Roof rack for Clarity?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by jsm, Feb 9, 2018.

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  1. jsm

    jsm New Member

    I bought Clarity (arriving in 8 weeks) and wanted to buy a roof rack - but haven't been able to find one that says it fits the Clarity. Has any one else found something that fits?
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  3. AlanSqB

    AlanSqB Active Member

    I’m hoping to get info from Yakima on Q tower pads and clips before summer. I’m passing by there in June so maybe if they don’t have it by then I can stop in their HQ and let them take a look.
  4. Reno_bk

    Reno_bk New Member

    I had Yakima control towers and landing pads on my last car and they were terrific. The landing pads need to be installed professionally unless you are feeling adventurous about dropping your headliner, but the result was ideal. The rack goes on/off in seconds (literally) and the mounts can be placed in a variety of ways to accommodate nearly anything. The rack was also super stable, which can't always be said of roof racks.

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  5. Breezy

    Breezy Member

    Any updates on roof racks? I'm not thrilled about the notion, but want to know what options work for a removable rack (that would hold surfboard and possibly kayak). Something that won't mess up door gaskets or roof.
  6. dsmking42

    dsmking42 New Member

    I am wondering myself as I am planning to get a Clarity soon.

    According to the Yakima fit guide ( the Clarity can do the door clip roof rack with a weight limit of 165lbs. Normally the Yakima site shows some pictures of cars with the rack but I don't see any.

    Has anyone put a rook rack on their Clarity? If so, which one? How did it go?

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  8. Umm Yeah

    Umm Yeah New Member

    I have a soft rooftop cargo carrier that I used on a long trip this summer and it worked fine.

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  9. ab13

    ab13 Active Member

    Can't provide any details on a rack, but I did see a Clarity drive past with a roof rack. A front and rear bar, probably suitable for a kayak.
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  10. Breezy

    Breezy Member

    Care to post the brand/model?
  11. jsm

    jsm New Member

    I bought the yakima roof rack that fits the Clarity. It is very solid when on the car. The pads kind of go over the channel at the edge of the roof. I followed the setup specs, but need try to adjust a bit to see if I can then to be flush on one side of the groove or the other. There is quite a lot of wind noise when nothing is on the racks. The store guy said he thought it was due to the pads not being flush.

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  13. John Fritzen

    John Fritzen New Member

    Hi - new here, first post.
    I am interested in the permanent install landing pad Reno_bk mentioned above. Another thread mentioned flimsy roof might not handle a roof rack well.
    I will inspect roof and call Yakima CS to get a good answer.

    If anyone has had a perm install on the Clarity, please let me know. Would like the Yakima part#'s you used and pics would be great.
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  14. Margo

    Margo New Member

    I'm also interested in roof racks. I have my Thule cross bars from my old set-up. I'm hauling a SUP and want to take the racks off when not in use. The sales guy said Clarity and Accord have the same roof design. Has anyone put on racks that are removable? Any suggestions or photos?
  15. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    I've not looked into a mileage-killing (though useful) roof rack, but here's what's under the steel roof panel (you can see some of the reinforcing structure that lies between the high-tensile steel rails):

  16. John Fritzen

    John Fritzen New Member

    I had a shop install the Yakima landing pad 7. Not enough depth for toggles so they dropped the headliner and used different fasteners.
    Came out nice.
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  17. John Fritzen

    John Fritzen New Member

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  18. John Fritzen

    John Fritzen New Member

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  19. WantEV

    WantEV Member

    What happened to your wheels?!
  20. John Fritzen

    John Fritzen New Member

    Those are my winter rims.
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  21. berryblondeboys

    berryblondeboys New Member

    We also have a Clarity and getting this car was a compromise on what we really wanted which was a Subaru Outback, but with rebates and wanting to be good to the environment, we went with the Clarity and we love it, but now that we've had it a few months, we want to add some features as this is our main car for travel as well as commuting. (Our other car is a 2008 Honda Fit). We've gone skiing a couple of times and had to take two cars as all four of us couldn't sit in the car because we don't have a roof rack. AND we would like to take the bikes (probably only three of us at a time) and we will want to go camping, etc. We usually only have three people with us, but the college kid is sometimes home.

    We don't want to pay a fortune, so getting the right system ONCE is the plan... I saw the Yakima set up. That's about $650 for the rails? Or is it better to get something permanently attached? How much does that run? We also have a canoe and it would be AWESOME if we could take that out and about too. If we take our bikes, we would need a hitch? Is it best to take it in and have a shop bling it out all at once? Where do you even go for something like that?

    We went for YEARS with NOT doing anything with our Camry and we regretted that SO MUCH, so we want to DO THIS, but we want to do it right and on a reasonable budget as right now we are on a single income and paying for college too.
  22. Yvar

    Yvar New Member

    Finally ready to go for a paddle, Thule 54" custom install tracks, Yakima Skyline's InkedIMG_20190329_224728_LI.jpg on Landing Pad 1's, and 50" Jetstream bars, Thule 530 Quick loop straps (under hood).
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  23. AlanSqB

    AlanSqB Active Member

    That looks great! You guys almost have me convinced. I’m really not looking forward to another year of having to bring a ladder and heft up my kayaks way up on the top of my truck. I’d honestly rather have a sunroof, but those ridges probably make it impossible so why not a roof rack! Then I won’t have to take the truck for skiing either.

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