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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Chris k

    Chris k New Member

    I offered $28,000 "out the door" (plus title and registration) at a dealer in northern VA who has 11 of the 2018s left and they wouldn't take it.

    I ended up paying $28,600 + $300 processing for a 2018 touring with 9 miles from a dealer in Maryland.

    I did have a trade in so that obfuscates things - some dealers may assign more value to your trade than others.

    I was told by a PA dealer that the dealers have $6000 in "inventory cash" to help clear these models. Not sure if he was being honest, but since this car has an invoice price of $35,985, that suggests that $28-$29K is the best deal they can reasonably make right now unless they really want to take a bath.

    I'd suggest finding a few dealers with a good number of the 2018s left and go in and try to make your best deal below my price in person.
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  2. shayar5

    shayar5 New Member

    Please suggest MD dealer name and contact person.
  3. Chris k

    Chris k New Member

    I was dealing with a salesman named Nathan at Darcars Honda of Bowie. Cant remember the sales manager's name. I also negotiated a 29K price on a touring at Browns in Arlington VA (where I think they have 11 2018s left). I had to go into each dealership personally to negotiate the best price. Your mileage may vary.
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  4. SoapOpera

    SoapOpera New Member

    Yes, it is from Apple Honda. Picked up the car today. Amazing value for the price I paid.
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  5. Grant

    Grant New Member


    I was in contact with Anderson Honda, north of Baltimore, talking to a lady named Willetta (forget her last name). Their internet price they gave me for a touring was plus or minus a few dollars, $27800 plus freight and $295-ish dealer processing. Don't know if they would have moved from that had I visited, or not.

    When I first contacted Apple, they were willing with almost no hesitation to match that. And since they clearly were willing to go a decent piece below that (given that the morning I canceled my trip there, they sold the car later that same day for quite a bit less), I think that suggests Anderson should have some give available. Whether they are willing, or not, is another question.
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  6. shayar5

    shayar5 New Member

    I had put a deposit on this car last week and was on my way to pick today from Maryland. They called me on the way and said they sold it by mistake to someone else as the person I was working with was not in office and another salesman didn't know there was a deposit on it..
  7. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    I went through the postings for May and compiled a list of discounts for comparison. I didn't include those where only OTD price was reported since each state varies in terms of sales tax and license so you really can't tell what the discount was. I subtracted documentation fee and other hidden fees from the discount when known, as those are pure profit for the dealer. If hidden fees were not reported then I indicate this with DNIHF (does not include hidden fees)

    Trim : Discount : Region : Member

    2018 Base : 7,076 : Seattle : banxx
    MSRP 34,295
    Dealer Price 27,069
    Hidden Fees 150

    2019 Base : 8,322 DNIHF : Torrance, CA : Ralph
    MSRP 34,320
    Dealer Price 25,998
    Hidden Fees (unknown)

    2018 Touring : 7,637 : Atlanta : 2002
    MSRP 37,495
    Dealer Price 29,259
    Hidden Fees 599

    2018 Touring : 7,543 : DFW : Desiboy
    MSRP 37,495
    Dealer Price 29,712
    Hidden Fees 240

    2018 Touring : 8,861 : Harrisburg, PA : Jason P
    MSRP 37,495
    Dealer Price 28,490
    Hidden Fees 144

    2018 Touring : 7,995 DNIHF : Bethesda, MD : Bo Lee
    MSRP 37,495
    Dealer Price 29,500
    Hidden Fees (unknown)

    2018 Touring : 10,907 DNIHF : PA : SoapOpera
    MSRP 37,495
    Dealer Price 26,588
    Hidden Fees (unknown)

    2018 Touring : 8,595 : MD : Chris k
    MSRP 37,495
    Dealer Price 28,600
    Hidden Fees 300

    2019 : Touring : 7,620 DNIHF : Bay Area, CA : ChrisP
    MSRP 37,520
    Dealer Price 29,900
    Hidden Fees (unknown)
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  8. shayar5

    shayar5 New Member

    Purchases Clarity Touring from Anderson Honda. Here is the breakdown:
    MSRP + Destination (895): 37495
    Sell Price + Destination(895) : 28477
    Dealer Processing Fee: 296
    Rest: MD Tax (6%): + DMV Fee for plates transfer

    I negotiated over email and they reduced price by just $200 at dealership. Overall happy with process and no pressure for accessories/warranties. I recommend this dealer.
    DarCars Honda of Bowie was ready to sell for 29K+TTL price as well.
    Thanks everyone for your feedback and good luck!
  9. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    So adjusting for the 296 fee that's a discount of $8,722. Congratulations!

    2018 Touring : 8,722 : Baltimore, MD : shayar5
    MSRP 37,495
    Dealer Price 28,477
    Hidden Fees 296
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  10. VABeachKiwi

    VABeachKiwi New Member

    Hi I am new here and beginning my Clarity purchase quest in Southeast VA. Last week I got a price on an in-stock base model (it's the only vehicle here locally) at $31,140. I went and test drove it yesterday - of course despite asking for it to be charged it was not... and yes they knew very little about the car, even telling me it didn't come with charge cable until we opened the trunk and oh look... surprise there is charging cable... which see plugs into a regular outlet.... Anyway after reading prices here i realize these folks were not really yet in the game so i started emailing around and got a price offer off the bat of $26,989 for a base model from a dealer in central VA (they said offer valid until May 31st).... they also have colors I prefer more than the silver at my local store... I'll keep you updated how things go from here...
  11. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    If you haven't seen a touring yet be sure to check one out just to make sure you won't later regret not getting it. It may also open up more possibilities of getting the color you want. Touring is mainly about the leather and power seats (including passenger), memory seats and leather steering wheel, and also the interior looks more upscale. It may not turn out to be worth it to you but I recommend compare both just to make sure. I was looking at base also just to try and keep the price down, but when the massive discounts started I decided to go with touring and I am happy that I did. Only other feature is built-in navigation which I consider just a backup in case I forget to bring my phone with me or if I am driving out of cell phone range and I forgot to download offline Google maps to my phone.
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  12. VABeachKiwi

    VABeachKiwi New Member

    Thanks - i am still considering both and made the same calculus as you once the discounts started.... i have leather now so hard to give that up, however the navi. just didn't seem to be worth the extra price for me - however with the prices i am seeing it seems the Touring might be worth it.... if it's only a couple of thousand more....
  13. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    The Touring enables you to change the tilt of the driver's seat bottom, the base model does not. If the base seat feels fine and there will be only one driver (meaning the auto seat-positioning will be useless), then tiny bit of additional leather in the seat (it's only the perforated insert, not the whole seat that's leather) won't be worth it.

    On the other hand, the Touring's leather steering wheel is worth the entire difference in price--be sure to compare the two.
  14. Also allows you more functionality on the phone app. Like pre-conditioning your car temperature.
  15. 2002

    2002 Well-Known Member

    Some people with base have said remote preconditioning works for them also. Of course that could be a "glitch" in the software that will eventually be corrected. Or maybe Honda decided it's too much trouble to maintain different versions of the app. Some reported that with base it works unplugged or when plugged in with Level 2, but not when plugged in with Level 1 unless full charged. Although that makes no sense why that would work differently between base and touring, but then again a lot about the app doesn't make sense anyway.
  16. sniwallof

    sniwallof Active Member

    yep, my 2018 base has all of the exact same preconditioning features that my 2018 touring had.

    It's pretty much down to suede, leather, motorized seats with memory, and NAV. The differences are so insignificant (same safety packages), it is surprising. That said, leather is nice, and especially with more than one driver, I can see why some may want memory seats.

    I did the aftermarket leather laced on steering wheel cover (not a low quality slide on). It's good, much better than the base wheel uncovered, but not as soft as my touring was, oh well.
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  17. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    FWIW, preconditioning works the same on Base and Touring. The difference is in the Level of EVSE that you use not the trim level.
    The OEM Level 1 EVSE at 12 Amps 120 V does not have enough power to charge and precondition at the same time. The Level 2 EVSE that is 240 v at 32 Amps can do both at the same time. Also the Level one EVSE is a lot slower to warm up the car due to its lower power. Most of the time it handles the AC, but we have one report that in very hot weather in the sun it was having trouble keeping up.
    Note that regular preconditioning when not hooked up to an EVSE works the same on both trim levels.
  18. sniwallof

    sniwallof Active Member

    Just a minor add-on, I think any L2 works, Clarity preconditions fine on my ClipperCreek LCS-20 (16A) as well as the chargepoint 32A L2 EVSE. Probably works fine too for those modding the L1s to 12A L2 as well.
  19. Anu

    Anu New Member

    Ocean Honda of Burlingame - I worked with Carlos.
  20. Atkinson

    Atkinson Active Member

    After seeing these prices, I wish I got a Touring.
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