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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JKroll, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. LikesPHEV

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    Could you please share the information of dealership and salesman?

  2. sunrise

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    Capitol Honda, Sarn Saechao
    Very nice guy!
  3. 01SB

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    Bought the Touring for $34,000. Dealer had 5 Claritys on the lot for more than 60 days. They had marked the Touring down to $36,450. Talked them down over the course of a month and a half and 4 visits. I still am pretty chuffed about that. :) I absolutely love car shopping.
  4. angelofmy

    angelofmy New Member

    Can you share which dealer in TX, and who your contact?

  5. LikesPHEV

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  6. Is this for the Touring?
  7. Ganvan

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    I started with truecar in DC then kept emailing the different dealerships until they couldn’t beat the price. End result

    Touring with wheel locks door edge guards and small random crap $33095 at college park Honda. Plus tax and tags.
  8. $34500 (before TTL) seems to be the mean price for the Touring right now in California. As the year closes I’m interested to see if it comes down some more.
  9. Mark Duckworth

    Mark Duckworth New Member

    2018 Clarity Base $29,385. Includes dealer doc fee. Does not include title or registration fees. As a NH resident I pay no sales tax. I bought it from a dealer in MA, because the NH dealer couldn't come close to this price. They said Honda is giving a $3,000 incentive to MA dealers but not NH dealers because MA is a ZEV state.
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  10. Electra

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    I heard MA doesn't have temporary tags. Could you tell us more about the buying process since you're an out of state buyer?
  11. Mark Duckworth

    Mark Duckworth New Member

    I got a bill of sale from the dealer in MA. I took it to the NH DMV to get a 20 day temporary plate, for a cost of $10. Then I brought the plate to the dealer and drove the car home. If I had the title from the dealer (they didn't have it yet, the car had just arrived to them, apparently they get the title separately) and I was ready to transfer the registration from my old car, I could have skipped the temporary plate and just transferred the registration and plate from my old car.

    Alternatively, if I was willing to wait a few days, the dealer would have delivered the car to my home and I would have put the plate on then. The dealer is Lundgren Honda in Auburn.
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  12. Guy K.

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  13. Guy K.

    Guy K. New Member

    Palm bay, florida honda dealer had a certified clarity touring with 1800 miles on it listed on CarGurus for 28,988. I traded my 2013 accord touring for it yesterday. I had an offer on CarGurus for the accord,15,200. Southeastern honda offered me 14,200 which was good considering it reduced my sales tax on clarity by $920. I took the deal and now have a warranty of four years from the original sales date of march 2018. Also found a 500.00 coupon dealer’s site to use toward purchase.
  14. ab13

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    Curious to see what happens, given many dealers are offering the car used without taking into account government incentives. Did they not take that into account when they got the cars?
  15. Electra

    Electra Active Member

    They did, but they're not going to pass the savings on to the buyer. They probably bought it for $25k and sell it for $29k. That price seems high for a used Touring when you factor in the $7,500 tax credit.
  16. Guy K.

    Guy K. New Member

    When i was looking for a used volt i saw the same things with chevy dealers, heavy discounts. Im retired and not collecting ssa yet so my taxable income would have made the tax credit on a new one useless to me. That’s the main reason i bought used.
  17. ASFMon

    ASFMon New Member

    Got the Clarity base (green/beige) for $32,788 at Wesley Chapel Honda in Tampa, OTD for $35,754 (including $500 student credit). It included $2,000 in dealer add-ons. Financed for 36 months at .9%, and got 3-years of oil changes included. I had a really hard time finding a deal in Florida.
  18. What are people being offered in Seattle area? As the 2019 Volts (with a better charge) roll onto lots and the costco deal, there may be a chance for some room for discounts (but likely still more than the Clarity). Does anyone have a Honda dealer to recommend? (Moved to Seattle with my 2009 Civic Ex-L, so only have had to deal with Honda of Seattle service). Thanks
  19. pmmrkm

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    36500 out the door in OHIO

    Dealer included all weather mats.

    If you liver in NJ, ny, ma, RI and few other states, you can get it for $3000 less than that.

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  20. lanb

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    What was included in the $2000 "dealer add-ons" ?

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