    injuries to cyclists & pedestrians.
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  8. KonaTom

    KonaTom Well-Known Member

    I'm finding people still don't hear me coming even with vess working. Many seniors in my community, and many with hearing loss, especially in higher frequencies, so I think the vess sound frequency is too high. It should sound more like a motor with low rumblings.
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  9. Wolf Pack
  10. In my neck of the woods, its people face deep into their phones while crossing streets that don't hear a loaded logging truck with their jake brake approaching, so no VESS chime is going going to help much
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  11. In general I think it's a great feature. A couple days ago a model 3 snuck up on me from behind in a parking lot and I didn't even notice anything until it was right behind me. And no, I wasn't buried in my phone.

    If a low rumble is not the right sound for you, how about a mosquito sound? That's gonna make people turn around ...

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  13. BC-Doc

    BC-Doc Member

    Someone else had the idea of the ice cream truck chime. I second that idea!
  14. So after much research I have come up with these leads:
    This shows the pin outs for the 8 pin connector over the rad area :
    which corresponds with this diagram of an Ionic VESS schematic - note the 8 pin VESS unit wiring on the bottom (11th post down) supplied by the same engineer who did the Zencar review I previously posted, also note the wiring at the PB module over the fuse panel on the dash
    so it looks like jumping pin 7 via a momentary contact PB to pin 12 (ground) will work as confirmed by this poster 4th post down:
    Just for kicks a picture of the "box" behind the nose cone (6th post down):
    Only other info I have is from another member who referenced a Facebook post about a 200 ohm resistor between pins 7 and 12 at the back of the switchblock connector, although why you would need it I'm not sure as the Ionic diagram shows a direct connection between 7 and 12 (could they have different boards? I doubt it.
    Any one with any more input on this would be helpful. I think only a bona fide schematic of the Kona system would be proof enough but I will be investigating this further in the car itself. Now, just to be able to figure out how to get to that switchblock assembly!
  15. Pulled the fuse cover and looked up with a mirror. There is a label showing part# and a multi pin connector which easily removed, (just be careful to align properly when re-installing). When disconnected, there is access to the plug female portion and the wiring bundle will dangle (about 1.5") below the dash. Could not find easily the clips that hold the switch block connector to the dash, but a little more investigating should solve that.
    Once I confirm that there is a green? wire connected to pin 7 and a black to 12 ( I noticed 2 blacks), count the pin outs using that as a reference as I have no pin out connector diagrams, then it seems possible to disable. Will follow up later.
    If it does work, there are 2 options (without causing noticeable damage to the wire insulation)
    (1) Make an extension harness with male and female ends (leaving enough wire to work with)
    (2) install a new switch block with the push button already on it ( order from U.K. or - another country where the VESS disablement is provided ).

    KiwiME : if you are tuned in, is it possible to look up behind with a mirror and do a visual on the part# and also supply picture your of switch block on the dash (include open fuse panel) to verify it will fit in N.A. Kona?
    Also if it does, see if it's available at your "local" Hyundai dealer including cost? Thanks in advance
  16. Melly

    Melly Member

    Honestly, people don't even hear my gas powered Honda so there will always be people who don't hear and can't pay attention.

    Its a good system if it works, but you still need to be careful.
  17. I took this photo a while back to find out why the switch block doesn't push through the dash, and I can see it's screwed in from the back.
    If adding a VESS switch is the only goal then it should be simple to test the pin numbers provided with the plug pulled and momentarily bridged with the resistor. Once proven, the socket for the VESS wire could be slipped out of the connector body, then all you need is either to tap off a GND wire, either here or elsewhere.

    I want automatic disabling of VESS and LKA on startup using a microcontroller, 555 timer or even just an RC circuit, but I doubt I will ever get around to it. I'm also always adverse to giving the dealer a reason to void my warranty.

    As regards the part, NZ is very remote and the cost of a part like this from a dealer would be well over $200 and it would takes weeks to get here. Better to try in the UK. I'll post a photo of the outside later.

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  18. UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_9d7.jpg
    No HUD on my Kona. Notice another reason why buying this switch unit from NZ or the UK is not a good idea :)
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  19. Yes definitely different, thanks for the picture.
  20. mikeselectricstuff

    mikeselectricstuff Active Member

    FYI here's the schematic of the button unit from the service manual on the service site buttons.png
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  21. KonaTom

    KonaTom Well-Known Member

    That’s the uk version. Not sure if it would be the same for North American version
  22. SkookumPete

    SkookumPete Well-Known Member

  23. mikeselectricstuff

    mikeselectricstuff Active Member

    The image is of the left-hand-drive version, so not UK, though probably just a mirror version of the RHD (pictured) Img_0056.jpg .
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