Rav4 Prime (price paid)

Discussion in 'Rav4 Prime' started by onix, Jan 31, 2021.

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  1. Banana Nuke

    Banana Nuke New Member

    I paid MSRP 42,018 + No TAX (NH registration) for my Prime SE at White River Toyota in VT. It came with weather & moonroof pack, some accessories like roof rack, cross bats, side moldings and mudguards.
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  3. Sthomasa

    Sthomasa Member

    Bought silver XSE at Msrp. 46k-ish. No extras. Dealer got me 1500 CA rebate off price.
    Wish I'd found one with Premium package. Some slick stuff there for 3500.
  4. We have an order in for a white XSE with premium audio and weather package, also from White River Toyota. Purchase agreement is for $46,213 (plus taxes and fees) which is close to MSRP as far as I can tell. They are telling us to expect a 2-month wait. Premium pkg did not seem worth it, but heated steering wheel will be great in the winter.
  5. I bought an SE for MSRP plus $12 state fee. This was about 4 weeks ago.
  6. BeefSupreme

    BeefSupreme New Member

    Paid $48,913 (MSRP) from A-1 Toyota in New Haven, CT. GREAT experience, they were awesome. I found the vehicle on Autotrader a couple of months ago, and called immediately to reserve it. It just arrived last week, and I picked it up two days ago. I flew in from Chicago to buy it, and just drove it back. The dealership made it so that I was only there for about an hour, and half of that was the sales rep going over vehicle features. Jose Guerrero was my rep, and I can't recommend him enough.
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  8. Michelle W LI

    Michelle W LI New Member

    I paid just over $43,000 for an XSE, $500 above MSRP. No Additional options. Located in Long Island, NY. I also got lucky. My truck was ordered by someone who decided not to purchase. I have had it since 1/2/21 and absolutely love it. I traded in a 2019 Clarity which I did not like at all. Eventually I will take the jump to full electric. But this truck is gorgeous and fits my need perfectly. I have white with the painted black roof and bumpers. Love it.
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    JGIORD New Member

    Both Earnhardt Toyota and Autonation Toyota in AZ quoted me $5k over MSRP and both cars are on order. I’ll pass. Was looking into it for my wife.
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  10. Good for you. Not all dealers are price gouging, if nobody buys from the ones that are, they'll learn. I bought from LUV Toyota in Jamestown, NY and they charged MSRP. The only other fee was like two $12 state fees.
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  11. Steven B

    Steven B Active Member

    All of you holding out for a better deal should remember that unless the 200k cap is eliminated or raised, in the not-to-distant future Toyota will likely reach the point where they've sold that many plug-in vehicles and the federal tax credit begins phasing out. I can't find a current listing of total sales but it has to be close. IRS site with numbers only lists three manufacturers and the EVadoption site, which looks like it used Inside EVs numbers until that work was halted early 2020, doesn't have numbers beyond June 2020.

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  13. onix

    onix New Member

    There is no reason consumers can't form a monopoly and then refuse to pay above MSRP. Some calling around and willingness to work with out-of-state (typically large volume) dealers is our best shot for the quickest availability, as I have found.
  14. VK57

    VK57 New Member

    I decided to replace my aging 4Runner (18.5 years) and sold it same day as posted an advertisement for asked price, no bargain and at least 9 calls right after the posting. Yet when I started to look for the RAV4 Prime in Northern CA, I was shocked that all dealers put a big Mark Up from $6,000 (for base SE with MSRP $42,150 instead $38,350 and only accessory of floor liners , black color) to $21,000+ for special color XSE. When I tried to bargain, they would lose interest in me. After a few attempts to purchase the car, I called the dealers in 3 days and found that both cars were sold over the weekend. I ended up paying $51.5K for Red SE with moon roof, weather package and accessories for $1,150 plus Tax/ License, documents fee. The most greediest mark up were at Palo Alto, CA, they charged $18,000 mark up for SE and $21,000+ for XSE, the least expensive $2,000 mark up was at San Francisco but there was a waiting period 3 to 12 months (longer wait for the XSE and specific color). Since I was without a car, I decided to give up Federal Tax refund in order to buy the car. (hopefully they will not cancel it next March-April when Taxes are due)
  15. S L .

    S L . Active Member

    Bought SE at msrp, but had $1,000 accessories included: cross bar, mud guard, black out emblem, door guard.
  16. B&K Adventures

    B&K Adventures New Member

    White SE, MSRP Capitol Toyota Salem OR. Moonroof and weather package. Started looking a month ago and there was a wait list. Decided to pass as the wife wanted a white one and they could not state that we would get by the end of the year. Last Monday Andrew G. called and stated that had a canceled order. We drove it, loved it and bought. Was hard to pay MSRP but no regrets. We looked at a Hyundai but dealer was asking 8k over sticker,,, no thanks.
  17. cyberteen

    cyberteen Member

    As someone from Southern California, is it better to try and find MSRP dealers within California itself to avoid out-of-state dealer overhead ?
    Or is too competitive here ?
    How should I start searching ? Do I just get a list of dealers near me and start asking them whether they sell by MSRP and get added to their waiting lists ? Any tips appreciated.
  18. Clarence

    Clarence New Member

    Longo Toyota in El Monte sells for MSRP. There is a $500 deposit and a waiting list but they will work with you and not charge a markup.
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  19. marshall

    marshall Well-Known Member

    They do have a list of the 2021 first three months quarterly sales for Toyota. Depending on many Rav4 primes they sell, it could be as early as the second quarter. Then the tax credit gets cut in half for the next two quarters.

  20. Steven B

    Steven B Active Member

    That site is so poorly edited, I don't know what's current information and what's outdated. Still baffled as to why the government can't publish current data from the records that drive their phase-out decisions.
  21. LeCapri

    LeCapri New Member

    I'm on a hunt for 2022 XSE and so far no luck in the DMV area. Anybody knows which states have likely to have more stocks? Thanks.
  22. Steven B

    Steven B Active Member

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  23. ForceEdge

    ForceEdge Member

    New York has a few
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