Discussion in 'Chevrolet' started by jim, May 14, 2018.

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  1. I learned very quickly I couldn't trust the ol GOM. My commute involves driving entirely downhill, and returning all uphill - and that's not including the searing heat and (occasional) cold. The GOM varied too widely to be trusted, which is why I ended up getting Torque Pro, OBD2 port and cheap Android phone. It's been much more accurate.
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  3. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    Maybe I should get one. Is there a specific dongle for the Spark EV, or maybe one you recommend?
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  5. Tren

    Tren New Member

    Another app - Car Scanner ELM OBD2 - works on iOS and Android. No need to install external PIDs, simply select Chevrolet Bolt (yes, Spark EV works with Bolt profile). You can also import custom PIDs to Car Scanner, if needed.

    iOS requires Elm327 Bluetooth 4.0 or Wifi adapter.
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