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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Rick2112, Jul 31, 2018.

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  1. When I was considering which car to buy, I did not pay any attention to the remote climate control function in the Clarity. Actually, when looking at the Base and the Touring, and I saw the remote climate pre-conditioning function, I thought, "I don't need that..."

    But now, it is one of my favorite creature comforts of the car. When I finish a racquetball game at the gym, I turn on the A/C just before I jump into the shower, and 15 minutes later, I'm climbing into a nice cool car.

    My question is, is there any way to set the temperature on the climate control? Does it use the temp that you set for the system during normal use? I couldn't find anything specific in the manuals, except for the on and off instructions.

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  3. amy2421

    amy2421 Active Member

    I am a bit confused about this feature... Does the car need to be plugged in to turn on the remote climate pre-conditioning or not?
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  4. jorgie393

    jorgie393 Well-Known Member

    THis has been an area of confusion as the manual says it will work when plugged into Level 2 charger, not when in level 1 charger , but yes when not plugged in at all.

    I have the sense it depends perhaps on state of battery charge for some of these.

    Of the six conditions (plugged into Level 2, level 1, and not at all; and battery low or full for each of these: can others help fill out this grid?

    Level2, batter full: yes
    Level 2, battery low: yes (presumed)
    Leve 1, battery full:??
    Level 1, battery low:??
    Unplugged, battery full: YES (to answer the question posed)
    Unplugged, battery lower than__?: no
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  5. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    No way to set the temp unfortunately.
    There have been posts of a diagram that shows how the algorithm uses outside and inside car temps to decide how to choose the temp when using remote climate control.
    I found it!
    This info is courtesy of a post by @jdonalds :

    I have an answer from the Honda technician. Likely THE answer to my Remote Climate issue.

    It turns out the car has particular conditions under which it will decide to cool or heat the car using Remote Climate either on the key fob or HondaLink. The car has a temperature band it calls the "Comfortable Air Temperature Zone." If within that zone the car will not heat nor cool in Remote Climate mode. The technician was able to pull up a few pertinent pages on his laptop (after 1/2 hour of searching). He's printed the pages and I scanned them in as a jpg file - attached. Perhaps this data is in a service manual. It should be in the Owner's Manual in my opinion.

    Our winters are mild here, and the car is kept in the garage. The conditions to heat the car with Remote Climate are the ambient temperature in the garage must be 77F or less while the inside of the car must be 59F or less. Otherwise the heat won't come on. It does seem possible that our car didn't fall under those conditions, but 77F in the garage in winter! Well it gives me a ton more information. I will now test the car in the wee hours of the morning to see if this data solves the problem. This chart also explains why the Remote Climate system did work one time when the conditions must have been just right.

    For those who have a Clarity and report that the Remote Climate works I'm guessing you are in much colder climates than we are. At the moment (Dec 27) it is 57F. The garage is 62 and the inside of the car is 69; so the heat would not come on according to the chart.

  6. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    To precondition if car is not plugged in:
    -sufficient charge
    -both phone w app and car must have cellular reception to reach Honda’s server (Honda Link is working / Honda’s server is up)
    -doors shut (windows??)
    -inside and outside temps must be within certian ranges (see diagram)

    If plugged in, above plus:
    -works on Level 2 EVSE
    -will only work on Level 1 EVSE after charge is complete
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  8. weave

    weave Active Member

    Also note that after pre-conditioning SiriusXM doesn't work unless you stop the pre-conditioning before you open the door.
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  9. amy2421

    amy2421 Active Member

    If you use the button on the keyfob, does it still require the Honda Link to be working?
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  10. Great info. Thanks!
  11. weave

    weave Active Member

    No. But you have to be close enough for it to be able to get the signal for the key fob, just like opening the doors.

    What you need to do is press the lock button, then press and hold the fan button until you see the parking light flash once. Let go, and it flashes three times quickly.
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  13. amy2421

    amy2421 Active Member

    Thanks! I hope I remember all of the amazing advice on here by the time I get my Clarity!! (should be any day now!)
  14. Johnhaydev

    Johnhaydev Active Member

    this weekend, I was able to turn on preconditioning via cellular connection with windows cracked open. Of course, the doors were closed. cellular signal was weak, took a bit longer for signal to go through and preconditioning to start.
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  15. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Weave nailed it. The key fob works without using Honda Link and so will not work after the complete switch to 5 G LTE leaves our legacy 3 or 4 G TCU powered Honda Link inoperative one day in the future.
  16. Crota

    Crota Member

    Thanks for reminding me I should even have HondaLink setup on my phone. Waiting to try out the Preconditioning on my car today.
  17. Jaketesla

    Jaketesla Member

    And if you leave at the same time every day you can use the Hondalink app to set up scheduled preconditioning. In the winter I have the climate start 30 minutes before I leave in the morning automatically.
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  18. I believe this bug still exists and does not have a Service Bulletin patch / update:
    1. turn on remote climate via the HondaLink App or the keyfob (lock then hold down the fan button until the lights flash 6 times(.
    2. unplug the charger (if plugged in) and/or open the door AND .... The XM/Sirius audio is gone!
    3. Solution: When you get to the car, use the keyfob or HondaLink App to turn off remote climate then the XM/Sirius audio will work.
    Note: The FM/AM/Bluetooth/etc. audio works, just the X/Sirius audio is mute until the next power off restart or perhaps a lots of playing with the audio controls (not safe driving)....
    Just my $0.02 worth... ciao
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  19. weave

    weave Active Member

    Ah, stupid question. How do you turn off remote conditioning with the key fob? Just press the fan button once?
  20. su_A_ve

    su_A_ve Active Member

    I was mistaken when looking at the differences between base and touring, and at first thought that remote pre-conditioning was only part of touring. Then I read that it was part of base, but only via the keyfob and not the app. But feature is both on app and keyfob for base.

    Then again, I also thought base included power seats on the driver and manual on passenger...
  21. leehinde

    leehinde Active Member

    I'd like to know what the difference is between the two models.

  22. Tangible

    Tangible Active Member

    Using the app, I find it takes two or three minutes for the climate control request to be accepted. Do I have to keep the app open during that time, or will it start even if I close the app?
  23. leehinde

    leehinde Active Member

    It will start even if you leave the app.

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