Installing a Trailer Hitch?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Soona, Mar 18, 2019.

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    Surrey, Hazelmere area. I was driving down 8th Avenue, around 192nd street, and passed a Red Kona with a bike rack. You are the only one in BC that I know of through this forum lol.
  2. Well, I know there is another red Kona EV around here, because I have seen him. Not sure if he has a bike rack. But no, I didn't have the bike rack on today.
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    curt hitch11529.jpg
    Stabilizing strap, I use the ratchet straps when I go on the highway. Otherwise within the city,I just use a bungee cord to keep the front wheel from moving too much. Installed: Curt #11529 . Thule Helium Aero bike carrier to cut weight down.
    20190707_173735_HDR-1-1.jpg kona_kWh.jpg
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  4. Sure looks nice and clean under there:D
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    Saw a Ceramic Blue Kona EV towing a teardrop trailer. The trailer height was just about the same as the Kona so I imagine the aerodynamic efficiency would be not too bad. Not sure what it would do for range or the warranty. If the owner is lurking perhaps they could let us know.

    I think it was a Droplet trailer
    Weighs around 950 lb.
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    Hi - thanks for all the great info here. Appreciate all of you who've taken the plunge to try it out.

    Anyone know of anyone using a 2" receiver on their Kona? I have a 2" receiver on another car & would hate to have to buy another bike rack.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Many bike racks are 1.25" with a 2" adapter. I would think you could get a 2" to 1.25" adapter as well. My new bike rack came with the 2" adapter already installed that I then had to remove. Perhaps your bike rack is similar?
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    Indeed, the only issue is that this ends up sticking out pretty far, creating a longer lever and creating a bigger gap between the car and bikes / rack. I'd love to avoid that if I can. Good suggestion, though - thanks!
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    That is SO cool. I'm glad someone is pushing the envelope on this (in terms of what's approved by Hyundai). I don't think we've seen anything that will actually put the drive train, suspension, brakes, etc. at risk of failure. Yell if you think differently.

    I'm thinking of getting a Sylvan Sport lightweight trailer so I don't have to lift my sailboat on top of the car.

    My argument in general amounts to: Come on, if I can lift it on top of the vehicle by myself, the vehicle can tow it with ease. In this case the trailer weighs more than the boat, but it's still not much mass.

    Maybe the vehicle is fooling us by seeming amazingly robust and capable, but I doubt it. :)
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  11. Probably a substantial range loss depending on total weight but for a shorter/ flatter run should work well. The pack will probably run slightly warmer.
    Looks like the perfect trailer to try it with!
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    I have 2 different Triton aluminum trailers that I use behind my 2017 Volt. One is a utility trailer that I carry stuff to the recycle center and the other
    is a small "sport" trailer that I carry max of 2 kayaks and 2 paddleboards. I see about a 20% reduction in mpg and my guess is that it is mostly from
    rolling resistance and wind resistance. I don't think the vehicle is being stressed and I would hope that any of the Hyundai/Kia EV's should be able to safely
    handle this type of use. kayak suptrailer1.jpg
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  13. Saw this recently. Tesla X took a >3 times hit with towing a trailer.
  14. sosmerc

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    That was an interesting video. Clearly the Model X would be able to handle really light duty towing such as I do without hugh stress or
    range loss. The load they were towing was certainly WAY more than I would be comfortable with. I hope that Tesla Model Y will have a
    factory trailer tow package option just as I am hoping Hyundai/Kia will do with their EV's.
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    I have the Curt 11529 hitch as well. I don’t bother using ratchet straps on my bike rack (just the anti-rattle locking bolt) and it works fine. I also use the Curt 18145 cargo carrier which does a great job of hauling around extra gear without much of a hit on mileage.

    I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting a 2” hitch receiver on the Kona or towing anything substantial (like a boat) or large camper.
  16. Soona

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    I have the Yakima "HoldUp EVO" hitch bike rack with 2" tongue for the old Subaru. I was able to purchase a 1.25" tongue (under spare parts on their website) so it's not just an adaptor - it actually replaces the longue assembly which seems more stable. Maybe other models and brands offer a new ptongue assembly as well. (BTW quality brands like Yakima and Thule are expensive but the increased quality and durability is usually worth it to me; you might feel differently if you are an occasional light-duty user).
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    Plastic might be more forgiving than metal, but cracks like to start at sharp corners.

    The notch corners should each be drilled, or better yet, drill a big hole for the notch end.

    It will be more durable!
  18. GdB

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    A lightweight (1000 lbs maximum) trailer should be no problem.

    A simple way to get a 2 inch hitch on the Kona is buy the 1-1/4 hitch, cutoff the 3 bottom sides of the 1-1/4 tube, and weld a 2 inch tube, paint, install!
    Only downside is 3/4 inch less ground clearance when towing.
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    I don’t have my Kona yet but before handing over the down payment I confirmed with 2 different people at my dealership that installing a hitch for bikes and towing a small utility trailer would not void the warranty. They said they would not install it because the vehicle is not rated but they would have no problem with an aftermarket hitch.

    Also, thanks for all the info on this thread!!!
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