Poll - Did your Clarity have the sound deadening plugs installed?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by weave, Jul 31, 2018.

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Did your new Clarity have the sound deadening plugs installed when delivered?

  1. Yes - front plate holder also installed

  2. Yes -- no front plate required or installed

  3. No - front plate holder installed

  4. No - no front plate required or installed

  1. weave

    weave Active Member

    See this post for further detail, item #4. Also please indicate whether or not the state where you bought your car requires front license plates.
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  3. weave

    weave Active Member

    The "no, but front plate holder installed" votes are pretty unforgivable. That means they grabbed the bag, removed the plate, and then just ignored the plugs they saw in it -- despite it also being in the checklist. Almost like "hell with it, the customer is never going to know anyway" sort of thing.
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  4. Alantn

    Alantn Member

    So ... Should we give a bad grade to dealers who didn't install the plugs after installing front license plate when receiving the survey from Honda?
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  5. weave

    weave Active Member

    Dealers are really hyper about that "5 star" thing. I guess Honda Corp really comes down hard on them if they don't get it. I'd contact the manager and tell them you don't feel like you had a five star experience and see what they do to rectify it.
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  6. terrilynn

    terrilynn New Member

    Front plate installed. Had the plugs installed today by the service manager himself. They would not send me the plugs, at least I got a car wash out of the hour and half round trip. Not much sound difference that I could tell.
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  8. Front license plate Holder was installed, pre delivery checklist stated plugs were installed. I looked and didn’t think they were installed. Spoke to my salesman, told me to bring it in, service manager checked, plugs were not installed. Now they are. Have had the car for 6 days, < 100 miles on odometer, car getting tinted, will report any difference in noise once I get it back and drive it a bit.
  9. My Clarity has all pre-installed.

    However, when I bought my Miata 10 years ago, the dealer gave me the front license plate frame kit when I picked up the car. The guy told me some people don't like the look of the car with front plate (legally required), so I just gave that to you, came back when you wanted to install it.
    I drove my Miata for 5 years before I got cited with a correction ticket. I just installed that myself and paid $15 court fee for the ticket. That $15 well worth for driving without a front plate for 5 years.
    So, some dealer might not install the front plate frame unless requested.
    In fact, when I check other cars while driving, I can usually spot a car without front plate very soon.
  10. Tailwind

    Tailwind Active Member

    I just checked my car yesterday and no plugs installed. Dealer has ordered them for me, but when i take the car in for those to be installed, I am going to insist that they complete the entire pre delivery inspection checklist. If they missed the plugs, what else did they miss?
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  11. su_A_ve

    su_A_ve Active Member

    I think they only care about the 5 stars. In my case, I told them from day one that they were not getting 5 stars, when I scheduled a time to pick up the car and when I got there, they pushed me to the following day because they had too many already scheduled (WTF?).

    Next day, car was charged at about 50% (I think they used my charger cause their Level 2 is not working), and no tie down plugs.

    And on Monday morning I decided to check the tires, and lo and behold, all four set to 50 psi.
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  13. Carro con enchufe

    Carro con enchufe Active Member

    I need to check my tires, lol.

    For me, no plugs, but weirdly enough the front license plate was installed although it’s not required in my state. So I put a lightning bolt license plate on it.
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  14. clarityplugin

    clarityplugin New Member

    Just checked mine and no plugs! This doesn't seem to be something special for the Clarity, other Honda models have plugs too. Looking at the poll results, is Honda aware so many of their dealers are basically making their cars sound bad? They should get a heavy fine or something for being this sloppy.
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  15. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member

    It's good you found a way to use your front license plate holder. I'd be very pissed if my dealer had pierced the front bumper to mount ours, because Michigan doesn't require front license plates, either. However, if you buy a personalized vanity plate, Michigan lets you pay for a second license plate for the front if your vanity is strong enough.
  16. Carro con enchufe

    Carro con enchufe Active Member

    Checked my tires and they needed some air. Definitely not at 50.

    I had to put something on the front plate holder but didn’t want to put some smug message, nor do I want to pay an extra $60 per year for the custom plate, so I went with The Flash (superhero) icon of a lightning bolt, I found it on Etsy.
  17. seattleclarity

    seattleclarity New Member

    My tires were set at 36psi, and the plugs were installed. Dealer was Honda of Bellevue (Washington State).
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  18. Steven B

    Steven B Active Member

    Keep this in mind: The recommended tow method is by flatbed truck. These plugs are filling in purposely designed 'tie-down' points on the frame. If you ever have it loaded on a flatbed, remember this and have the driver remove the plugs to give him/her the optimum place to attach.

    Some trucks use webbing that captures the tires, so in that case, plugging the tiedown points won't matter.
  19. David A

    David A Guest

    I just installed the body plugs..took all of 5 minutes.

    When I bought the car, I asked if the body plugs were installed...was assured 100% they were. I had even sent the salesman the page out of the PDI check list which explained the importance etc before even arriving at the dealership to finalize the deal.

    Should have checked while there but not really dressed to be crawling around underneath a car. I took their word for it. Got home, crawled under it the next day and surprise no body plugs. I sent the salesman pic of oval opening with no plug...so they ordered the parts and had shipped to me.

    Dealerships wonder why we know for a fact the majority lie all day long. Really pathetic that its okay to lie as a normal course of business these days. Sage advice to always do your homework and leave nothing to chance regardless of the business. Why do I say this? One hopes the occasional dealer reads these threads and maybe, just maybe, catch a clue.

    At the end of the day...no biggie as its easily remedied...but thats not the point.
  20. weave

    weave Active Member

    Agreed. The poll is about 50/50 right now for getting them installed. That's a HORRIBLE record.

    Is there any way we can get the poll results to Honda Corporate so they can see what a widespread problem this is?
  21. JCEV

    JCEV Active Member

    Took a picture of my underside for plugs and found these weird dirt/scratch marks. Not sure if its scratches or dirt (seems like scratches). Anyone else have these or know what my have caused it? The lift?

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  22. Chuck

    Chuck Member

    It is the holes in the rear, correct. I have the exact same thing, looks like a brushed on sealant/protectant?

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  23. Chuck

    Chuck Member

    Asked this on another thread but thought I would add it here in case anyone has take photos back under the trunk area. Took my car to the dealer to put in the plugs, saw on invoice "installed 5 plugs ahead of rear bumper" I checked and the 4 holes this forum has been discussing still had no plugs. Saw plugs under the trunk area (see attached photo) but I have no before photos to see if they are the ones they put in. Worried about them putting plugs in whatever hole is in front of them. If these 'trunk' plugs were truly missing then it is a factory error, these are not on the PDI.

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