Rear View Monitor lens

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by IslandGuy, May 3, 2022.

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  1. Has anyone else pondered the problem of the rear view monitor lens often being dirty and blurry? The back of the car seems to get covered with dirt especially during rainy wet driving.
    I have to often wipe off the lens with my finger.
    Then I realized that constantly rubbing the lens could scratch it and make it permanently blurry. So it's best to clean it with some clean water and a microfiber cloth just as we do with our eye glasses.
    There is not much info about this lens in the Owner's Manual and perhaps they assume everyone knows how to clean it? I believe it is a polycarbonate lens but it may be glass too.
    Either way they both are susceptible to scratches when rubbed with the wrong things.
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  3. maybe a small spray bottle with windshield wiper fluid in it?
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  4. Jimct

    Jimct Active Member

    2 things I do before leaving home: dust off rear window, finger wipe rear lens. It's just a subconscious ritual at this point.
  5. instanoodles

    instanoodles New Member

    I have seen someone with an Ioniq tap into the rear washer fluid hose and add a nozzle to clean the camera lense off. I plan on doing this to mine one day when I find the time, I took a look when installing my rear dashcam and it shouldnt be too difficiult.
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  8. Bruce M.

    Bruce M. Active Member

    I've certainly had this problem, and it's annoying. I've sometimes just ignored it and sometimes resorted to a finger, which admittedly isn't ideal. Now living in a very rainy climate it's become more of an issue.

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