Real world range?

Discussion in 'Bolt EV' started by Bendar, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. VanessaEEVE

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    Okay so a few weeks ago on a hot day I had a bunch of errands so I mapped it out to be 272 miles, I started with a full charge which says 276 without A/C and I charged for 2 hours at one of the stops then made it home with 30 miles left. I only used A/C for about 50miles.
    I would also note that I spent at least 2 hours in bumper to bumper traffic (and heat without A/C) during which the power hardly went down at all.
    Hope this helps!
  2. Scott C

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    After one year (March to March) of not-very-aggressive driving in eastern Massachusetts, about half highway, instruments show 3.9 Miles per kilowatt hour. Assuming a 60 kWh battery, this comes to around 230 miles of range year-round. The year included a 3000 mile road trip to Florida and back.
    Also, I always drive with the shifter in L for maximum regeneration.
  3. rgmichel

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    This is probably about right, given that winter driving in our area, CT/MA, is actually only a few months. I posted my range results over two winters and a summer in this forum a page or two back. In winter the hilltop reserve range drops to 150 miles, while in the summer it can reach greater than 250 miles. As hilltop reserve is about 80% charge, and you can't reasonably charge more than 80% at a fast charger, then these numbers represent everyday driving and long distance driving equally. The only time a full charge is useful for me is in long distance driving overnight, when it gives me more than 200 miles driving out the door in a morning, whereas between fast chargers its only practical to go about 110 miles or so between chargers.

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