Installing a Trailer Hitch?

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  1. Here are annotated pics from installation of the Draw-Tite #24976.
    Looks generally similar to the Geoff's Curt install. Interference prevented the removable panels from fitting tight. Will need to implement Geoff's fix of removing some the plastic screw mounts. See pictures for clarity.

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  2. Finished product - holds my bike rack nicely!

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  3. Thanks for the pics, guys, good to see it can be done!
    Did either of you take photos of the actual hitch attachment point at the unibody? Interested as to how the fasteners attached and how tight they could be.
    Also if the attachment appears plenty strong regarding the long moment arm of the bike carrier.
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  4. (2) 7/16 bolts at each end through a single wall of the tube framing member. Each tightened to 50 ft-lbs. Seems very solid with no motion when I installed the bike rack.

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  5. Hello Geoff,
    I bought the 57314-001 harness off eBay but it appears different than yours which from your pictures had some printed labeling on the wires. Mine does not (See picture). I'm thinking the inputs (+12, gnd, turns, brake and running) can splice into wires on the harness leg going to the connectors that I've labeled A & B and that connectors C & D go unused. I wasn't able to find any schematics or other details on line anywhere. Any pointers you can offer would be great. Thanks! Harness.jpg
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    Why would you want a wiring harness. Are you considering pulling a jetski or utility trailer ?

    How many pounds do you think we can pull with our tiny FWD cars?
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    I can't seem to find the Curt 115201 at eTrailer or on the Curt website. Do I have the number wrong? Thanks.
  8. On the compatible vehicles list they don't specifically mention Kona Ev , just Limited, SE and SEL and Ultimate ICE versions. I wonder if it is a legal thing ? At least we know it works:
    A little follow up on the wiring harness issue would be awesome :
  9. Update, I figured out my questions and the 57314-001 harness worked out great! I'll more details soon.
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    Are you asking how many pounds we *SHOULD* pull, or how many pounds I think it CAN pull? :) I mean, 395 Nm is a lot of torque. With the right tires, I'm thinking a Boeing 737 is not out of the question, for short distances. I might need to take the seats out.

    This Tata vehicle ^^^ has very similar torque and overall power to the Kona EV, so the outcome would be similar except you won't be wearing out the clutch on the Kona.

    Warranty voided in both cases. :)
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  11. Had U-Haul install this hitch for my Kona EV. Nice hidden hitch with only reciver showing under bumper. Good price and they did a nice job. Was not a straightforward install, so glad I didn't try do it myself.
    U-Haul: 2019 Hyundai Kona trailer hitch components
    Sportframe 1 1/4 inch Rec (Powder Coat)
    $136.95 (CAD)
    $5 unlimited lifetime warranty
    $5.00 (CAD)
  12. Cost to install?
  13. $108 CAD
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  14. $108 CAD
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  15. Guess I will go there when the time comes, definitely worth it.
    Do you have a location of where you took it? Sometimes the quality of workmanship varies between outlets and it would be nice to know of at least one location with the experience.
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  17. The $15 Hyundai wiring harness part number 57314-001 off ebay is a great deal. It includes a powered converter that powers the trailer lights so the Kona wiring is isolated. I started with Geoff's May 3rd post (#19). All the wires can be accessed in the drivers side rear corner. The ebay harness has some extra bits to remove: Cut back the tape and wrap from connectors A and B back to the trunk (see labeled picture). Similarly free up the harness to C and D. Cut off the rubber grommet and remove it along with C and D. Those are used as some sort of replacement pass thru on the Santa Fe install. Connector A is power and ground for the converter. Those I butt spliced to wires I ran to the battery also using the drivers side battery mount extrusion to run the wires. I then tie wrapped these to some brake lines. I know I could use the car frame for ground but ran a wire anyway since I had plenty. I put an inline fuse by the battery for the 12v line. Harness connector B holds all the signal inputs for the converter. A multimeter with a clamp for DC current worked great for identifying the turn signal wires which were on the vertical Kona harness. Brake and running light inputs from the upper harness. I used small gauge quick splice connectors for the four harness connections. Wire table.PNG

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  18. Slight correction. I quoted the web price here, but they actually charged me only $48 for installation, .8 hours @ $60/hr. I did not have them do the wiring harness (only using the hitch for a bike rack), so that might have cost extra. But am very happy with the job they did and happy to recommend them.
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    R P, would you mind posting a picture of the hitch
    R P, would you mind posting a picture of the installed hitch? I'm looking for one that just shows the receiver as you described.

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