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    Just got it in, yes, I got the adjustable one. From the 50A breaker to the Nema 14-50 outlet, there is a 6/3 NM-B cable, not an 8/3. So it's perhaps a tiny bit oversized. Had the charger running for about 30 mins now and the charger cords (to the car and from the plug to the charger) are warm to the touch, but the cable feeding my outlet is cool (room temperature). So I'm not worried about that. The breaker is also cool to the touch.

    As for the 120V charger making the cable a little warmer, it was just a couple of degrees warmer than the other cables when pulling 12A on a 14/2 NM-B cable, rated for 15A. Not worried about heat there. Plus the "granny charger" is back in the trunk of the car. It's all Zencar moving forward. Maybe I'll use the 120V at the office, but I think I will need an extension cord because there is no way it's going to reach from the nearest parking spot. Does anyone have experience with the J1772A extension cords? Any issues, and is the connection in the middle still water proof?
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    Finally got my plates, so here’s a pic! Close to 1500 miles on the counter. Replacing tires next week. The Nexens were very slippery in the rain last week.

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  4. Your Kona looks awesome! Enjoy :)
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