Hyundai Kona Electric prices in U.S.

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Domenick, Jan 28, 2019.

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    No doubt there are other inclusions, I just think it's somewhat bush league to not offer a ventilated seat unless you go all the way to the top, which would be less of an issue if they were actually readily available and selling at MSRP or less. It's not even offered on the Limited, which therefore means it is aptly named. Yet all the models get heated seats which get little to no use where I live.

    I'm guessing in the end I'll probably end up with an Ultimate. But let's also face the fact that you can't just run down to the one dealer where I am and sit in, drive and compare all the models calmly to make an informed decision. There are none here and who knows when or if there will be?
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  2. brulaz

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    In Canada the adaptive cruise with stop/go is standard.
    But yes, to get ventilated, leather, power (driver's with lumbar) seats you need to go up.

    I guess the ventilated part mean there's a fan blowing air through the seat?
  3. Mattsburgh

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    I found one dealer that wouldn't even try - once their corporate contact told them no the dealership didn't lift a finger after that 1 phone call, no matter what I told them or what I showed them from articles on the internet. The other one tried pretty hard but was ultimately told no by Hyundai corporate - and this is a huge dealer here in the area so they would have some weight.

    I think the line we all read last year about "will ship to any dealer with a solid sales contract" is not true; at least, not at this time. It may become true at some point in the future but my experience would certainly indicate it is not true today. My advice is if you want one that bad, call dealerships in the states that are getting the vehicles. That's what I did and literally took 10 minutes to buy a car. (took a bit longer to go pick it up, though :) )

    But I'm sure I'm not the only one from a non-Zero emissions state to try and get one shipped to my city. What have others found?
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  4. karma

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    Related to what you just reported, I have been told that Hyundai has told their California dealers they are not allowed to do leases with any customers outside the state.
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  5. It looks like they "might" not even sell outside of CA.
    There is a transport evolved YouTube episode. They want a Kona but can't get one.

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    I find that amusing. Someone with a lease will surely move out of state. Probably even someone with a lease will move out of state like... just a few weeks or months later. They may not know it when they make the lease but that's what happens. That's what I find so interesting about not all states getting the cars, once you sell the car you can't keep someone from moving to another state with it and if you have a Hyundai dealer in the new state, you can expect owners to expect those dealers to be able to service the cars. In my view if you sell a car in the US, ALL your dealers need to be able to service it no matter what state they're located in.

    Of course, there's an underlying assumption I make there about the CA leases, that the restriction is b/c Hyundai is worried out of state dealers might not be able to service the cars. It's entirely possible this has nothing or very little to do with the decision. Maybe it's just because they want to satisfy CA's strict air quality laws and leasing to out of state doesn't "count" towards whatever numbers they have to hit.
  7. Domenick

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    Whoa! That's a heck of a market adjustment!
    Also, feel free to name the dealer so others can be forewarned.
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    Bought my Ultimate 3 weeks ago in Buffalo NY. I have been waiting for an ultimate since January and they just didnt come in. The ones that do come in sell in days. They had to get it from another dealer in Buffalo the day it came off the truck and owed them a favor

    I heard rumors of supply issues for the battery. Dealers are charging premium since they cant get it in and people want it.

    I was able to buy for 43,650 and add on 10y/125k bumper to bumper warranty for another 1400.
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  9. That's exactly what happened with me. I moved from Oregon to Nevada just a couple weeks after I bought the Kona.

    Do I have to return it now?

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  10. LakeAlto

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    Hi all. Am new to this forum but am hoping to help get a questioned answered. I live in Florida but want to buy a Kona EV. My local Hyundai dealership states that they are not allowed to order one for me. Is this true? I am also looking at traveling to Maryland to buy it and bring it home on the Amtrak Auto train. Would rather order it and pick it up in Florida, though. Has anyone else done this?
  11. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    I'm not sure if we have a member who bought a Kona Electric in a different state because of local availability, but we do have a Kia Niro owner who did this. They live in Ohio, but bought their car in Maryland. In their case, though, they drove it home.
  12. Mattsburgh

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    I bought my Kona Electric in Maryland; I live in Pittsburgh. It was a pretty simple process. I tried to order from the dealerships here in the state but Hyundai told them no, and the other dealers wouldn't send/trade except one that offered a car at a $5000 premium, which obviously was unacceptable.
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  13. Soona

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    I live in Oregon and bought my Limited from a California dealer, who arranged to ship it to me for $750 (600 miles). If I had picked it up I would have owed $3,500 CA sales tax but Oregon has no tax. The dealer was great - everything went smoothly even though it was all over the phone and texts, with mail for the contracts and cashiers check.
  14. brulaz

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    I would be concerned about your local dealer not having any technicians trained to service the out-of-state BEV, if necessary.
  15. davidtm

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    Just ask your local dealer about servicing.

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  16. LakeAlto

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    Thanks for all the replies. My local dealership has been very nice and they seem regretful that they cannot order a Kona EV for me. They state they CAN service it though, even the BEV components. So I am now looking at purchasing it in Maryland. Since I will not have a long term relationship with a Maryland dealer, I plan to email about 6-7 of them and list *exactly* what I want, then just see who can offer me the best price. Am more interested in price than customer service at a MD dealership, TBH. Will admit that it is frustrating. Sometimes I think about just getting a Bolt. But the people at the Chevy dealership were somewhat rude and they didn’t even have a singe Volt or Bolt on their lot (but had at least 30 huuuge SUVs on the lot.) Sigh. Sometimes I hate Florida.....
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  17. Mattsburgh

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    That's great about the tax. I once bought a car in Oregon when I lived in Washington... and still had to pay Washington sales tax.
  18. Mattsburgh

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    I'll be happy to put you in touch with the salesman I dealt with. I have literally zero complaints about him or the process, he made it very easy. I see on their website they currently have 2 Kona Electrics available, one is a Limited, the other Ultimate. I'm sure they have more coming in too.
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    Mattsburgh—can you post the name and dealership of the person you worked with?
  20. Domenick

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    In case, for whatever reason, you don't want to post names in public, you can also send a direct message by clicking on "Inbox" at the top of the page and selecting "Start a new conversation."
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