Hyundai Kona Electric prices in U.S.

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Domenick, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Soona

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    I couldn’t find one here in Oregon. The dealers were lucky to get one or two and they did ask for a high premium. So I found a dealer in CA that could ship me a limited for $750 shipping, and they didn't have to charge me sales tax (which would have been $3,700 if I had touched the car in CA!)
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    Here's my new Ultimate. Bought it in El Centro on the 28th. I'm now receiving calls from local dealers here in San Diego that they have cars in stock at the dealerships for sale. Three calls so far about a red one.
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  3. Nice color, that would have been my second choice from blue.
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    Man, yours looks so nice in the sun and clean! Mine is covered in snow and salt and hasn’t seen sun in a month and a half lol!
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  5. BlueSal

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    You can build your Kona on the website now. If you click on view inventory, there're about 29 Konas in San Diego. A little over one third are on the lots and the rest "in transit."
  6. Devhead

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    I believe all but one at the KM dealer were/are pre-sold. If you want the Kona EV you pretty much go in and put down a deposit on one in the next shipment. That is the only way to ensure your place in line.
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    I hope they do the wheel arches in body color, at some point in the future.
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  8. I see quite a few listings for Kona-EVs available at dealers here in SoCal. Yet the average market price on TrueCar is about $1500 above the MSRP.
    I welcome any comments as to why the supply/demand is such as to command premium above MSRP ? Temporary or ?
    Any buyer experiences regarding purchases would be welcome.
  9. Devhead

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    There are at least two dealers in San Diego who will not charge a higher price than MSRP. One is Kearny Mesa and the other is Frank in Chula Vista (I'm not sure about Poway). Note that the web site show cars available but most of those are pre-sold. In some cases the web site shows the car at the dealership but it really is in transit and hasn't made it there yet. If you want a Kona, go to a dealer and put down a deposit on a car that doesn't have a deposit on it yet. The dealer wont take a deposit until they have the VIN of the car(s) they are receiving. After that, it could be 3-5 weeks until the car actually makes it to the dealer. Be patient.
  10. Thanks for the info. Encouraging, and I hope the dealers are getting enough cars to welcome offers less than MSRP.
    Happily, I can wait a while to see if I want the Kia Niro instead.
    Long Beach, CA
  11. Devhead

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    My 3-5 week wait turned out to be less than 2 weeks. My car arrived at the dealership today today, I pick it up Thursday evening (my choice). Woot!
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  12. Devhead

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    I picked up my Kona today. Woooohoooo! No price increase but that may be because I put my deposit on the car 2 weeks ago. The Kearny Mesa dealership was great all the way through the process. I got the SEL trim. Out the door price that included tax, licensing and the several CA fees that get added, $41,600.
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  13. All sounds good; thanks for the details (MSRP+Del.charge+ tax/reg) and hope you have lots of happy elec-motoring....
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  14. karma

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    Attempting to procure a ceramic blue SEL or Ultimate myself and not in a Zvev State. Not really wanting to pay $8k for ventilated seats so we'll see how it goes with the SEL.
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  15. Domenick

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    Let us know how it works out.
  16. karma

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    Will do. It's hilarious. The dealer has one, I thought a deal would be happening since they are showing it on their website at MSRP and then I got a call back saying they're charging a $10k premium (this after adding paint and interior protection and some GPS locator system). Well, this explains why it's still in their inventory.

    I think buyers should just refuse to pay any mark-up. If everyone did that, they wouldn't be able to ask for it.
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  17. If it's showing MSRP on their website they need to sell it at that price.

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  18. karma

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    I guess they didn't get that memo. :p
  19. E-Shark

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    Is that all you get from the SEL to the Ultimate?!! Lol
    Well if you don't think 8K is worth the 1" bigger screen and upgraded audio system, sunroof, leather, LED headlights, heads up display, wireless device charging, Power driver's seat, Parking distance warning - reverse, Smart Cruise Control with stop and go (loved by so many here), then don't go for it. No point spending money on things you don't require.

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