Hondalink failure and fix

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JohnT, May 26, 2018.

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  1. JohnT

    JohnT Active Member

    Yesterday my Crimson touring 6 week old 2700 km Clarity stopped reporting to Hondalink at 9 in the morning....
    Tried all the basic fixes - uninstall the app; clear the data and the cache etc.

    Called Honda Canada - a 45 minute futile conversation ensued - where the end direction was to go to my dealer... now my dealer is very nice - but he is an hour away and has maybe delivered 3 Clarity's so I did not figure that would help.

    So - pulled the minus and plus off the 12V battery; counted to 10 and reconnected.
    Turned on car - said systems initializing.. but had TPMS and VSA errors.
    Took a short drive - everything reset; and Hondlink works again. Also the range
    of EV and HV went even more bogus.... EV reverted to it original 69 km range; and HV increased from 386 km to 575 km with no additional gas (I know about the HV range being totally bogus ... but no gas was added in this case.

    Hope this explanation may help someone else
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  3. Kendalf

    Kendalf Active Member

    @JohnT Did everything in the Hondalink app stop reporting (including battery SOC)? The app on my phone reports everything correctly except for the Odometer reading, which has not changed since April 16 when I made the initial connection I made to the car. Not a big deal so I haven't tried many troubleshooting steps, but I certainly hope I don't have to resort to disconnecting the 12V battery if I ever do want it to update.
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  4. JohnT

    JohnT Active Member

    Hi Kendalf - yes everything stopped reporting... I never had an odometer reading on mine for whatever reason - so can't comment on that. Not a big deal disconnecting the battery unless you have many things custom configured on the system.
  5. tdiman

    tdiman Member

    Odometer reading is updated over Bluetooth. Reboot the head unit by holding down power. This is a common problem with all cars that use Honda link. However, it will happen again!

    I suspect Android auto has something to do with the problem.

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  6. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    I’m not so sure about that odometer update by Bluetooth. I just came home, turned off my phone Bluetooth took phone to the back yard, came back and then turned off the car. On Honda Link I got the odometer update timed to when I turned off the car with no Bluetooth on the phone.
    I think all Honda Link is by cellular packet data transmissions.
    It doesn’t update in real time because that would require much more cellular bandwidth and cost Honda more.
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  8. tdiman

    tdiman Member

    Interesting! Just got a new clarity. I had the odometer updating over Bluetooth before I figured out how to enable remote control.

    Put it this way... I know that it will update with Bluetooth on a clarity when you have not enabled a cell connection yet.

    However, if the app reads it over cell after you enable it, I can't say. Maybe that's the problem the other poster has, that it's not switching update methods over.

    When my 17 crv, which has no cell connection, loses its odometer updates, I fix it by rebooting the HU.

    Hope this info helps others diagnose...

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  9. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Wow, that’s a good observation to add to our developing understanding of the Clarity. Must be able to do both. Did not know that. First thing I did was get the Honda Link up and running so I’ve never tried to get an update without it.

    As an aside, have you noticed that it Bluetooths your phone’s SOC to a little icon on the top of the center display? It’s next to the GPS satellite icon. I lost the battery icon when I turned off Bluetooth.
  10. Kendalf

    Kendalf Active Member

    Rebooting the head unit did the trick! Thanks for the easy solution!
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  11. Terry Neudorf

    Terry Neudorf New Member

    @JohnT - thanks for the tip. I have the same car, approx same KM, approx. same age (purchased and received April. 20) and a few weeks ago the Hondalink stopped updating everything except odometer. A quick disconnect of negative battery terminal this morning and a drive around the block have me smiling again.
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  13. DVoran

    DVoran Member

    I've noted the same problem. Everything in HondaLink is correct except the range seems to refresh only once a day. Haven't found a way to refresh the mileage but it appears connected to the 1st plugin of the day rather than the current mileage. Wonder if there's a way to push the mileage to HondaLink. It's funny how everything else seems up-to-date and I can start the climate control at will so communication is taking place.
  14. dstrauss

    dstrauss Well-Known Member

    All these software issues remind me of a spat between Carl Icahn (TWA) and Bill Gates (Microsoft) years ago, where Gates attacked Icahn's corporate raider mentality, which made air travel too expensive (selling off parts of TWA after a leveraged buyout), and if TWA were as efficient as the price pressure Windows put on the computer market, a ticket from from NY to LA should have already dropped below $100, to which Icahn replied "well, I don't think our passengers would like our pilots seeing a blue screen of death in the cockpit at random times at 32,000 feet either"...
  15. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    I have to activate Hondalink on the head unit to update the odometer reading on my phone. Sometimes I have to do that to get the location to update, too (right now it shows we're still parked at the Panera Bread we visited a week ago). The other data appears to update whenever I fire up the app.
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  16. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Every thing updates on Honda Link when opening app for me except the milage only updates at vehicle start or stop. Milage has always updated at start-stop except for one time it took a day to update.
  17. Trabman

    Trabman New Member

    After the latest June 1018 update, DASHBOARD on HondaLink is stuck on June 8th reading. I've tried uninstalling app, installing previous version, disconnecting the 12v battery. Nothing seems to clear the old reading. Anyone know any way to clear the Dashboard and get updated information?
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  18. JohnT

    JohnT Active Member

    Hi Trabman....

    It took me at least 1/2 hr to get hondalink getting info from the car again after disconnecting the 12V battery... Must leave battery off for a few minutes; car must be off; then you 'should' see on the screen that it is attempting to connect to the mothership again.. you have to wait until that happens. Hope it works out for you --- oh - your car must also be in a cellphone connectable area -
  19. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    I looked at Hondalink on my phone and, as usual, it didn't show the current date or current location. Instead it showed the odometer reading as of May 18 and the location of the restaurant visited on that day.

    So I performed the only procedure I've found to make the date, odometer reading, and location current: I went out to the garage, turned on our Clarity, navigated on the touchscreen to the Hondalink app, checked for messages, looked at the weather, and then turned off the Clarity.

    The Hondalink dashboard on my phone now shows the correct odometer reading and today's date, time, and location. Fortunately, the state of charge info is always current, because it's a pain to update the other info "manually."
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  20. Trabman

    Trabman New Member

    Thanks to both JohnT and insightman for their suggestions, but it didn't solve my problem. Welcome other last resort would be to spend a long time on the phone with Honda support and hope for the best!!
  21. Trabman

    Trabman New Member

    After speaking with Honda tech support, which resulted in them "looking into it" and disconnect the 12v battery for about 6 hrs, the Hondalink Dashboard function return to updating info, except for odometer reading. Odometer still stuck on June 8th!
  22. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Now try activating Hondalink in your car. That's what it takes to update the date, odometer, and location on my phone.
  23. qtpie

    qtpie Active Member

    Ok, this started to happen to us now... Range Info and Battery Charging information stopped updating to our HondaLink app since 8:45 PM last night (6/12). Oddly, odometer still updates when we refreshed the screen today (6/13). Honda really needs to fix this issue asap.

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