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    I've got both the SimplyWorks and the Morec 32A EVSE units. At a first glance they appear the same. The display and the box containing the electronics is for sure. At some point in the next few weeks I plan on making a 120V adapter for one of them and will test with both of them, assuming I don't blow the first one up!
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  2. If they do work at 120V, try to adjust the L2 charge rate in the car settings menu (if the Kona recognizes as an L2 type charge) and do a visual on the dash reading for the indicated /associated level rate. If it doesn't recognize the charge as an L2 but an L1 - than one could change/reduce the settings as an L1 charge. The goal is 2880 W max for a TT-30.
    This would reduce the cost for a purchase of a portable EVSE from an adjustable current EVSE to conventional 32 A EVSE :)
    Look forward to the results.
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  3. I set up a tt-30 next to my test panel so I know I was getting max current. My other TT-30was about 150 feet from the panel at the RV so there may have been some voltage drop on my first test. So hear are pictures of the of the dash and corresponding pictures of volts, amps, and watts on my read out on the charger. They go from min to reduced to max.
    IMG_2651.JPG IMG_2649.JPG IMG_2652.JPG IMG_2653.JPG IMG_2654.JPG IMG_2655.JPG
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  4. That's really good charging power for 120V. I charge mostly at a Chargepoint station not far from home. And when shared (another car at the other plug), it only charges at 3.0 kV (happens a lot lately).
  5. Thanks for that - I assume you set the levels on the Kona L2 settings?
    For a TT-30 (max 24 A)
    Min - a little slow , still room for 700 W
    Reduced - too high (will probably trip the breaker)
    I notice the voltage reduce as more load is added - probably due to the 150 ft length.
    But in reality this is probably the voltage you would see at an RV Park even if you used no extension cord as the distribution panels normally can be 100 feet or more away.
    Still considering 2.1 kW is better than 1.2
    The other positive observance is that the Kona watt meter and your EVSE display are similar readings, I would like to see this using the portable EVSEs (SimplyWorks and Morec to see if they are similar to your GE Durastation EVSE readings - Bugblndr in a few weeks)
    Thanks again - great post;)
  6. Noticed the same thing, it can be a little slow at 3 kW:eek:
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    Same thing here.. charged at our downtown free charger today for about an hour and 20 mins today.. only had full power for the last 20 mins.. Ford Fusion Energi was in the other spot..
  8. There are quite a few plug in Hybrids with a max AC charge rate of 3.3 kW (approx) so they don't notice the difference if one or two cars are charging.
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    Generation 1 Volt also used to charge at only 3.3 kw...

  10. Actually this one was not 150 feet from my panel. This one was just 20 feet from the panel with all 8 gauge wiring. so voltage drop was just due to load. The readings at 150 feet were lower. See post #7

    Yes its a little high for a 30 amp so my next mod is to adjust the amperage down on the charger. My particualr charger allows the amperage to be set lower using a jumper inside the box. Options are 12,16, 24, and 32. (these are for standard circuit breaker sizes 15,20,30 and 40 amp). Rather than have to open the box each time I want to lower the current I have orders a rotary switch, that way i can wire it up and just set the selector switch on the outside of the box to the appropriate current. This has turned out to be a very versatile charger. While GE no longer makes this particular charger there are other newer adjustable chargers that allow setting of the same current levels on the front panel. One those would be ideal for camping and traveling.

  11. Oh and yes the reductions were all made on the 240 volt level 2 setting on the Kona charge manager. The 110 side has no affect on my GE charger.
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  12. Its definitely a toss up between that one and this:
    which has a label rating of 110 / 240 V single phase
    The write up from mikeselectricstuff :

    has me leaning towords the Zencar (aka PRIMECOM) rather than the KHONS
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    I have the Zencar charger and I just ordered the TT-30 “Tesla” adapter from Home Depot. I’ll post my results once it arrives next week.
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    Mustart will soon offer a plug for the TT30R outlet for their Travelmaster EVSE. The Travelmaster has a system that allows changing out the cable for different type plugs.. Right now, they have 14-50, 6-50, 10-30 and 14-30, regular 120 volt outlet and they will add TT30R also..
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    That 32A Primecom one looks like the same box as my $408.99 unit I got from SimplyWorks: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07T4TWHFS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    The SimplyWorks comes with a Nema 14-50 but it is easily swapped out for whatever connector you want. I took it apart to take a look. SimplyWorks32A-Plug (Small).jpg

    It's also the same box as the Morec 32A EVSE but the Morec has a molded connector which you can't disassemble.
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    No Neutral wire in that 14-50?
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  18. At least they used crimps, and if one of the screws strips/overheats you have a spare on the neutral connection.
  19. Nice:)
    Easy link adapters , remains to be seen if the automatic current will set the current to 24A with a TT30
    Will be checking back later for the TT30 adapter cost
    Only negative thing I can see is the in line connector may need some weatherproofing.
    Would also be beneficial to have a 14-30 adapter (dryer) also 24A

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