Tesla is doomed: Model 3 - 77550, Model S/X - 17,650

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    Interesting with all this 100K sales talk, we are seeing a huge inventory increase throughout the USA and the lot I track in Bellevue WA, was bursting at the seams yesterday, so much so yesterday that Tesla had 2 full truckloads of Model 3's that had no room to unload. This is strange, typically at the qtr end inventory is low, and last quarter end there were less than 20 cars in Bellevue, now there is 300-400. I will take pictures today and post them, would've yesterday but it was quite stormy and dark.

    BTW, I think Tesla is building a new service center on the same site, as the old Sears Auto service center is under renovation, and there is noticeable secrecy around the plans / building permits, which are just in a persons name, no company info. Construction has been very slow, and they are on the 3rd General Contractor (payment problems maybe?) This would be a pretty good location for a service center, although parking would be an issue with as many cars as Tesla has in for service at one time, and I imagine other businesses would complain. .
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    The TslaQ "Shorty Air Force" keeps trying to judge how many trees are in the forest by counting the leaves on just a few trees. And even though their attempts at prediction based on such anecdotal evidence have abysmally failed every single time, their obsession won't let them stop!

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” -- attributed to Albert Einstein

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    A CEO in my company was a addressing a group of us and he said this "I am not a nice guy and I did not get to where I am by being a nice guy". Most CEO's are not nice guys or gals. However, that does not mean anything says or goes. There is still a fine line. Elon does cross it based on everything I see or hear. While I credit him for a lot of things, I personally believe he is not as effective as he can be. And in the past I have seen CEO's self destruct due to their inability to control themselves. I am not saying Elon is there, I have no basis to say so. However, this is a general concern that many have expressed. That is why there has been a push for an independent board, where he can reigned in when needed. At a certain point we have to recognize reality and in this case, Elon needs a counter balance, else Tesla may (emphasis may) falter. For example we talk about the automotive arm, the solar arm is not doing that well. (And as most of you might agree, I try to see both sides of the argument. I am not predicting the end of Tesla or Elons role in it, I think Elon should continue but with some moderation).

    The article below is interesting, again may be a little dramatic but not without some basis. Even if a part of it is true, Elon can learn from it.


    9 ex-Tesla employees reveal the worst parts of working there

    "The worst part is the toxicity that Elon creates — unrealistic stretch targets without a realistic plan in order to achieve them," a former manager who worked directly with Musk said. "It's a culture in which, if you don't have a solution to a problem and you don't have that problem resolved within a few days or a week or two, you're gone. So it's better to keep your mouth shut."
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    When I worked at General Electric, I attended a course on "Union Avoidance" which was more about how to deal with a Union. One important lesson was how to fire someone. Lessons that I had to use later when dealing with a former, Army, equality NCO who was not performing:
    1. Discuss problem with Human Relations - this begins the documentation profile and review current labor law. It also includes discussions with your supervisor.
    2. Counseling employee with follow-up letter - make sure there is no ambiguity about the problem(s) and work out a get well plan.
    3. Reassign within organization - sometimes a square block won't fit in a round hole but moved to another team they can reform and excel. This worked in 2 of 3 times.
    4. Repeat until your supervisor has HR draft the termination letter.
    Sometimes there are personality conflicts between employee and supervisor. When that happened to me, I would find another opening closer to operations. Sometimes, I would interview and 'fire' my employer. So after the Marines, I worked at Comnet, General Electric, Boeing, Computer Science Corporation (may they rot in H*ll), Wang, and SAIC (the blessed that became ordinary.)

    Unions do not form spontaneously but by abusive and bad management practices. Loyalty is earned and pay is employee retention in an open job market. I never changed jobs for pay but because either the project was going away or to 'fire' an abusive supervisor. If Fremont votes union, Elon won't have anyone else to blame but himself.

    Curiously, we don't hear the same stories about SpaceX. They may exist but I suspect the "SHORTS" are amplifying ordinary Tesla discontent. But the SHORTS have history as vulture capitalists.

    Bob Wilson
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    Yes, exactly. I've said that several times in the past. Elon would be great as the energetic, free-ranging, brilliant idea man of a partnership. But he needs someone to anchor him, to bring him down to earth when he goes off on his flights of fancy, his habit of building castles in the sky like his idea of making factories produce 5x or even 10x their current output by using touchless automated production lines using robotic arms moving at eye-blurring speeds.

    Of course, it's very difficult to differentiate between concepts that most people merely think are completely impractical if not impossible, such as commercial rocket boosters which can land on their tails, versus things which actually are impossible at our current level of technology, such as what Elon described as an "alien dreadnought" factory. So Elon would need someone who was almost as smart as he is, to be able to accurately differentiate between the merely improbable and the impossible.

    Sadly, Elon is quite clearly incapable of sharing power with others, so it's impossible for him to accept a partner who can keep him tethered to planet Earth. And since that's true, long-term it does seem almost inevitable that eventually, Elon will have some kind of breakdown. In fact, he has had episodes of being very emotional, such as apparently happened during a NYT interview. The important question for Tesla Inc is... will Elon's almost inevitable breakdown happen while he's still CEO of Tesla, or will it come years later?

    All just my opinion, of course... and mental health is not one of my areas of study, so I could be rather off-base here.


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