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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

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    Looks like purchase prices have been creeping up on the 2018's due to low inventory.
    I would suggest waiting for wide availability of the 2019's at this point rather than going with a 2018
    unless you can swing a great deal.

    Just my $0.02
  2. This is something I didn't appreciate every after I bought my car (wish I had-there were better deals had I looked)

    Both California and the consortium states have threshold for selling alternative fuel cars that the manufacturers must meet, buy, or pay penalties.
    Interestingly, consortium states pool sales, so Honda can sell in one (for example Maryland) and count it for making the threshold across the consortium states. California has its own threshold. With the HOV sticker program. In Cali, companies don't need to discount much in California to make their threshold if they have the models. It's actually tougher in the consortium states, so there's been better discounts than in California.
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    Currently, Honda is giving dealers 3K above and beyond the 7,800 that Honda Finance is giving for leases (which they will get back as a federal tax rebate). Note: this lease incentive is only applicable in the FEV states. I am in Maryland.
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    Just got a 2018 Clarity base, basically 31K + TTL in the bay area. Feel like maybe we could've got a slightly cheaper price a few months ago, but it seems like it is only in other states. Anyway I am SUPERPUMPED. I was an OG 2003 Civic hybrid owner, which me and my wife still have 130K. We were thinking about the model 3, but just couldn't justify the price. We are also about to start a Fam, so this car just fit all the criteria.

    Enough space for car seats (check) I am really amazed with the space in the back)
    Electric vehicle with decent range (check) 48 miles will cover 95+% off our driving, and I can't over state this....the amount of trips we will do between 50 and 230 (the tesla range) is almost zero (Tahoe might've been possible but I doubt we would've felt safe enough). Having the gas as a backup is actually quite nice
    Honda (check) I mentioned I own a 2003, I can't tell you how amazing Honda has been (they replaced transmission, and subsidized 90% of replacing battery cost). Our only maintenance was oil changes, also changed the brakes but I think it was a scam - not at Honda dealership (regenerative braking)
    Affordability, FFS, this thing comes in at 22K after Fed rebate and Cal rebate that is the price of a Civic.

    Anyway I just wanted to shout to the world how happy I am with this purchase, normally you feel a bit of buyers remorse the day or two after, but we don't feel that at all. Only silly thing was the battery was dead when we drove it off the lot, so we got to hear the angry bees (WUTANG)
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    Picked up a 2018 Silver clarity standard trim in Phoenix metro for $31k before TTL 2days ago...Lowest costco program quote was $31.3k from 4 dealerships... Loving it so far but having issues with FM radio already...
  8. RV-CAR

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    Just curious:). Who did you get it from as i got the same exact deal + free wheel locks?
  9. montelatici

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  10. DanGest

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    I got from Anderson Honda, didn't ask for wheel locks or really negotiate anything after they gave the price (none of the other dealers were willing to get to that price point, and the advertised price was 31.5K)
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    So Cal residents do not get the extra $3,000 incentive.
    That is only for north east states participating in the DLFC ZEV program.
    And if you happen to live in NY - they get an extra $1700 which drops the leases down in the low 200.

    I'm in So Cal and got the base model for $282 month lease with a total of $10,600 off MSRP ($7600 Honda tax incentive + $2500 dealer discount + $500 Honda CA State employee). The dealer won't replicate that deal as it was a "Loser" deal. But then it's my 3rd Honda with them and they wanted the sale on the slow moving Clarity....
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    Mohawk Honda in Scotia, NY (Albany area, no affiliation, just a happy customer) currently (Feb 21, 2019) has 12 new Claritys on the website (no idea what is on the lot), 7 of the 8 base models are 2018s eligible for the HONDA discounted lease deal which publishes as $209, $2,299 down (not including fees and NY tax). Says ends Feb 28, but the last lease offer got extended. I did a little better at $200 / mo and paying less of the fees and tax. I'm told that Claritys sell well here, but I am a little skeptical. Just to the west, in central NY (CNY), there is very little interest in EVs or Hybrids of any type. Although, Albany and Rochester (200+ miles from Albany to the west of CNY) seem to be hubs of EV interest in NY.

    I have no idea if an out-of-state lease is possible on the lease deal, possibly not, because the NY NYSERDA point of sale refund of $1,700.

    Referral program - I usually dislike referral programs because I do not want to do sales. Also, I like the Clarity a lot, but the last thing I would want to do is push someone to buy one who later regrets it. However, coming off my $10 Tuxmats discount :) if you are buying one anyway and someone wants to do the referral thing (something like $100 each) pm me, and I will send you my salesman's name.
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    Hi, I've send you PM regarding your purchase. Can you please check.
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    Folks, you should not be paying more than about 20K for a base model with the incentives that are out there!
  15. Olimpia

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    You folks living in ZEV states need to be specific and more careful when posting in this thread or any other prices paid medium and specify the location of where you can get these sort of deals/incentives.
    There is a lot of confusion and even worse, frustration, that's leading potential buyers in non-ZEV states towards losing interest from purchasing a Clarity because they see all these amazing prices and they can't get them when they try to negotiate. I see this all the time in the Clarity subreddit and the Clarity owner's group in Facebook.
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    I should have specified ZEV states. But the poster in question was from my state, Maryland, a ZEV state.
  17. 4sallypat

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    Yes, this is important to specify:
    Non ZEV
    ZEV only (CA, OR, WA)
    ZEV + DLCF ZEV (Northeastern US)
    ZEV + DLFC + NYS Tax credit (New York)
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    True. Also just to add, the car needs to be registered in the respective DLFC region/states for the incentive to apply
    or in other words, you cannot get the low price if you buy the car in say MD but register it in, say IL.
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    CA also has a state tax rebate, $1500 for the Clarity PHEV.
  20. Alex0913

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    Congrats on starting a new family and getting the clarity!
    We have 2 kids, ages 4 and 2, and I can’t say enough good things about the clarity. Everything we need for our kids we can fit it there, even a double stroller, and still have space for more stuff and travel comfortably!
    I haven’t either experienced buyers remorse at all. We have put over 6,000 miles and have filled the tank just twice, so roughly $30 in more than 6 months of ownership!
    Even my electricity bill hasn’t gone up much. Maybe about $20 a month from what I was paying (my rate is $0.067/kw).
    Glad that I am not the only one truly happy with my decision of getting this wonderful car! And I hadn’t mentioned the federal tax credit and my state rebate of $2,500 on top of that. My friends think I’m bs them when I tell them!
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