Notified HV battery replacement recall is available at my dealership

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by 1st-KonaEV-in-FL, Feb 16, 2022.

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  1. We finally got notice that the battery recall replacement for our 2019 Hyundai Kona EV arrived at our dealership.
    My questions for those of you that have already received your recall battery replacement.

    What do we need to be aware of?
    Questions for the dealership?
    Will we be able to charge up to 100% again safely?
    Should we charge to 100%?
    Do we keep our lifetime warranty, as was original to our purchase?
    Please share your replacement experience.


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  3. Probably start here as it deals with US owners as well:

    More info here from the Canadian thread, but it is a long one:
    Hope your new pack arrives soon, should be like driving it from new again:)
  4. George Davidson

    George Davidson Active Member

    Your new adventure is starting.

    My sincere recommendation would be

    - either to make a secret / hidden mark on the old battery and check the new one does not have that mark

    - or if there is a smarter way to figure out what a real s/n of the old battery is then go that route and compare it with the real s/n of the new battery

    There might be a catch though.

    When a battery is tested with the original Hyundai equipment, no s/n is populating the corresponding field. Not sure what that means. It is open to interpretations and wild fantasies.

    Once you are notified about your battery being exchanged put on a happy face and drive to another dealership (preferably a competition which is not in speaking terms with the dealership which performed the exchange) and have your battery tested.

    Hopefully, your happy face stays on when they provide you with the results of the test.

    If it is "pass" run to another dealership (with a happy face) and request a battery test. Pay for it. And request to be present in person.

    When you see pass with your own eyes, keep your happy face.

    If not then your real adventure starts.

    I hope you understand what all that means.

    Good luck.

    P.S. Lifetime warranty? Really? Are you kidding?
  5. Thx, we are scheduled for Monday 2/21 to drop off and get a loaner ICE.
    Can not wait to have our car back 100%, like new when we first bought it.:)
  6. George Davidson

    George Davidson Active Member

    After our battery replacement, we had the battery checked at two different dealerships and on both occasions, I lost my happy face.

    Our real adventure has just started.

    As my wife says, it is murky as mud.

    Editing after an hour - I wish we had not bought the EV. After all those things I just say it is not worth it.
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  8. We finally got notice that all seems well with battery recall replacement for our 2019 Kona EV.
    Hats off to Universal Hyundai here in Orlando, and the great service advisor we were fortunate to get assigned.
    She had the tech, video the process and confirm steps,, old battery tag,, s/n and the new one tag, condition, serial number Date.
    See photo from video. My video and photos are very clear.
    Anyone needing service for their Hyundai in Central Florida, give Universal Hyundai and Yami Amador a call.
    Thanks to everyone there. , Tim New battery for our KonaEV_20220224.jpg
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  9. Congratulations, all new and good to go, would like to see the rest of the video...I could not play it
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  10. This is just a still frame from the videos will see if I can upload all to be played if everyone would like.
  11. Anyone else get service videos from their dealership for service inspections, and in particular the Kona EV battery recall replacement under warranty?

    I have to say again my dealership Universal Hyundai and my service advisor went well above to make us aware and comfortable with the process. Kudos for exceptional service, not often found, again anyone in the service are don't hesitate.

    I tried to upload the 4 videos, but it said too large.

    Here I will include direct) links to these (hope they work, plus let me know)
    Tim firstKonaEV in Florida
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  13. Your video's worked perfectly, thanks for those:)
    A thread has been started regarding alignment issues in regard to the first video. No surprise in the same area (inside edges as well).

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