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Discussion in 'ID.4' started by briloop, Sep 23, 2020.

  1. I don't mind being an early adopter with companies like VW or Ford. They have a lot on the line with their new EVs and I suspect will be going out of their way to fix any issues which will probably crop up. I follow a few ID.3 people on youTube and there have been glitches in the software. VW has said they will be doing an update by the end of this year for things like Carplay/Android Auto compatibility among others with another update in 2021.

    I will be disappointed if they don't get the basics promised done by the time my ID.4 arrives. It would be the only reason for me to not accept it.
  2. I have read where 1st Edition reservists will be contacted "within two weeks" to Lock In their orders. I'm assuming they'll need to pay the rest of the deposit first. :)
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    Nice - we will have to pay an additional $400; and the $500 is fully refundable, if you do not go on to sign for a purchase.
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    Any idea when there will be cars at dealers that we can see in person? Even if we can't take a test drive, it would be nice to see one, try the seats, etc, etc.
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    We have not heard yet, and I will try to post any news we get.

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