Tapping or Creaking Noise when coasting at low speed

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by wizziwig, Jun 8, 2019.

Do you hear the same noise?

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  1. bubzki

    bubzki New Member

    I learned that I'm finally getting the E711 motor. Incredibly Kia is stocking these stateside (NJ). In other words, they pre-ordered them from Korea in bulk. They know this is a systemic issue.
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  2. Lukona20

    Lukona20 New Member

    I bought the Kona EV Limited in Jan 2020 in New Jersey. I bought car to dealer to performed the 960 recall on 8/20/2020. After I got the car back, I start to hear noise when start driving. Dealer asked me to bring car back on 9/22. It has been in the shop and as of today 9/25, the shop at dealer still can not fix it yet. I am still waiting for the fix and have to rent a car to use. Dealer does not have loaner car. I am sorry to pick this dealer. Never assume recall is a easy fix.
  3. bubzki

    bubzki New Member

    The lack of free and easy loaners might be the biggest mistake Hyundai/Kia are making on this. If they'd just provide a loaner (ideally an electric one!) then there would have been a lot less angst from the start. Best of luck (to us all).
  4. FergyEV

    FergyEV New Member

    So after 3 weeks at the dealer in Texas, Kia has concluded the motor needs to be replaced. But they have already offered to buy back the car and I am going to take them up on it. I really like the car but no way I can be without a car for a month each time there is warranty work. Not sure what Kia is thinking but they will destroy their reputation if they don't sort out their EV issues in the US.
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  5. bubzki

    bubzki New Member

    ^ No one can blame you! Any thoughts on what you might buy as a replacement? Still not many affordable hatch EVs out there in US, other than Bolt/Leaf/Kona/Niro.

    I know the poll here is far from representative/scientific, but I have to think that all the early E710 cars are eventually going to need the motor replaced. I just can't fathom why Hyundai/Kia didn't take this head on instead of trying to bury it.
  6. IanM

    IanM New Member

  7. Agzand

    Agzand Active Member

    What build date they started using E711 motors?
  8. bubzki

    bubzki New Member

    Good question -- from my anecdata the early build MY 2020 cars had the E710, but not sure there's a cut-off date per se. From my understanding, by the end of MY 2020 all Niros had the revised motor.
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  9. FergyEV

    FergyEV New Member

    At this point a model 3 or Y. There is a Tesla repair center her in New orleans so it should be less of an issue, well atleast no shipping the car to get simple things fixed.
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  10. Teslas history of getting parts doesn't seem to be good as well. So don't count on that. Small fixes sure.
  11. bubzki

    bubzki New Member

    Personally, I'm not touching a Tesla, but who could blame anyone for switching after getting hosed by Kia?
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  12. Agzand

    Agzand Active Member

    This issue is disappointing but longterm a Tesla will have many many more issues than a Kia.
  13. bubzki

    bubzki New Member

    Perhaps. I'm not a defender of Tesla, but I'm approaching 3 months (!) without my Kia -- consecutively. I doubt even a Tesla would be out of commission that much over a few year period.
  14. I've seen some vlogs on YouTube where they've been waiting for months for parts after hitting a deer with a Tesla. James Cooke Vlog I believe it was. His Tesla is currently again gone because he got hit by somebody in a parking lot. Again a looong time.
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  15. Eric1

    Eric1 New Member

    VW ID4
  16. FergyEV

    FergyEV New Member

    I don't think crash damage repair times are all on Tesla, they might be the only one selling parts but is is not warranty work. I have been without my car for almost 4 months and I have had the car 1 year 4 months, while Kia has been working on items that fall under the new car warranty. The parts to repair my driver's seat were not in their system and from what I can tell it took weeks before the dealer could even order the parts from Kia. How can the company that makes the car not have a full part list in their system to order replacement parts from. I think the reason the volumes are so low and that Kia does not really care is all their BEV are for compliance only. If they lose money on them it is still cheaper than buying credits from the likes of Tesla.
  17. JellyCat

    JellyCat New Member

    I posted here in July that I had this tapping/clicking sound. So far the dealership has replaced break shims and front axel. The noise is still there. I especially notice it when i turn and accelerate at the same time. The axel and break shims took a while to do ... but now I'm back at the dealership. This time, they said that they need to replace front break pads and that they want to charge me for the pads. My pads are still good with 9MM left. I asked if they are sure that this will fix the clicking and they said that they aren't sure. I disagree with this pad replacement thing but I'm not sure what to do next.
  18. The answer is easy; if they are not sure that the pad replacement (which should be warranty) will fix the problem, then why would it be indicated that they "need" to replace them?
    From your July post the description sounds drivetrain related.
    Personally I would get a second opinion
  19. 6000 miles and still no problem.

    What recall? I can find no information on this on recall tracking sites, nor any notification from Kia to me. What does the recall address?
  20. wizziwig

    wizziwig Active Member

    Neither KIA or Hyundai have ever switched to using the E711 (or E701 on Kona) motors for production cars. Even the recently started delivery of 2021 Kona is still using the original 2018 E700 motor revision.

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