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  1. Thanks for that, see you at the campground ! :)
  2. Well, if I had that a couple months ago, could have drove to Stewart in my EV instead of our ICE car. Maybe next year...

  3. Glad it worked out for you. Its always nice to have backup option for quicker charging than a 12 amp 115 volt charger.
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    Good stuff. I got a female Nema 14-50 plug and was going to wire up a 120V male on the other end. Now that I see the minimum is 19A, I won't even bother trying. My thought was to carry the one cable and use it wherever but at 19A, it's gonna pop circuit breakers everywhere I'd try to use it. If I'm ever going to visit a trailer park though, I'll be ready.
  5. Yeah, quite a jump up from the max 12A L1 granny cable to the lowest setting of L2. I found it curious, too, that my EVSE watt loads (amps X Volts) was always lower than the cars kV charging rate. I would have expected the opposite. Seems like the Morec (or car charger) is very efficient, to the point of pulling extra watts out of the air,... haha.
  6. Apparently we can charge at Level 2 speeds just with our OEM granny cables, incl at 240V. Didn't know that... Look at the EVdoubler, works with our Kona and other Hyundai's, but not all other EVs.

  7. That's really interesting. I have run my level 2 on 120 volt and it works well. I hadn't thought of going the other way with my level 1. I made an adapter like this for other purposes. I will have to give it a try on my level 1. These adapters are simple to make if your familiar with electricity. All you need is 2 120 volt plugs and a 120volt receptacle and the appropriate 12 gauge wire. I think I will make one today and try it. I will update. The trick on the double plug is finding two out lets which are on separate legs of a 240 volt of the system, or using a 240 volt outlet. I like the 2 plug solution as every panel has 240 volt available it just a matter of running extension cords to the appropriate outlets. I may also incorporate a voltage display to help with the determining the voltage then it just a matter of plugging in one side and trying other outlets till you get a 240 volt reading.
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    Y'all have perused this, yes? A "combiner" was the first bit of
    EVSE support gear I threw together, before even buying the car.
    The granny box is also quite happy on 240V.

  9. Yeah, if this works, don't even need to even buy an EVSE for Level 2 speeds home charging. Wish I would have known that before I bought mine. Could have saved $500 bucks.
  10. Thanks for the Info. Your set up for using a level 2 charger I was curious about using the stock Hyundai level 1 charger at level 2 rates

    Yes it does work I just built one out of parts I had in the garage. My car is now charging on my Hyundai stock level one charger at 2.8 kw. These would be great for any one who can't install a 240 volt circuit for whatever reason plus no extra charger is needed. The parts if you bought them would be about 15-20 bucks. For those of you who prefer ul listed device here is a link to one that is ul listed. It 's expensive but if you don't have to buy a level 2 charger it pays for it self. https://www.quick220.com/-A220-15D.html

    Nice for use at rentals or traveling.

    Here are some shot of the one I built and the Kona charging on it. Oh by the way it still is adjusted under the 120 volt portion of the charging levels on the main screen. Apparently the evse just tells the Kona the voltage it is using it doesn't actually measure whats coming in. That said Bluelink does show it charging a 240 volt. My 220 v level 2 on 120 volts is just the opposite.

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  11. So, is 2.8kW the highest rate you can get with this method?
  12. Yes 2.88kw is the maximum. This is determined by the 12 amp maximum of the stock Hyundai level 1 charger charger. 12amps x 240 volts =2880 watts However if you had two 20 amp circuits which would run at 16 amps continuous and an EVSE that allowed higher amps such as a level 2 you could then get 16 x240 or 3.840 kw.

    Take a look at hobbits post below mine there is a link to his page with more information if you want higher charge rates using a level 2 charger with a combiner.
  13. Well, I have an EVSE for use at home, if I ever need it (so far not). But at least I know I can also use it with an RV adapter at 120V as we discussed before on this thread.

    I thought maybe you could put higher amps through the OEM charger, but I guess not.

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