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  1. Bert

    Bert New Member

    My 2018 Clarity is currently in the shop. It had to be towed because I got multiple warning lights and I could not take it out of ‘park’. Not happy with just 5k mikes.
  2. Teslawannabe

    Teslawannabe Active Member

    Sorry to hear that. Hopefully it will be something small like a poor network connection or something similar.
  3. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    Were you out on the road when this happened or was the car parked and had been sitting prior to this?

    FYI it's fairly common that a single part or sensor failure will trigger multiple warnings, as all of the various parts connected to the failed part chime in to let you know that they aren't working either, as well as any other systems that are shut down as a precaution. So most likely it will turn out to be one piece of hardware that needs to be replaced, ideally a part that will be relatively easy and quick to replace, depending on how fast they can get it.
  4. Teslawannabe

    Teslawannabe Active Member

    Hello Bert. What was the outcome of your dealership visit? What was the cause? I'm very interested.
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  5. Teslawannabe

    Teslawannabe Active Member

    We may never know the outcome. It sure would be good information for everyone here.
  6. __jl

    __jl New Member

    Hi Bert, this seems to be an issue that happened frequently before Honda released a software update. I haven't had the issue myself but perhaps your car doesn't have the update yet. I'd recommend reading through this thread
    Afterwards you can point the required update to your dealership and hopefully it will solve your issue.

    Good luck!
  7. descolado

    descolado Member

    As stated, you might need a SW update or two.

    You can also accidentally trigger warnings if you futz around with the car starter and don't allow it to complete its self check before shutting it down again. 41k miles into my vehicle, and besides an initial charging port issue (the station, not me) and the aforementioned "false alarm" by messing with the starting sequence, I haven't had any problems.
  8. jeff10236

    jeff10236 Member

    Mine has been terrible...

    From throwing all the codes that many people have reported happening periodically after a level 2 charge (search the forum and you'll see issues after a level 2 charge are relatively common on this car), to going into limp mode after a level 2 charge, to not starting at all after a level 2 charge, to several non-charge related problems of late. Some are more minor, like the driver side sun visor not locking up after you use it (annoying), the front passenger lock sometimes locking and unlocking with the power locks and sometimes not (I wonder how many times I left my car partially unlocked before noticing this problem). One, the newest issue, is annoying for now, but potentially quite serious (like if it ever does it at speed). Sometimes when I put the car into gear, it will start to move, and then put itself back into park. Annoying for now, but if it ever does it at speed could be quite dangerous (even potentially fatal if it does it at highway speeds). Of course, it never does any of those when the dealer has it (all these are intermittent issues), and they say it hasn't left any notes in the computer, so they can't find what is wrong to fix it. Heck, they claim that the last (and potentially most serious) issue is completely unheard of. They've checked on a nationwide tech forum for Honda dealers and no one there has seen something similar, and Honda headquarters has never heard of anything similar. Needless to say, I'm unhappy, and I'm starting to shop new cars. Even though I'm many thousands of dollars upside down, I'm going to trade it on something more reliable, the only question is if it is now, after my tax return, or if I wait until next summer (I'm a teacher and always teach summer school, if I put my summer school money into the car it won't be quite as upside down when I trade it). If they could find the problem and fix it, if it wasn't adding a new issue every few months, if it wasn't a new model so I could look at the track record and see that the issues aren't likely to get worse, I might keep it, but not at this rate.

    Note: Mine is a 2018 I bought June 2018, that currently has a bit over 29K miles.
  9. Dan Albrich

    Dan Albrich Active Member

    Jeff10236- First off, very sorry to hear about your experiences. They sound significant to me, and I do not doubt you. One question (and not accusatory), did you ever spill water (or liquid) on the center console where the push buttons are for driving modes?


    PS: I don't actually know if Clarity can withstand such. I used to be a helpdesk guy for PCs/laptops. Nearly 100% of unexplainable behavior in my laptop repair days came from water/liquid contact, and yep they were 'fatal' to the laptop. Often the fix (new logic board etc.) would cost more than new PC. I'm not saying the Honda Clarity cannot stand water, the truth is I don't know, but I would be curious if this is the case for the car. I mean spilled liquid.

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