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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Tucker's Dad

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    I bought my Clarity PHEV in July 2018 but just discovered this forum so I figured I'd chime in. In Massachusetts there's an organization called Green Energy Consumers Alliance (formerly Mass Energy) that has a program called Drive Green that promotes EV purchases that some dealerships choose to participate in. They offer a no-haggle price that's a great deal IMO. Currently the lowest base price for a Clarity PHEV Touring (the model I own) is $31,790. Yes, that's the Touring model, not the base model. Great deal, right?

    When I bought mine in July the deal wasn't quite as good, but I paid $33,500 + $429 "documentation fee." I went to a local dealership which wasn't participating in the Drive Green program, showed them the price offered by a Drive Green dealership in RI 90 minutes away and they offered a price $200 higher which I was ok with since it saved me the hassle of doing a long distance purchase. And they got me the color I was looking for which wasn't on the lot.

    Then there's a MA state incentive program that sends you a $2,500 rebate check within 75 days of applying for the rebate, plus the $7,500 federal tax credit, so the total cost of the car was under $24K (just over $22K with the current Drive Green prices). Buying this car in MA is a no-brainer!
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    This program is changed on 1/1/2019. It is still valid if you purchased Clarity before that date (and you have to submit the request within 3 months of purchase or lease date), from 1/1/2019 a rebate is only for BEV, and it is $1,500

    More details at:
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    I called the RI dealer and they would not give me the Green Drive discount (I'm in Oregon) which would have been 29900 OTD for base.
  4. Tucker's Dad

    Tucker's Dad New Member

    Ah yes, I heard it changed on 1/1 but didn't check into it before posting. Thanks for the correction!
  5. trevor68

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    Apologize for the newbie question:
    I am in Maryland (one of the CARB states i believe). If I purchase a clarity, can they deduct the rebates on the spot or do I have to pay for everything and then at the end of the year deduct it from my taxes? I ask because I imagine that the monthly finance fee would probably be over $600 for a $36k car which is a bit scary for me.
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    If you are buying, you will have to pay whatever price you agree and claim tax refund when filing your tax return (which will be next year). If you are leasing it will be incorporated (subtracted from) into the agreed price (as you can not claim tax refund, but the leasing company can).
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    Just got my Clarity (base) on Saturday! The "Sale Price" on my lease was just over $24k, and I'll be getting $1,500 back through the CVRP and $800 from PG&E.
  8. Ash

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    Base in Houston for $34,750 OTD dealer add-ons wheel locks, nitro tires, tinted windows, mud guards, trunk tray, diamond fusion
  9. sassnak

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    I just bought a base Clarity for $31921 + TTL = $35600 OTD. I think for the area I got a good price - I negotiated quite a bit between different dealers in the area to get the best price possible. I'm jealous of the deals people have gotten in the ZEV states! And states that have any incentives (WA doesn't have any incentives at all).
  10. ab13

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    WA incentives expired around the middle of last year, number of available rebates offered was small. Doesn't seem like they are continuing the program yet. It was a sales tax exemption.
  11. RogerB

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    A heads up on the Maryland tax credit. They ran out of funds for this fiscal year back in November, and will start processing applications received after that in July.
  12. Barry Dowell

    Barry Dowell New Member

    Hi, I’m also in Tampa area. Which dealer did you use? Thanks
  13. JulianClarity

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    I have tried hundreds of times on PGE web site, always got site internal error.
  14. mhcrowder

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    Anyone have a lease quote in North Carolina? I got an internet price quote of $35,923 on a Touring model, which includes everything but tags and taxes(3%). I'm still confused on what happens to the federal tax credit if I lease through Honda in NC.


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  15. DanM5

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    Can you give any info on which dealer/salesman? I’ve been looking in WA without much luck.
  16. lanb

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    If you lease, the federal credit goes to Honda not you and they should adjust the "sale price" in the lease accordingly.
    You only get the credit if you buy.
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  17. Olimpia

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    Wesley Chapel Honda. They have a 'sister' store which is Tampa Honda located in Florida Ave. Wish I knew that earlier since it's actually closer to where I live but you should be able to get the pricing (or close to) at both stores.
    My salesperson at Wesley Chapel Honda was Darryl
  18. Barry Dowell

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    Thanks for the info. Have you had the car long? Just wondering how the heat in Fl affects the battery range. Do you like the car? I have excess solar energy from my roof panels and would like to use it instead of gas. Based on my driving habits I should never have to purchase gas except once a year.
  19. Olimpia

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    I've had my car exactly for one week so I can't really comment on how it will handle in our summer. So far I've been getting 53 miles of EV range (versus the advertised 47) with the cold (by FL standards) weather we've had in the past few days.
    I'm loving the car so far, it's perfect for my daily 46-mile commute!
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