I've been Selected to get one!

Discussion in 'Hyundai Ioniq 5' started by restyler, Mar 4, 2021.

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  1. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    After trying unsuccessfully to order an Ioniq 5 on its Feb 23rd reveal day - like almost everyone in Europe we were faced with a continually crashing web page & I don't think any orders were placed at all. This was all we could see -

    The following email was then received by all registrants 2 days later
    Not surprisingly, this link also crashed for the first few hours, but I persevered & eventually managed to enter my details - note that they had removed any kind of reservation fee system & this was now just a page to register your interest.
    After not hearing anything by last weekend, and reading that apparently no-one in the UK at all had been selected, I assumed that Hyundai were probably going for the easy option & were making all 3000 Project 45 vehicles available as Left hand drive only - well it almost certainly would keep production costs down.
    So for that last few days I'd been going over my other options of EV ownership:-
    In no particular order ..... (I lie - this list was my preferred order)
    1/ Polestar 2
    2/ Tesla Model 3 (AWD Long Range)
    3/ BMW i4
    4/ Ford Mach-E
    5/ VW ID.4
    However, I get home today to find the following email

    Oh Yes - You can keep your Tesla Mr. Musk
    {Still keeping my reservation in for a Cybertruck though - hoping for a small "Wolverine" Euro version by 2024/5}
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  3. Congratulations, the first successful reservation (on this forum), looks like a wonderful car.
    BTW Domenick started a pre-order thread (although he forgot the 5:oops:)
    look forward to the progress and delivery updates:)
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  4. chuckh007

    chuckh007 New Member

    Can we or can we not place an order for a Hyundai Ioniq 5 in the USA ????
  5. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    They aren't coming to the U.S. until December. I haven't seen a way to pre-order them here yet.
  6. chuckh007

    chuckh007 New Member

    Thanks......but the same goes for the AWD ID.4 !
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  8. Jimrod

    Jimrod New Member

    It's looking really good in this Auto Bild video, the best I've seen as it really shows the material quality off in higher definition... Now if I could just brush up on my German. o_O
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  9. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    I called my local Hyundai dealer today to see if they'd had any updates, but they're generally as much in the dark as everyone else, saying that this is probably the worst coordinated & informed car launch they've seen.
    When I asked about whether we'd be seeing the Digital Side mirrors in the UK as an option or as standard, they were under the impression that the "Project 45" vehicles would be coming fully loaded with every option fitted as standard - although this is still pure speculation.
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  10. kingzac

    kingzac New Member

    I've gone to two dealers here in Australia, one seemed disgusted and scoffed that I was even interested in a BEV. The other was extremely helpful, tried to find any sort of update in their release notes and told me that while they had a calendar of the releases of all the ICE Hyundai models for the rest of the year, that the Ioniq 5 wasn't on the list yet. They suggested a June update would have more details.
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  11. FunkyDiabetic

    FunkyDiabetic New Member

    I was told by Hyundai UK that the DSM would not be on the Ioniq 5, I do hope they’re wrong though, I said it’s not fully loaded if it’s got normal mirrors.
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  13. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    According to this Norwegian article on the car the DSM's wont be available to order for a while, and to be honest, from the pictures I've seen so far of the monitors, they don't exactly integrate with the rest of the interiors design like you'll find in the Honda-E or Audi E-Tron. Its like they've just been hastily attached to the doors after the dash layout had already been finalised.
    Screen Shot 03-13-21 at 08.38 PM.PNG
    A few translations from the article:-
    "The European version so far has standard side mirrors, but a camera system may become relevant later."

    "At the time of writing, the Norwegian price is ready only for the version Ioniq 5 Project 45, which will cost 499,900 kroner. This is a top edition with over 300 horsepower, four-wheel drive and a lot of equipment."
    {499,900 Kr = £42,600 = $59,300}
  14. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    Fun Fact Update:- Today, the UK government announced that with immediate effect that the current EV grant of £3000 would be reduced to £2500 & that it would only apply to cars having an RRP of less than £35,000 instead of the £50,000 limit previously - Bugger!!

    Also got the long awaited update email from Hyundai UK:-

    Dear XXXXXX

    We can confirm that the Project 45 model you have configured is now available to reserve. In order to secure your reservation we will require a refundable reservation fee of £1,000 which can be paid via our online payment platform using the following link (this link is unique to you and your reservation request):

    Personalized Link (Do Not Click)

    Payment can be made using a credit or debit card and must be made within 7 days in order to secure your reservation. If we do not receive your payment by 23:59 on 25th March 2021 your reservation request will be cancelled.

    Once we receive your payment we will confirm your reservation via email. We will then continue to share exciting news and information on IONIQ 5 until your car arrives in the UK, at which point your selected Dealer will contact you to confirm next steps. If you wish to cancel your reservation ahead of this point please contact us on 03443 XXXXXX

    Please note that the terms and conditions relating to your reservation have changed. The updated terms and conditions can be viewed at https://www.hyundai.com/uk/ioniq-5-reservation---terms-and-conditions.html. Submitting your reservation fee payment will be deemed as acceptance of the new terms and conditions. Please note that we are unable to take payments directly as reservation fee payments can only be made using your unique link above.

    Finally, the government has announced today that with immediate effect, the Plug-In Car Grant is only available on cars priced under £35,000. Grants are no longer available for cars priced above this amount which means that the new Recommended Retail Price for IONIQ 5 Project 45 is now £48,000.

    If you have any questions regarding the payment process or any matter relating to IONIQ 5 then please do not hesitate to contact us on the number below.

    Kind regards

    IONIQ 5 VIP team

    So, Its costing me £3000 more than initially planned, but after weighing up the pro's & con's I decided it was still worthwhile & went ahead & put down the deposit
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  15. E-Shark

    E-Shark Active Member

    Bummer, but congrats on your reservation!
    Lets hope they do "continue to share exciting news and information on IONIQ 5 until your car arrives".
  16. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    Thanks - Had another "VIP" email yesterday, but only to confirm they've received my reservation fee.

    Saw an interesting article in the FT yesterday about how Hyundai may have suspended production of some of its "less popular" vehicles so they can use the hard-to-get chips for their best selling models - hopefully that includes the I5
    EDIT - copied the article below as the link may be behind paywall
    Hyundai faces production hit from April as chip shortage bites
    South Korean carmaker halted manufacture of less popular models due to global semiconductor crisis.
    South Korea’s Hyundai Motor is facing curbs to production from April as a chronic shortage of chips in the auto industry hits a group that has to date been one of the most resilient in the face of the crisis. Hyundai and its affiliate Kia, which together rank as the world’s fifth-largest carmaker, have already begun cutting output of less popular models and reducing weekend work for employees at some production lines, according to people close to the situation. The group sells over 500,000 vehicles a month. The development underscored the severity of a worldwide shortage in the semiconductors used in everything from power-steering to anti-lock brakes. The crunch, caused by disruption to supply chains and high demand for electronic devices, has forced global automakers such as Volkswagen, General Motors and Honda to cut production and is unlikely to ease until the second half of the year. “Their inventory levels are already tight . . . The problem will start disrupting their production from April,” said a person with direct knowledge of Hyundai’s situation. Thanks to its stockpiling of chips last year, Hyundai has so far been able to mitigate the effect of the shortages. The group has diversified its supply chain and held more inventory after experiencing problems with car parts imported from China in early 2020 and trade tensions with Japan a year earlier. Hyundai did not cancel any chip orders when the pandemic hammered sales and forced factories to shut early last year. “They have fared better as they built up a lot of inventories last year but things will be more difficult from next month,” said Lee Hang-koo, an adviser at Korea Automotive Technology Institute, a research firm. Hyundai halted production of the Sonata sedan at a South Korean factory for five days this month, while weekend shifts at some of it and Kia’s production lines for less popular models were suspended. A union official said the company was trying to save chips for best-selling models.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2021
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  17. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    Todays email update:-

    Hello XXXXX

    Welcome to the IONIQ 5 Virtual Showroom featuring the unique and highly advanced IONIQ 5 from Hyundai.

    As you have successfully secured your opportunity to reserve a Project 45 model, you will be one of the very first in the UK to experience IONIQ 5. Hosted by our team of product experts, this is your opportunity to ask your questions live whilst the team guide you through IONIQ 5 in detail.

    This exclusive event is by invitation only and will take place over Zoom. You have the choice of the following two sessions, so please save the date:

    20th April 6-7pm

    21st April 2-3pm

    Full registration details will be shared next week.

    We look forward to welcoming you into the world of IONIQ 5.

    Best Regards,

    IONIQ 5 VIP Team
    So if you've got any questions for me to put forward ......
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  18. Just one:
    concerning the V2L capability.. I know the reveal said 3.5 kW @250 V which is fine for Europe etc. but what will the capability be for N.A as our system voltage is lower @120V (not many "appliances" at 240V), will the wattage delivered capability be lower by 1/2 due to the lower voltage or be adjustable via car software. It would be nice to keep the 250V 3500W rating for some situations as charging another car or if it is 120/240 3 wire system hooking up to an emergency sub panel, but instinct tells me if they lower it to 120V 2 wire system only, then that capability will be diminished. I also assume the outlet will be grounded at the source? and will it be a "modified sinewave"?
  19. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    Interesting question - I'm actually an electrician but know next to nothing about the NA 120v electricity supply.
    What's the max current available for each appliance plug on US wall sockets - I see max o/p 1500W kettles & heaters on US amazon, so assuming the internal cabling is roughly same as ours, (2.5mm csa), I'm guessing maybe 13A?
    Not sure about the earthing, but as for the invertor, it would have to be one with a pure sine wave, as things like microwave ovens & TVs don't like a modified sinewave too much & they've been featured in the I5 wilderness promo's
  20. 15A *120V=1800W non continuous, .8 *1800 = 1440 W continuous. (1500W close enough). I agree on the pure sine wave.
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  21. E-Shark

    E-Shark Active Member

    Can you find out more about the OTA updates and their plans with that.
    Will the app be updated, more responsive, more options like turning on heated seats.
    Will the charge panel have a seal around it.
    Will the door handles be heated, or how will they prevent them from freezing shut in colder climates.
    Is there an option for a windshield wiper on the rear.

    I'm sure I will think of more.
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  22. restyler

    restyler Active Member

    Sure, I better start writing all these down.
    Pretty sure no chance of a rear wiper though, as it was also missing of the "old" Ioniqs with no option to have one!
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  23. E-Shark

    E-Shark Active Member


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