Real world range?

Discussion in 'Bolt EV' started by Bendar, Dec 18, 2018.

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    Surprised to see no discussion of how far people are actually getting in the Bolt. I just got mine, but does not look like anywhere near 238 miles so far.
  2. There's a lot of factors in determining range. What's the temperature where you're driving? Is a lot of your driving at 70MPH+, do you drive in mountainous areas or is it mostly flat, are you using the heater? All of these factors can really have a big effect.

    In my experience, under ideal conditions (~70 degrees f, flat terrain, no heat or A/C use, 60 mph) I could easilly get 250 miles of range in a Bolt. But in the winter (under 30 degrees, hilly terrain driving 75mph), the range was around 200 miles. If course, YMMV
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    There is a great deal of discussion of this in many forums. Generally, in summer the range is 238 miles or better with no problem. In winter, the range is reduced by about 25% if the heater is used. There are other details that can be read in various forums.
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    I don't own a Bolt, but one of the InsideEVs guys shared his results.

    With the temperature around 54 F, and the heat set to 68, the car says he can get 202 miles. Half of his commute is highway at about 70 mph, the rest city is streets at 40-45 mph. That, to me, seems like a pretty great result.

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    At 54F I don't use the heat, just the seat heaters if necessary. Thus my range is at least 4 mi/kWh under those conditions. The range shown as the middle number in the dash does not mean much, as there are too many short term variables affecting it. The best calculation uses the miles traveled and the kWh used. I note this down before fully charging either in hilltop reserve or fully topped off, and so I have data that show the variation I see with odometer miles, and mostly journey by journey, see below

    Note that most of the time, the efficiency is about 4 mi/kWh, but the dip shows the drop in winter 2017/8 due to use of the heater. The big spikes are mainly due to the resetting of the numbers when a software upgrade was done by Chevy. Also, note the variability is quite high, so any individual number can only be interpreted in the context of the overall picture. These data were obtained to Oct 2018. Since then the trend into this winter 2018/9 has continued the same.

    mIles per kWh from car display Oct 2018.png
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    I got my Bolt 4 days ago and so far I’ve driven 62 miles and the myChevrolet app says I have 143 left. I did most of it locally, with heat on and off and a 10 mile highway stint at 65mph; I live in New York, which was 22F this morning, so I’m not expecting a stellar range during winter.

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    I live in LA and have had my Bolt for 2 years. Don't use the heater much, but the short version on "real world range" is if you drive like Magoo-like Prius drivers, you can get over 250 all the time, easily. My wife gets that much or more -- and she's not even full Magoo.

    Those of us who bought the car for its speed, quickness, and torque -- well, let's just say it's nice when you get 175 out of it. I average about 160.

    But I also invested in solar panels so the fuel in my car is free.

    Too bad the Bolt has a governor!
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    160 miles is impressive! Someone isn't sparing the ponies. :cool:
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    Never go full Magoo.
  10. Keith Moon

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    Unless, of course, you value having a drive axle.

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