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Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by smgrover, May 17, 2019.

  1. smgrover

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    I got my new Niro EV EX Premium about 2 weeks ago and have put about 700 miles on it so far. I finally charged it up to 100% yesterday and my range was showing as 293 miles with climate off and 280 with the AC on. I had an i3 for several years and seeing it's range estimate at or above it's 90 miles of rated range was the exception rather than the rule. I'm curious what others are seeing for range estimates and if maybe Kia was quite conservative with the range rating.
  2. RDA

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    I got mine Niro EV about two weeks ago. I am seeing the same thing when I charge to 100%. I thinkit may be a little high but I am expecting great mileage in the city with the regen on high, may a little less on th highway but so far so good. Love my car, EV Premium with homelink and ventilated seats.
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    Could you do me a favor and take a picture of your rearview mirror? I am looking to get one and would like to see what it looks like with homelink. Thanks!
  4. RDA

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    I am out of town for about a week. Will try to do it when I get back.
  5. jayc1358

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    Just finished a 160 mile road trip. Had the ac on the whole time and it was a mixture of highway and local roads going and all highway coming back. Saw an average of 4.2 mi/kwh going and about 3.4 coming home. I would say that is pretty good. Video coming soon
  6. smgrover

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    Picture of Homelink equipped mirror[​IMG]
  7. jayc1358

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    Perfect! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it
  8. Canadian owner here.Two weeks in I noticed 494KMs (306 Mile) range. I unplugged my 120V trickle charger; Level 2 charger being installed in about two weeks...awaiting city permit!
  9. LaFord

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    80% city driving/20% freeway. 270 miles per charge. Ambient temp 65-85F. Eco mode/regen 3. (Normal/regen2 seems to reduce mileage by about 5% or less.) Guess-o-meter says 285 after charge but ends up being more like 270 in real life, airconditioning used some of the time. Doesn't matter whether charger is Amazing-E level 2/3.8kw or 50kw DC Fast.

    I was going to try "hypermile-ing" it, try for 300, and decided who cares? I just assume 250-280 miles.

    PS: I'm going to leave it in "normal" most of the time. Seems fine to me!

    PPS: Homelink mirror. Numerous calls to dealership have resulted in no info, not even a return call.
  10. DerekA

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    As far as the range is concerned... If you drive in Sport Mode a lot you'll only get 230-250 miles per charge from 100% charge. (I only charge to 90% on an L2 charger and 80% on an L3)

    280 miles+ is achievable in Eco mode and if you don't drive like a lunatic. That torque though... It's a tempting *****.

    Are you Canadian? I don't think HomeLink is an option in America...
  11. RDA

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    I get almost 300 miles around town. On road trips anywhere from 250-270ish in Eco but i drive fast. I am very happy with the range I get. I charge to 100% on Level 2 at home but i only need to charge maybe once every two weeks or so unless I am going on a trip. Homelink is available in the US but only on the launch editions, which is why I got that edition when it first came out. I don't think it will be available after market unless Kia decides to offer it.
  12. Texas Niro EV

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    On my recent trip to Colorado and back I was able to develop a range metric for the Niro EV. Traveling at 75 mph I achieved about 2.5 miles/percent of battery capacity driving in ECO mode and, driving in ECO+ mode, I achieved 3.39 miles/percent of battery capacity. So by direct coloration that gives the Niro EV a range of 250 miles in ECO mode driving at 75 mph and 340 miles in ECO+ mode driving at 60 mph.

    I extrapolated these numbers using the Nissan Leaf range chart. Here are the numbers I came up with:

    ECO mode full battery range;
    85 mph - 189 miles (1.89 miles/percent)
    80 mph - 219 miles (2.19 miles/percent)
    75 mph - 250 miles (2.50 miles/percent)
    70 mph - 272 miles (2.72 miles/percent)
    65 mph - 295 miles (2.95 miles/percent)
    60 mph - 326 miles (3.26 miles/percent)

    ECO+ mode full battery range;
    60 mph - 339 miles (3.39 miles/percent)
    55 mph - 370 miles (3.70 miles/percent)
    50 mph - 402 miles (4.02 miles/percent)
    45 mph - 434 miles (4.34 miles/percent)
    40 mph - 470 miles (4.70 miles/percent)

    My Niro EV EX Premium had less that 5,000 miles on it when I developed this metric and the ambient temperature was around 80 degrees F.

    Driving at 40 mph in a current generation EV may sound pretty ludicrous but my experience driving a 1st generation EV cross country taught me the importance knowing my range at 40 mph. I would always plan to have at least 10% battery remaining at the end of my travel legs just in case I have to find an alternative charging location. I will of course redevelop this metric annually so I can account for battery degradation.
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