Roof rack for Clarity?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by jsm, Feb 9, 2018.

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    Too late for me. I now have a Honda Clarity. Also, it only has CarPlay not Android Auto and my guess is that it will cost more than the Clarity when the smaller tax credit is taken into account.

    Toyota, you rested on your laurels just a little too long. I had two Priuses, but you failed to make the hat trick.:oops:
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    The Pilot is too big for me as well. I owned the very first version (AWD only that year) of the CR-V, however, and would seriously consider a 40+ mile range plug-in version of a vehicle that size.
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    Looks great! I'm looking for ideas on how to install my roof basket that I bought from 4wheelonline|car& 4wd parts. Your setup looks solid.
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    Yakima does make rack tracks but auto-configures the Clarity for clips. As Yvar suggested you can get also get tracks from Thule and then add Yakima landing pads, towers and bars if you like. I'm exploring the track route because I like the flexibilty of positioning it affords and the fact that you can remove everything but the tracks when not in use. I’m probably going with Yakima as I have a bunch of Yakima parts and I like the fact that you can use iron pipe as crossbars of whatever dimension you like (strength specs notwithstanding). Trust in the installer is my next hurdle. What should my instructions be? I did a search for information on the steel framework such as provided by Insightman and found some on page 7 in this Emergency Response Guide. (Interestingly, it is slightly different.)

    It looks like Mpa should be MPa (“The tensile strength of steel may also be shown in MPa, or megapascal.”)

    Thule 54" custom install tracks $ 170 or
    Yakima 54” Tracks w/ PlusNut Hw $ 179
    Yakima landing pad 1, 2 sets of 2 $ 120 (60 X 2)
    Yakoma Skyline towers, 1 set of 4 $ 219
    hardware total $ 518
    install $ 250 estimate per Yvar

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    It's too bad these tracks look kind of ugly. If they made nice silver ones I would feel much better about drilling into the top of my car. But it would make the car so much better for road trips!

    Yvar and others - have you experienced any loss of range or additional cabin noise with the tracks empty?

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