Installing a Trailer Hitch?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Soona, Mar 18, 2019.

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  1. Soona

    Soona Member

    Has anybody installed a 2" hitch? Mine was 1.25" and it seems that's what people are getting. I'm getting annoyed by it though, and would love to change to a 2".

    (I have two different tongues - 2" and 1.25" - for my Yakima bike rack, so I can swap between my 2" van and my 1.25" Kona. And I can't tow my 2" jet ski on the Kona at all.)
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  3. dGarry48

    dGarry48 Member

    My uncle is looking to get this Kona as his next car and he wants to install a trailer. We'll just finish installing the suspension and bumpers from 4Wheelonline onto the Jeep Sahara this week before we can start working on the Kona. We'll check out u-haul.
  4. GPM432

    GPM432 Active Member

    RP so I see you got this done in 2019. I read your invoice I called Uhaul here in Victoria They quoted my over $600.00 with the wring harness included ($100.00) Unless that is a big expense.. Their price is way out of wack for what you paid. So i went on their web site and did the same. The price was the same over $600.00... It even showed the Langley store where I could get it done at that price I'm Puzzled So When I look up the curt on several web sites the price seems to over $200.00 everywhere. Puzzled again Thanks in advance Peter
  5. That's right, way out of whack with that price. Make sure they are quoting the same hitch part number. You might want to show them my invoice, and/or call mine in Langley (don't mention the web site cost) to get a quote from them. It was a couple years ago, but price diff shouldn't be that much. Wiring harness might add a 100 or so, but not that much.

    Should be more Uhaul dealers on the Island. Try another one. And might work better to go in and talk to them.
  6. GPM432

    GPM432 Active Member

    Like I said that price shows up at all the locations. They don't have Kona EV listed just the Kona but I can't see that big of a price difference I will investigate..
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  8. All I can suggest is deal with them directly, incl calling the Langley location, and don't mention the online quote. And feel free to reference my invoice.

    Having said that, I just did an online quote myself, and came out to $272 CAD, and wiring another $97. Far cry from $600, so I don't know what you were looking at. Can you show us your $600 quote (screenprint)?
  9. Looks like prices went up. I did a online quote for Uhaul here in Winnipeg and it came to $272.34 for just the hitch, $80 install fee, $42.28 taxes, for a total $394.62 in Canadian dollars. I guess if you include the optional ball mount, ball, hitch pin , wiring harness and insurance it comes very close to $600. Interestingly I didn't get the wiring harness option.
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  10. Yes, the hitch part number is much more than mine was. And labour when I did it was $60/hr, but only charged me $48 (.8 hr). I do see they have another hitch part number that is much cheaper though. Not sure what the diff is, still Class I. And maybe my location is cheaper, I don't know. But yeah, looks like I got a good deal. I do remember though, before I did it, the Uhaul cost was less than if I were to buy the components elsewhere and do it myself.

    And maybe this is an example of real world inflation now, not what the govt stats show us.
  11. Has anyone installed the "accessory frame" that Hyundai sells for the gas Kona? It's really a hitch receiver, but Hyundai scolds its customers that the accessory frame is not for towing. Price is $Cdn335 and I assume that it does not include installation. The gas Kona is not rated to tow anything either IIRC.

    If you are worried about warranty problems from real or suspected towing it might be in your best interest to get the hitch from Hyundai. They can't object to something you bought from Hyundai and used as intended, right?
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  13. MSimpsonNJ

    MSimpsonNJ Member Subscriber

    So I've got my appointment to have the Curt 11529 installed at U-HAUL. $197 US including installation and warranty. That's without the wiring. We'll see how they do!
  14. So with all this talk of installed hitches what are y’all actually *going* to tow? I’m looking for options/suggestions of either a DIY or manufactured trailer that could haul gear for a car-camping family of four (tent, cooler, collapsible table/chairs, camp stove and possibly a rear- or top-mounted bike rack. Ideally it’d need to be ‘lockable’ and somewhat ‘weather resistant’. T.I.A.!!

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  15. MSimpsonNJ

    MSimpsonNJ Member Subscriber

    In my case I won't be towing anything. Using it for a hitch-mounted Thule bike rack, and at some point a hitch mounted cargo carrier/box of some kind, once I find the one I want.
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  16. I have a rear hitch carrier, complete with waterproof/dustproof cargo bag I use with my other SUV. Be surprised how much you can stuff back there. And no drag, like a roof carrier or pulling a trailer. Works great.
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  17. Well at least here in Canada, having a hitch seems to be ok but if they can make a link to a problem being related to towing it looks like they will void the warranty on that concern. That could be anything related to drivetrain, suspension, even electrical especially if you have an aftermarket wiring harness installed. I found this email from Hyundai Canada on reedit
  18. FYI - My local Hyundai dealer has confirmed that the "accessory frame" (aka hitch receiver) from a gas Kona will work on a Kona EV. They have installed it on a Kona EV before. Price is $Cdn 335 installed plus tax.

    Even if it costs slightly more than aftermarket, I'll let the dealer install it using Hyundai pieces to help protect my warranty.
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  19. So the Hyundai "accessory frame" is on and my swagman bike rack fits perfectly. My cost was $Cdn270 plus tax installed. Not sure why I got a discount from the usual $Cdn335 but it was appreciated anyway! The bumper had to be taken completely off to install it. Part number is J9H03 AP000. Since it was an OEM part for the Kona and dealer installed I don't expect any warranty problems, considering how complicit the dealer is now. We had a little chat about not trailer towing and since I don't intend to it's a perfect solution for me. FYI - The accessory frame has no loops to attach trailer safety chains. I noticed that the dealership used the words "trailer hitch" on the invoice, lol.

    Accessory Frame April 13 20201 002.JPG Accessory Frame April 13 20201 003.JPG
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