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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by BlueKonaEV, Jul 23, 2019.

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    @brulaz, the ACC also changes lanes on its own,without going into an 18 wheeler like the early A.P. firmware. Accidentally found the auto lane change when I first tested the ACC on the highway. Firmware update will hopefully smooth out the spurt acceleration when it's trying to find an opening it feels is safe to enter. It can be overly"cautious"like our X as it doesn't "see,calculate distance"things like a human eye would today.In gridlock,it's worth the premium paid,it's a safety feature in my view. Price should go down as the technology becomes ubiquitous. The "larger"infotainment screen's up for debate in my mind because the bezel is so big,it reminds me of an etch a sketch.Never liked this above dash design in the Mercedes, BMW...Made exception with the Kona EV.
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    it looks like it has metalic , or what you'd achieve via a metalic vinyl wrap. Quite unique color option for a non premium vehicle like the Kona.
  3. Te Apiti wind farm here in NZ.

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    Looks great. I personally think that mine will fade as the car usually sits in the parking garage at the office and in my garage when home. Car rarely sits exposed in the sun..
  6. It does seem like a good place but the substation that collects all this power is some distance away.
    Models without NAV don't have the shark fin apparently. There is no connectivity to speak of, it's minimalist, just the smartphone apps. No heated seats, leather, and no HUD. But I have the heat pump ...
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  7. The first picture looked like it was hooked up to your car , thanks for the clarification:)
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    Not sure if I'm ready for that. :eek:
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    IMG_1030.JPG Here's mine.
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    All US models have the shark fin antenna I believe.. My SEL does..
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    Here's mine. US - SEL
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    Love the Red, thats the color for me with Black interior yes!
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    Here's my Limited in Ultra Black. Originally I would have preferred the red, followed by the silver or gray, with black my last choice. This happened to be available on the same day I turned in my former leased car (a red Fusion Energi with black interior).

    Now that I've had this car for a couple of months, I really like the way it looks. The contrast of the black finish with the gray trim, and the two tone gray interior. The black paint has a very nice, glossy finish.

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    I had my share of black cars and they look awesome.. However, keeping black clean and shiny is difficult and black is more likely to develop swirls and it's also pretty hot which is a pain here in Florida.. Your black Kona looks awesome!!
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    Here's my black limited at the windsurfing beach with Thule box and sailboard on top. Needs a wash too.

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    Definitely hard to keep it clean. I live in a semi-rural area of SoCal that gets pretty dusty this time of year, and I don't have room to park it in my garage (working on that). I need to get it washed every weekend just to keep it presentable.
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    I drove through rainstorms for 500 miles and the car still looks clean except for the rear windshield.. Ceramic blue is a good color to hide dirt.. My favorite black car was a 69 Vette that I owned from 1997 to 1999.
    Open Chrome Sidepipes. At that time of my life, I couldn't see myself drive a quiet car... How times change...I still own a classic Vette but I'm selling it.. vette69-6.jpg
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    Nice Vette. The only other black car I ever owned was a 69 Mercury Marquis 4-door hardtop. I owned that from about 1984 until around 1992. It had the 402 cu in Cleveland engine. It was like driving around in your living room, and would tow your house with no problem if needed. It looked pretty good with low profile white wall radials and mag wheels. My (at the time) future wife and I had a lot of fun in that car.
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    Is that the one with the hideaway headlights?? Those are nice.
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    Yes it had the hideaway headlights. It looked so much like one of the cars that Steve McGarrett drove in the original Hawaii Five-0 that I used to step out of the driver's side door and say "book 'em Danno."
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