MINI App Secondary Users

Discussion in 'Cooper SE' started by goaheadbackup, Feb 6, 2022.

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  1. So much has been discussed on this forum about the MINI app but I've had difficulty finding a definitive method for adding a secondary user. There are two fobs and two users in my household. How do we add a second user (my wife) to permit the use of the app from her iPhone? There is little information out there as guidance. I have found info about the "sharing" feature but not adding a secondary user. If this has been addressed on the forum, please point me in that direction.
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  3. SpeedyRS

    SpeedyRS Well-Known Member

    Just use your log in details for the Mini app on your wife’s phone. It won’t work if your second user tries to set up a unique username. My wife has the Mini app on her phone with my login details and it works fine. I have the BMW app on my phone with her login details and it works fine too.
  4. methorian

    methorian Well-Known Member

    So - you're saying the secondary user feature isn't there for the Mini App, or that it doesn't work?

    I have the BMW app for my i3 and had no issues setting up my partner as a secondary user. Assumed it would be the same for the Mini app as well.
  5. SpeedyRS

    SpeedyRS Well-Known Member

    I tried to find a way to setup a second user on the BMW app but couldn’t; which isn’t to say you can’t, I just couldn’t find a way. I did ask BMW support and was told by that you couldn’t have two distinct user IDs on the same vehicle. Using the same login on two devices was what they suggested and it’s what I’ve been using ever since.

    How did you setup a secondary user for the BMW app? If you found a way of setting up a secondary user feature in the BMW app for your i3 then you should be able to follow the same process to do so in the Mini app as they are functionally identical. Only the graphics differ.
  6. methorian

    methorian Well-Known Member

    If I recall correctly, I believe we set ours up back on the older app, so not sure if that changed it.

    As far as I remember, my partner simply created their account, added the VIN, and I had to approve it. Maybe we had to do the code from the car again, but I don't recall.

    I still have the e-mail form BMW informing me that a secondary account was given access:

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  8. Thanks for confirming that there could be - or was - an option to add a second account. My suspicion has been that the older “Connect” app may have offered a path to add a secondary user with a separate account. For now, as suggested, my wife will use the credentials I set up on my phone.
  9. I just wanted to confirm that this does work in the new app. You'll need to create a new BMW/Mini Account and then click add to add your Mini. It will ask for the VIN and then ask if you are replacing or adding a secondary user. It will then send a PIN to the car. I also got an email that a secondary user had been added.
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  10. Minicris

    Minicris Member

    My husband and I both have the app with our own unique logins and can access the same car. I don't remember how we did it, but wanted to confirm that it can be done.
  11. -Amanda

    -Amanda Active Member

    Yes, two separate user can connect to the Mini app. They each need their own Mini account.
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    MRYFLYGUY Active Member

    I had a time trying to add my wife as a second email to the App. I called MINI and what ever they did allowed us both to have separate accounts on the same car.

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