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Discussion in 'Hyundai Ioniq 5' started by restyler, Mar 4, 2021.

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  1. I've found an Australian video on YouTube of a RHD Ioniq 5 and I think shows the interior in better detail than the UK videos

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  3. This weeks virtual showroom has gone live on YouTube and here it is...

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  4. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    The ranges automakers provide can vary quite a bit. Encouragingly, Hyundai estimates have been pretty good with lots of owners exceeding them. Of course, we won't know how close the Ioniq 5 in particular is until we try it, but I'm optimistic it will be reasonably accurate. But also, yes, these ranges drop in colder weather. Luckily, though, the UK doesn't get Canada-like cold so much.
    It is a shame about the lack of 350-kW chargers there. Lots of room for improvement. I'd like to see automakers themselves step up and give their customers the confidence to buy their EVs. Hyundai is doing it in South Korea, so it's not impossible to think they might consider expanding that effort to other markets.
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  5. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    Here's the Q&A from the virtual showroom - as just emailed from Hyundai
    (had to chop it into 3 parts as its so damn wordy & the forum rules didn't like it)

    IONIQ 5 - Customer Questions & Answers VIRTUAL SHOWROOM EVENT
    Thank you for attending the IONIQ 5 Virtual Event. As committed during the session, we have collated the questions below, including those we were unable to respond to during the event.
    You can also re-watch the event HERE: https://www.youtube.com/c/HyundaiMotorUK/featured
    This document sets out the best available information currently available regarding the IONIQ 5, including the Project 45. The vehicle remains subject to change and the statements made within this document do not represent binding representations by Hyundai Motor UK Limited or its affiliated Group companies.

    Q: Why isn’t there a UK version available to see now?
    A: The vehicle was unveiled in February worldwide and will launch in the UK market this summer. The vehicle used in the virtual event was a European pre-production model. An early prototype model was in the UK for just 4 days to allow key media to gain their first impressions.
    Q: When will the full specification and pricing details be released?
    A: We expect specification and pricing to be available from the end of May 2021. This is subject to change based on global demand. We will continue to keep UK customers up to date with the latest via Hyundai UK website and social media channels.
    Q: When will the IONIQ 5 be available for purchase?
    A: From the end of June 2021 from your local dealership. This is subject to change based on availability. We will continue to keep UK customers up to date with the latest via Hyundai UK website and social media channels.
    Q: Can I pre-order my IONIQ 5?
    A: Full specification and pricing is expected to be available from late May. Please speak to your local Hyundai dealer.
    Q: When can I test drive a right-hand-drive model?
    A: We are expecting test drives to be available from July onwards at your local dealership. This is subject to change based on availability. We will continue to provide updates via Hyundai UK website and social media channels.
    Q: When will a right-hand-drive model be doing a tour of the UK?
    A: The first right hand drive models are expected to arrive in dealerships from July and will be available to test drive.
    Q: Will there be a fully loaded launch edition?
    A: Yes. This is called the Project 45, which has been fully reserved.
    Q: We weren’t told about the Project 45 until after the launch so missed the opportunity. How can we sign up for this type of opportunity in the future?
    A: Unfortunately demand for Project 45 was unprecedented. For future launches we strongly advise following Hyundai UK social media channels and regularly visiting the website.
    Q: Will my order be affected by the current production issues?
    A: We are closely monitoring the situation to take prompt and necessary measures to optimise production in line with the supply condition. IONIQ 5 production began this month, and we expect to see customer deliveries from July onwards. As expected with any car launch, these details are still being finalised. The commitment to you is to keep the line of communication going.
    Q: Will the IONIQ 5 be available on the Motability scheme?
    A: Eligibility for Motability will be confirmed closer to launch.
    Q: Will the IONIQ 5 be available for company car schemes?
    A: The IONIQ 5 is expected to be a strong fleet proposition.
    Q: Can the car be offered on a long-term trial for fleet customers to evaluate?
    A: Hyundai UK is looking to get key stakeholders with leasing companies and subsequent user choosers into this car once it's positioned on customer policies. Further details will be shared closer to launch.
    Q: Will they be available to lease?
    A: Yes. Further details on preferred partners and leasing packages will be made available closer to launch.
    Q: Is the see-through vision roof available in the UK?
    A: No. The IONIQ 5 UK specification will not have a vision roof in the launch model year.
    Q: Will the IONIQ 5 come with roof rails and / or support a roof box?
    A: Roof rails will not be available from launch.
    Q: What other Battery Electric Vehicles will be released under the IONIQ sub brand?
    A: There will be two more additional dedicated BEV models, including the IONIQ 6 sedan and large SUV IONIQ 7 by 2024.
    Q: Will there be a brochure available?
    A: Yes. A digital brochure will be available from the end of May 2021.
    Q: Will there be a configurator available?
    A: Yes. From the end of May 2021.
    Q: What is the total weight of the IONIQ 5?
    A: IONIQ 5 maximum kerb weight is 1,910kg - 2,100kg, depending on battery and powertrain. The Gross vehicle weight is 2370kg to 2540 kg.
    Q: What is the official maximum range?
    A: These are the results from the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP): ● 72.6 kWh, 2WD, 19" wheels: 300 miles ● 72.6 kWh, 4WD, 19" wheels: 287 miles ● 72.6 kWh, 2WD, 20" wheels: 281 miles ● 72.6 kWh, 4WD, 20" wheels: 268 miles ● 58 kWh, 2WD,19" wheels: 240 miles
    Q: Can you please explain more on IONITY?
    A: Hyundai Motor Group recently became the latest shareholder to join IONITY – a joint venture that builds and operates a high-power charging network across Europe. Through our participation in this venture, we’ll help to drive the expansion of IONITY along Europe’s highways. Access to this network will be integrated into our new pan-European public charging service called ‘Charge my Hyundai’. More details will be confirmed nearer to launch about IONITY membership benefits.
    Q: I notice a 45-degree crease across the exterior doors - is that real or the lights?
    A: That is real. This is a key feature of Hyundai’s 'Sensuous Sportiness' design language and what makes this car so truly unique.
    Q: What colours does the exterior come in?
    A: The launch model year will be available in the UK in 9-colours. Details will be released along with specification and pricing expected in May.
    Q: What is the width of the car?
    ● Without O/S mirrors: 1,890mm ● With O/S mirrors: 2,152mm ● With folded O/S mirrors: 1,957mm
    Q: What is the height of the car?
    A: 1,605mm.
    Q: What is the drag coefficient of the car?
    A: 0.288. For reference, the current IONIQ model achieves 0.25.
    Q: Where is the charging point?
    A: It is located at the rear on the right-hand side.
    Q: Does it have front fog lights?
    A: No. IONIQ 5 only has rear fog lights.
    Q: Do the headlights have any smart features?
    A: Yes. IONIQ 5 is available with ‘Smart High Beams’ which automatically recognise when you are passing another car and adjust from high-beam to low-beam accordingly. The headlights are not self-levelling.
    Q: Will the indicators be phased as in flash in a sequence vs. all at once?
    A: No. The indicators will not have phased flashing.
    Q: Does the UK specification come with Digital Side Mirrors?
    A: No. This feature is not available in the UK.
    Q: Does it come with a heated windscreen as standard?
    A: The front windscreen is not heated but has a de-fogging function. The rear windscreen is heated.
    Q: Does it come without a rear window wiper as standard?
    A: The IONIQ 5 is not fitted with a rear window wiper. This is because the rear window spoiler has been designed to diffuse the water.
    Q: Do the sun visors rotate and / or extend?
    A: The sun visor has a fixed dimension. You can rotate it, but it does not extend further.
    Q: What is the brand of the tyres?
    A: Michelin.
    Q: Does the car come with adaptive suspension?
    A: No. IONIQ 5 does not have adaptive suspension.
    Q: What is the ground clearance?
    A: 160mm.
    Q: Is there a bottom guard?
    A: The undercarriage of the vehicle is completely encased to provide protection to the powertrain and battery.
    Q: Does it have double glazed doors?
    A: IONIQ 5 is not fitted with double glazing, however trim options will include a range of tinted glass, privacy glass and solar glass options.
    Q: How is the noise insulation?
    A: The noise insulation is segment leading. Road noise is improved through the use of semidecoupler carpet as well as acoustic tyres and dynamic dampers. Wind Noise is minimised thanks to the rear spoiler geometry, the design of the wing mirrors, the type of glass used for the windscreen and the windows and of course insulation throughout the bodywork.
    Q: What driving modes does it have?
    A: It has Eco, Normal and Sport driving modes.
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  6. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    Q: What are the trims available?
    A:There are three trim levels available: ● SE Connect ● Premium ● Ultimate ●
    Q: Is the car full of LED lights on all models and trims?
    A: The IONIQ 5 utilises a mixture of LED and standard lighting for all models and trims.
    Q: Is the interior man-made leather? Or is it vegan?
    A: The leather itself is an animal derived carbon material. The material is treated using an eco-friendly process, which entails specific measures to reduce water waste and utilises biodegradable materials, including flaxseed extract dye.
    Q: What colours does the interior come in?
    A: It will come in a dark black and lighter grey option. Full details will be shared closer to launch.
    Q: Can you please tell me more about climate control?
    A: Yes. IONIQ 5 utilises a dual zone climate control to ensure both the driver and passenger can adjust to their own preferences.
    Q: Are interior mats and boot mats included in P45?
    A: Full details will be confirmed closer to launch.
    Q: I noticed in the presentation the handles were not flushed to the car - why is this?
    A: This is because the vehicle was unlocked. When it is locked and in motion, they are flush with the sleek body design.
    Q: Are the dashboard and door cards soft to touch?
    A: Yes. The dashboard and door cards are soft to touch.
    Q: Does the boot have an automated opening option? Is it button or gesture driven?
    A: You can open the boot with a key by pressing the button or with a smart tailgate, which is triggered by standing near the boot for 3s. Gestures or movement is not required – only proximity.
    Q: What is the max / min capacity of the boot?
    A: The boot capacity is 527L with rear seats up. With rear seats folded down it increases to 1,587L.
    Q: Does the boot have a ski hole?
    A: No. It does allow for 60:40 fold down which can accommodate most large items.
    Q: Can a set of golf clubs fit laying down across the boot?
    A: Yes. The boot floor measures 1,016mm in length x and 1,041mm in width and should accommodate the average size golf clubs.
    Q: Is there a luggage cover?
    A: Yes. It is retractable and can also be removed completely.
    Q: Is there a location for the parcel shelf when removed?
    A: Full details will be confirmed closer to launch.
    Q: I’ve seen an advertisement with a table in the back of the IONIQ 5, is this an upgradable option?
    A: Full details will be confirmed closer to launch.
    Q: Can you speak more to the heating and ventilation of the seats?
    A: Full details will be confirmed closer to launch.
    Q: Will I be able to disable the seat heating?
    A: Yes, by using the Audio-Visual Navigation unit (AVN).
    Q: Do the seats have memory settings?
    A: Yes. This is an available option as part of the Tech Pack, which includes both driver and passenger front seats.
    Q: Are there relaxation seats on both front seats?
    A: Yes. In conjunction with the optional Tech Pack.
    Q: How far do the front seats go back?
    A: The maximum front leg room is 1138mm.
    Q: How far do the front seats recline?
    A: Further details will be shared closer to launch.
    Q: Do the rear seats fold flat?
    A: Yes. The rear seats fold completely flat.
    Q: Can you speak more to the adjustable rear seat?
    A: You will be able to manually adjust the rear seats using a lever. Powered rear sliding seats are a feature exclusive to the Project 45.
    Q: Can the rear seats accommodate 3 children / child seats?
    A: The IONIQ 5 is very spacious and can comfortably accommodate 3 adults or children in the rear seat. There are isofix points on the outer rear seats and one in the front passenger seat.
    Q: What is the headroom in the rear seats?
    A: The rear headroom is 965mm for IONIQ 5 Project 45 and 970mm for other IONIQ 5 models.
    Q: Does the steering wheel have adjustment options?
    A: Yes, it is adjustable.
    Q: What’s the turning circle? I’ve heard it is quite good.
    A: The turning circle is 11.98M, with a radius of 5.99M for both 4WD and 2WD.
    Q: Is the steering wheel heated?
    A: Heated steering wheel is standard on certain trims.
    Q: Is there a rear wheel steer?
    A: Full details will be confirmed closer to launch.
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  8. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    Q: What is the screen size?
    A: Both the instrument panel and AVN are 12.3 inches.
    Q: Is the HUD on all trim levels?
    A: HUD is available on certain trim levels.
    Q: Does it have a built in dashcam and if so, can the footage be recorded?
    A: No. This feature will not be available.
    Q: What is the resolution of the camera?
    A: 1 million pixels.
    Q: What sort of driver display customisations are there?
    A: It has a day mode and a night mode. The instrument cluster will also change colour depending on the driving mode.
    Q: Will I be able to turn off the ambient lights?
    A: Ambient lights can be dimmed and a range of colours can be selected.
    Q: What apps should I use with my car?
    A: There are two apps available to help you make the most of your Hyundai Electric car. Bluelink: With Bluelink app, you can remotely check the state of charge of your IONIQ 5, you can stop and start charging, you can also schedule charging sessions to ensure you use the best tariff available and the most convenient time for you. And also, you can pre-condition the car to the right temperature whilst plugged in to ensure the maximum charge in the battery is available for driving. Charge myHyundai: With Charge myHyundai app and RFID card you can locate and use a wide network of public chargers (about 15,000 in the UK) giving you the freedom to travel and explore much further afield with peace of mind and the convenience of one single account.
    Q: Is there a wireless Apple and Android auto support?
    A: No. Apple car play and Android auto are available and require a wired connection.
    Q: Will the car have USB C ports?
    A: No. USB C is not available.
    Q: Will the car support OTA updates?
    A: OTA map updates will be introduced to IONIQ 5. Further details will be available closer to launch.
    Q: Does the satellite navigation show the nearest charging banks?
    A: Yes. The navigation system will show public charging points.
    Q: Does it come with WIFI via Sim Card?
    A: No. WIFI is not available on IONIQ 5.
    Q: Can you use voice control?
    A: Yes. The IONIQ 5 features Dynamic Voice Recognition system.
    Q: Can you share any more details about the sound system?
    A: The IONIQ 5 utilities Hyundai’s premium Bose sound system. The subwoofer takes up 28 liters of space. Further details on power output and more will be shared closer to launch.
    Q: Does IONIQ 5 have DAB radio?
    A: Yes. Every IONIQ 5 comes with DAB radio as standard.
    Q: What autonomy level is the car? Does it have lane assist and smart parking?
    A: The Smart Sense features are classified as level 2 autonomy. This includes lane keep assist, lane follow assist, highway drive assist and collision avoidance assist as standard. Smart parking is standard on the Project 45 and is available in the Tech Pack for IONIQ 5.
    Q: Will the car remember me turning off lane keep assist (LKA)?
    A: No. It is always on as default. The driver will need to deactivate on every journey if this function is not required. This is a NCAP requirement across Europe, which is why there is no memory function.
    Q: Will I be able to turn Vess on/off?
    A: No. It is no longer possible to switch VESS off, this is a regulatory requirement for enhanced safety for pedestrians and cyclists.
    Q: Is there a sound emitted out of the front to warn blind people? What is it?
    A: This is also referred to as VESS. We can confirm the car makes a noise. Details around the sound effect will be shared closer to launch.
    Q: Will I be able to turn off door / seat belt warning bongs?
    A: No. These are always on as default for your safety and cannot be turned off.
    Q: Does it come with a Driver Monitor System (DMS)?
    A: Yes. It has driver attention alert as a standard.
    Q: What security / anti-theft features does it have?
    A: IONIQ 5 has Cat 1 Alarm, an immobiliser and deadlocking.
    Q: Could please explain how the H-TRAC technology works?
    A: HTRAC all-wheel drive system is designed to combine the capabilities of a 4WD system with the performance and full efficiency of 2WD-wheel drive by automatically moving into 4WD or 2WD depending on road conditions. You cannot manually override the system.
    Q: Will the UK version come with a Tow hitch?
    A: It will have the pre-wiring. The tow bar will be available as an Accessory option.
    Q: What is the towing capacity? A: With a 73 kWh battery it can tow up to 1.6 T. You cannot tow with the 58kWh battery.
    Q: Will the UK version be fitted with a retractable tow hitch?
    A: Yes. It will have the pre-wiring for the tow bar. For IONIQ 5 there will be two types of tow bars available as accessories as an after sales fit: a detachable towbar and a retractable (semi electric) tow bar. Further details, including availability timings, will be shared closer to launch.
    Q: Can you pre-heat the car without it being plugged in?
    A: Further details will be available closer to launch.
    Q: What are the service intervals?
    A: The service intervals are12-months or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. We will offer service packages which will be announced at launch.
    Q: What size batteries does it come in?
    A: You can get the new Hyundai IONIQ 5 with two different battery options. The Standard Range car comes with a 58kWh battery while the Long-Range model gets a 73kWh battery.
    Q: Does Hyundai usually measure their battery sizes in usable or gross?
    A: Hyundai usually measures their battery sizes in total capacity (i.e. gross)
    Q: What charging accessories will be supplied with the car?
    A: As standard, it will come with the type 2 connector to charge with a wall box, and a 3-pin charger, sometimes referred to as the ‘granny cable’ or ‘portable travel charger’ which will allow you to trickle charge. The Project 45 and IONIQ 5 Ultimate will also come with an additional V2L adaptor for the exterior port.
    Q: Is the outside V2L adaptor waterproof?
    A: Further details will be shared closer to launch.
    Q: Will Hyundai provide assistance in obtaining a home charging point?
    A: Hyundai has a number of preferred suppliers. Your local Hyundai dealer will be able to provide further information at launch.
    Q: Do we know the AC charging rate?
    A: The AC charging rate is 230V/32A for Single Phase and 400V/48A for 3 Phase.
    Q: Regarding V2L, is the 3.5KW max draw set or can it be upgraded?
    A: 3.6 kW is the power supplied, you cannot increase or decrease it.
    Q: Is 3.5KW enough to power a small cooker?
    A: This is completely dependent on your cooker but for most standard portable cookers, this should be possible.
    Q: Can you use V2L when driving?
    A: The interior V2L port can be used when the ignition is on, whilst driving.
    Q: Does the car have V2L, V2G or V2H?
    A: Yes. The IONIQ 5 has V2L. It does not have V2G or V2H.
    Q: Who is manufacturing the battery?
    A: SK Innovation.
    Q: What is the battery warranty?
    A: 8 years or 100,000 miles for the high voltage battery.
    Q: Does Hyundai have any other partners than IONITY on ChargeMyHyundai?
    A: Yes. ChargeMyHyundai is integrated with BP Pulse and Pod Point.
    Q: Is the battery heated or cooled?
    A: The IONIQ 5 utilises a liquid cooling system. The battery is insulated in order to optimise the range.
    Q: Is Heat Pump is optional?
    A: The Heat Pump is standard for Project 45 and is available in the optional Eco Pack for other IONIQ 5 models.
    Q: Are the batteries easily replaced due to updates?
    A: Further details will be available closer to launch.
    Q: How intelligent is the range predictor?
    A: Your range will be calculated using a number of factors including driving history and road conditions.
    Q: Can you explain how you jump start the car if you run out of battery?
    A: Full details will be contained in the vehicle handbook.
    Q: On average, how much does it cost to charge at a Hyundai charge station?
    A: Hyundai does not have any public charging stations. Costs vary per each provider. ChargeMyHyundai gives you access to multiple options in one place. Details can be found here: https://chargemyhyundai.com/web/hyundai-gb/tariffs
    Q: Can the IONIQ 5 charge using the Tesla supercharger stations?
    A: No. This network is exclusive to Tesla vehicles.

    Thank you for your interest in the IONIQ 5.
    We will continue to keep you updated with further updates as we get closer to launch.
    Thank you, Hyundai Motor UK Ltd.
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  9. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    Michael Knight has already posted Hyundai's showroom video for the non-project 45
    So here's the specific version for those who've ordered the Project 45
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  10. Restyler mine was a link in an email from Hyundai and the video was the virtual showroom for Project 45 buyers I watched except with an introduction from a lady and no Q&A session at the end you probably got a link to the one you took part in with an introduction from a man, I think they may have polished up their act for yours:)
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  12. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    No, its even simpler:-
    They uploaded both versions of the videos a few seconds apart, but linked to the non-45 version
    Screen Shot 04-23-21 at 09.09 PM.PNG
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  13. Domenick your right I got my Ioniq SE Premium Hybrid up to 99mpg fuel efficiency once never managed to do it since, 99 is the highest it could go as there are only 2 digits but usually its around 65-70mpg. I wonder if they will have a Project 45 for the USA and Canada or was it just for Europe as I can't find any mention of it elsewhere and in the Australian video I posted nothing was mentioned about Project 45. Oh well only around two months to wait until they arrive in the UK and find out how efficient they are and how good they look in the flesh.
  14. Ha ha I've just received another email with a link to the video you posted, I think they need a new IT team:)
  15. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    Couple of actual I5 Road Tests Videos in English been put up today:-

    Real English guy

    And "Asian Petrolhead" just speaks great English
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  16. Asian Petrolhead has done a great review and your right Restyler his English is better than mine:) he could replace someone on Top Gear, but I don't agree with him on the Phantom Black version which is the one I have ordered and think looks great, I also want one of those Hyundai charging stations on my driveway ;) Petrolhead doesn't really work for an EV driver maybe a Watthead could be the new name:)
  17. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    Asian Petrolhead has just put up a range test video of the I5
    Fun Fact - His measured 0-60mph was just 4.9secs :)
    Screen Shot 04-24-21 at 02.41 PM.PNG
    Vid Below
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  18. Domenick, according to Asian Petrolhead when you get the Ioniq 5 in North America it will have the option for a long range 77.4KW battery which should give you quite a few more miles
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  19. Based on the numbers from Asian Petrolhead's video (the camera shows the instrument cluster display a couple times), I'd estimate a realistic range of around 260-270 miles (72.7kw battery, 20" wheels). The change to 19" wheels should offer ~5-10% extra range. For ease of calculation let's call it 15 miles = ~275-285 (that's still a bit below the nominal range of ~300, but not horrible). The US battery is ~6.5% bigger, let's call that another 15 miles to be safe (it would actually be a touch more, if we're assuming perfect linearity), that would make for an optimal configuration in the US of ~290-300 miles. AWD would probably be about 5-10% less. This concludes my random mathematical excursion for the evening :)
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  20. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    The Ioniq 5 configurator is now up on Hyundai's German site
    I specced it fully up to a Project 45 & it came out at around E65,000 = £56,500 which is £8.5K above the price we will be paying!
    {Most Euro prices include vat at 20%, so an on the road cost of £48K would have cost £40K without the tax}
    Screen Shot 04-27-21 at 09.58 PM.PNG
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  21. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    Thanks for putting up all the UK pricing & configuration info on your news page
    This "bare bones" info is all you currently get on the official Hyundai UK site
    Screen Shot 05-08-21 at 11.02 AM.PNG
    If only they'd priced the base model £2K lower at £34,995, it would have been eligible for the UK EV grant & totally nailed the competition!

    One thing I'm a bit confused about regarding the spec:-
    What's the difference between "Tinted vs Privacy" Rear Windscreen?
    Screen Shot 05-08-21 at 11.52 AM.PNG
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  22. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    How many Ioniq 5s will be languishing unsold in dealer back-lots because they didn't make a £34,995 version? Perhaps when they've made more than people will engage in fisticuffs to get they'll offer a special £34,995 deal.

    On sunny days a mirrored rear windscreen could cause havoc for following cars, but what else could assure privacy? Perhaps Hyundai runs the more expensive rear windscreen through the tint machine twice.
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